How To Install Git Bash On Windows

Git is an open-source version control system that allows multiple users to work on the same code base at a time. Git saves the work as it progresses and keeps track of the changing codes while developing software. And to carry out Git commands, you need Git Bash.

Git Bash is like Windows Command Prompt, but it also has Unix commands like cat, ssh, SCP, etc. Bash stands acronym to “Bourne-Again Shell.” Git Bash is a Unix command-line shell that helps to run Unix commands that are not usually present on Windows. If you are interested in learning how to install Git Bash on your computer, follow our article for a detailed tutorial.

Step 1: Download the Git Bash application

To download the latest version of Git Bash, you have to go to their official website. Follow the steps given below.

  • Open your browser and go to this link
  • Select the Download for Windows option.
  • A new page opens up, indicating that the download will start automatically.
  • Choose “Save File” to save the Git Bash executable (exe) file.

Step 2: Install the Git Bash application on your Windows computer

How To Install Git Bash On Windows

After you download the Git Bash exe file, you need to follow these steps given below in order.

  • Click on the Git Bash exe file.
  • You can read the license and then select “Next.”
  • You need to choose a location where you want to install Git Bash, then click “Next.”
  • In the next step, you can select the Additional icons component to create a Git Bash shortcut on your desktop.
  • You can also proceed with the default component options and press “Next.”
  • The next step will allow you to change the name of the start menu. If you want to go with the default option, select “Next.”
  • Here, you can select the default editor for the Git Bash application. Click “Next.”
  • In this step, you have to choose the Path Environment.
    • If you want to run Git and Bash commands from the Git Bash app, then select the Use Git from Git Bash only option.
    • If you’re going to run Git commands on Command Prompt or Powershell, click on the “Git from the command line and also from 3rd-party software” option.
    • If you prefer to use both Git and Bash commands on Command Prompt or Powershell, select “Use Git and optional Unix tools from the Command Prompt.”
  • After you select the Path Environment, click “Next.”
  • Click on your preferred option for Line Ending Conversations, then choose “Next.”
  • Choose the Terminal Emulator for Git Bash to use. Again press “Next.”
  • Here, you can select extra features for Git Bash, or you can proceed with the default options.
  • In the next step, you can choose the Enable experimental options, which will allow you to use features that are still developing.
  • Then press “Install.”
  • After the installation is complete, tick the checkbox beside the Launch Git Bash option.
  • Click “Finish.”

Step 3: Launch Git Bash application

After you finish installing Git Bash on your Windows computer, you need to launch the application. Here’s a quick guide for you.

  • When you right-click on any folder, you can see the Launch Git Bash option.
  • Since you have enabled the Additional icons option, you only need to click on the Git Bash desktop icon.
  • You can also launch Git Bash from the Windows Command Prompt or Powershell if you have enabled the Use Git and optional Unix tools from the Command Prompt option.
  • If you can see the “git –version” in the Command Prompt window, that means you have successfully installed Git Bash on your computer.
  • which git” Command Line shows you that Git Bash is working because “which” is a Unix command/bash.

Git Bash is an application for Microsoft Windows, which allows a user to run the Git and Bash commands. Git Bash is an essential application for software developers. Each software developer can work on developing a particular code, and then the team can merge their codes using Git.

Git Bash provides a safe and sound environment, and it also introduces Unix commands to a Windows computer. You can use our guide to install Git Bash on your Windows computer and enjoy its benefits. After reading this article if you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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