Guide To Fix BQ Aquaris Power Button Not Working Problem

Smartphones are fragile and might get damaged with even after one or two drops and even if you are someone who doesn’t occasionally drop his/her phone (no one does either), it tends to develop errors and problems at some point. Take buttons for instance which are small pieces of hardware affixed on the sides or the front panel from where, the user can toggle volume up and down, power up the phone or power it down and then, press the home button to show the desktop where the latter is quickly vanishing.

Guide To Fix BQ Aquaris Power Button Not Working Problem

The power button has the supreme authority on a smartphone as it lets the user turn on the phone from standby or turn it off and similarly, power down the device or boot it up. What could you possibly do without a power button? Well, this is the question that many of the users have asked which is also touted as power button not working problem. It could be temporary or a permanent hardware issue but it needs to be resolved or else, it would disconnect you from your smartphone if you aren’t aware of how to use a smartphone with power button not working problem and guess what, we have exactly what you are searching for.

How to resolve temporary software issues (if any)?

If it’s a temporary software issue, it can be fixed by rebooting the device but the question, how can you reboot the phone when the power button isn’t working? I recommend performing a thorough update on the device that is update all the apps installed on the phone and similarly, update the Android firmware. Further, clear storage cache and app cache to try and resolve the problem and check if it’s fixed or not. To reboot the phone, you can either set the phone on schedule ON and OFF or you can use ADB and fastboot tools to do the same.

How to wake up a BQ Aquaris (Android) phone without power key?

If your phone is switched ON, there are many ways you can actually employ to wake up the screen from its standby mode. Here is every method you can use to do the same.

Max out the timeout duration

This is a handy solution where you can set the maximum duration at which, the screen will be awake. Go to ‘Settings >> Display >> Timeout duration’ where you can set the maximum duration of 30 minutes. Note that you will have to provide a stimulus or touch every 30 minutes to keep the phone active.

Schedule power ON

This is a great way you can perform reboot even without a power button. Though this feature isn’t universally available across all Android devices, you can check if it is available in Settings or not. If yes, simply set the scheduled power OFF and power ON timing one minute apart so that the phone will automatically turn OFF and then, turn ON after a minute.

Ask someone to call you

If the phone is switched ON but in standby mode, you can bring it to screen-on by asking a friend to give a missed call or call you. This will wake up the screen so that you can use it at your convenience. For better control, you can use an alternative device to give a call to yourself that will eliminate the need of a friend or someone near everytime you wish to send a message or call someone.

Plug in the charger

If you are at home or office with a charger, you can use this workaround method to wake up the screen. Plug in the charger to the phone and power ON the switch on the wall outlet and the screen will light up. Though it is not a portable option, it is still an alternative to power button not working problem that you are facing.

Use a power bank

Using a power bank for the same purpose as the last method gives you the freedom to light up the screen at your will as you no longer have to rely on a proper wall outlet to supply power to the charger and then to your device. You can take it wherever you want and it gives you an extendable battery backup that makes it a viable option.

Set alarms

If you are looking for something that triggers the screen to wake up, you can set alarms at regular intervals when you usually use the phone or as per your will. Do not forget to set the alarm volume at low or it may disturb the people around.

How to wake up the phone without the power key? (If Switched-OFF)

If the phone is switched off, it makes it difficult to switch ON the phone is the absence of a power button. You can set Scheduled Power On/Off that I discussed above as a way to reboot the system or you and can ADB and Fastboot tools and connect the phone to the PC or computer using USB Cable. You’ll have to provide commands to reboot the system, however, it is still a temporary solution.

What to do if the problem is related to hardware?

Before actually reporting the issue to a service center, have a look at the tiny openings around the power button from where debris and pocket lint could easily enter and cause problems. You can get it cleaned and if it doesn’t help, the only resort is to repair or replace the power button completely for which, you’ll have to report the issue to a repair shop or authorized service center to get the perfect resolution to the problem.

Are there any alternatives to using against broken power button?

You have an Android-enabled BQ Aquaris smartphone that comes with a plethora of apps in the Play Store which you can download and use to accomplish any tasks. Here are a few apps that you can use to replace a broken power button.

  • Shake to Lock/Unlock

This particular app works when the phone is switched ON. You can install it and once done, you just need to shake the phone gently and there you have it, you have a lock or unlocked the phone.

  • Gravity Screen

This is an advanced app that has several variables that you can set manually so that the phone understands when it is in a pocket or when you are using it. You can set the degree of orientation such as the phone usually points down when it is in the pocket which could be 0° or 180° depending upon how you place it. Similarly, the degree changes when you are using it or when the phone is in the pocket, etc. The app will detect its orientation and will lock or unlock the phone accordingly.

  • Knock On/Off

As the name suggests, this app gives you the functionality to tap or knock on the display to lock and unlock the phone. You can easily download and install it on your device from the Google Play Store. There are a bunch of other apps that you can use.

  • Proximity Actions

This app works with the help of proximity sensors using which, the app detects if the user is using the phone or not. The phone locks itself when it is in a pocket or on the table and not in use while the proximity sensors unlock the phone when the user uses it. Other apps that you can use are Power Button to Volume Button, Volume Unlock, Button Mapper: Remap your keys, Way to Unlock and Lock, etc.


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