Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers Reveals What Android P Will Be Called

Google never stays back when it comes to a celebration of any sort. We almost see every day how Google celebrates an occasion by representing the vibes of that via Google Doodles. Well, this time it’s even more special. Spring season is in its full spirit coloring up everyone’s lives. To celebrate that the Android king has rolled out the Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers. Yes, it’s a pack of 6 cool wallpapers that represent the glee and beauty of Springtime. All the wallpapers in the pack are in high resolution. You can find them in the form of .png files.

The first wallpaper of the set displays a wishing message for Spring 2018. Other wallpapers are the usual Google Doodle styled art that represents the trees, flying kites, sunny beach and humans enjoying the Spring season. There is another notable wallpaper of sweet popsicles you can see in the set. We are not sure but it might be a glimpse of the name of the next version of Android i.e Android P. Google may name the next and 9th  iteration of Android as Android Popsicle. Below we have provided the active link from where you can download the set of Spring 2018 stock wallpapers.

Download Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers

Here is the link for you to grab the stunning set of stock wallpapers.

Stock Wallpaper Set for Spring 2018 from Google [Download]

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Screenshots of  Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers

Here we got some low res preview of the Google Spring 2018 stock wallpapers. We have only added 3 wallpapers from the pack for the preview purpose. Also, we have included the notorious popsicle wallpaper that hints the 9th version of Android may be Android Popsicle. Check it out yourself.

Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers
Android P..?!?

Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers

So, that’s it. Enjoy the wallpapers and feel the Spring. Also, What do you think..? Will Android P be called Android Popsicle..?! Do let us know your views.


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