Download Google Camera for Moto Z3 Play with HDR+/Night Sight [GCam]

If you are here, then you probably want to know how we can install Google Camera on Moto Z3 Play. Well, don’t worry! Here we share the download link to download Google Camera for Moto Z3 Play and install it by following this simple guide.

Google Camera is a free camera application created by Google which brings many new features. There is a catch, only Pixel users can enjoy all the new feature introduced by Google in the Pixel 3 launch. With features like Night Shot, HDR+, Portrait mode, Top Shot, and Super Res Zoom, Pixel 3 uses computational photography and machine learning to help you capture stunning, creative and even professional photos. Thanks to XDA Senior member ARNOVA8G2 for porting this features to most of the device out there. Yes, now you can install the modded version of Google Camera for Moto Z3 Play.

Google Camera feature has already ported to many devices. Check out the list here to find if your device is supported: Google Camera Night Sight Feature On Supported Device.

Download Google Camera for Moto Z3 Play with HDR+/Night Sight [GCam]

What is working:
Portrait mode
360 photos
Night mode
Google lens

What’s in not Working so far : 
Slow motion ( cause crash)
Just try everything to see if you find something else!

Well, as it usually happens with ported APKs, this App is reported to have some bugs in it. This includes EIS, video focus and slow-motion quality. However, every bug is fixable and in the coming ports, these glitches will surely be taken care of by the developer.

Download Ported Google Camera for Moto Z3 Play

Here is the link to the ported application which packs the Google Camera for Moto Z3 Play with HDR+ and Night Sight.

Download Camera APK: Click Here

How to Install GCam on Moto Z3 Play

The APK installation process is pretty simple. Install it as you would do with any other APK. Grant the permissions it asks for. It will not affect your device in any means, as you still have your phone’s stock camera App which you can use as well.

Preview of Night-Sight Mode on Moto Z3 Play

Here are some of the images from XDA, which implements the night-sight mode on Moto Z3 Play.

So, if you have always wanted to try your hands on Google’s Pixel camera and enjoy its cool features, then install Ported Google Camera for Moto Z3 Play. If you have any queries then do let us know in the comments section.

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