Download Galaxy Tab S5e Combination ROM files and ByPass FRP Lock (SM-T725)

Do you have an Android device which you bought from second-hand seller..? It may happen that you’re not able to use it because you’re facing FRP Lockup which you cannot bypass. Confusing it may seem, but this happens. Google is very advanced in its approach to smartphones. So, it has employed this feature called FRP which literally locks out anyone out of the device if it’s reset. The only way to access the phone is by providing the Gmail ID and password through which the original owner access the device. Well.. if you are worried, then relax, we got you covered. In this post, we tell you how to use the combination ROM to bypass FRP Lock. To make it more particular, we have discussed how to download Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Combination ROM files. Then how to use it to get entry to the device.

Ahead in this post, you can find the Combination ROM download link which is exclusive to Galaxy Tab S5e. Also, you can follow the complete guide to install it using the Odin flash tool.

Download Galaxy Tab S5e Combination ROM files and ByPass FRP Lock (SM-T725)

What is A FRP Lock..?

It is the abbreviation for Factory Reset Protection. It is implemented by Google on Android devices to prevent unauthorized access to the device. In case a device gets stolen and the miscreant rests it for his own usage, he won’t be getting any access post the resetting.

However, there can be other cases like we mentioned above when you buy second-hand devices. Either way, you are denied access to the phone until you sign in with the original Google ID was used on it. The FRP Lock concept began around the time of the Android 5.1 Lollipop.

What is Combination ROM..?

In case you are wondering, Combination ROM is the OS that will enable the user access to a device which is under the FRP lock. Its primary use doesn’t only limit to bypassing FRP lock. It’s also used for testing purposes, recovering IMEI number, Baseband, etc. The combination ROM to the FRP locked device, you can’t make phone calls or send text messages from the device running combination ROM.

Download Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Combination ROM

Here is the download link for the Combination ROM file for Galaxy Tab S5e.


How to Install the Combination ROM on Galaxy Tab S5e.?

Before getting ahead with installing the combination ROM on your Galaxy Tab S5e you have to keep some guidelines in your mind.

  • This guide is only for the Galaxy Tab S5e phone. Don’t use it on other devices.
  • You must download the latest ODIN on your PC.
  • Download and Install Samsung USB drivers on your PC.
  • Ensure to have at least a 50% charge left on your Galaxy M20.
GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any software or hardware related issues or bricking of the device in case of faulty installation. Follow the guide carefully at your own risk.

We have put up the link for the entire tutorial which will help you flash the combination ROM on your device.

How to Install Combination ROM and Bypass FRP on Any Samsung Galaxy Device

After you finish installing the combination ROM, you can flash the latest stock firmware on the Galaxy Tab S5e using Odin tool.

So, that’s how you can download Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Combination ROM files and ByPass the FRP Lock. We hope that this guide was helpful to you.

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