How To Fix BQ Aquaris Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

No matter how speedy and powerful smartphone may get, these are still electronic devices and are delicate as it can get physically damaged pretty easily. Water is another great enemy to an electronic device lacking water-resistant coating since water can travel in any tiny nook and cranny which means, it can escape into the internal assembly where the SoC, RAM, display controls and other crucial components are housed and it can damage these components even if its a single drop of water if it hits the one component which is fragile to water.

How To Fix BQ Aquaris Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Unfortunately, our readers and people across the globe have been reporting the BQ Aquaris water damaged smartphone wherein they accidentally spill water or any liquid on the phone or accidentally dropped it in a pond, pool, toilet or anywhere water is there which causes water damage and in severe cases, the damaged done is well beyond repair. If you are one of the unfortunate users who intentionally or unintentionally dropped the phone in water or vice versa, you have landed on the right website. We at GetDroidTips have a procedure that can help users revive their BQ Aquaris water damaged smartphone although there is no guarantee since its effectiveness depends upon various factors such as the type of water damage, severity, and other factors so stay tuned and read along.

What things aren’t you supposed to do?

Before moving into the procedure stating how to fix BQ Aquaris water damaged smartphone, let’s peep into what things you aren’t supposed to do because they can enhance the problem if you attempt it.

Do not panic, that’s the golden rule because if you panicked, it would slow down your response time which means, the phone will be drowned or dunked in the water for a little longer duration. Thus, do not panic. Then, do not attempt to turn on the phone if it’s off because you need to start with a turned off phone here to prevent any damage. Then, you aren’t supposed to press buttons or keys, dab or touch and press the touchscreen or any the back panel or the edges it would squeeze the trapped water into the internal circuitry and then, you’ll have to bid goodbye to your phone if it gets severely damaged.

Further, do not try to shake or move the phone much or try to heat it up using air drier or any sort of heater or blow it as all these stimuli will cause problems since your phone is already water damaged and it will increase it further. Now that you know about the things you aren’t supposed to do, let’s have a look at what exactly you need to do to fix it.

How To Fix BQ Aquaris Water Damaged Smartphone?

  • What’s the first thing you would do if you dropped your phone in water? It’s removing it as soon as you can because every second count so removes it and turn it OFF if its ON, because we need to start with a, turned OFF the phone.
  • Now, without further ado and obviously, without shaking the phone much, you need to remove the case or cover if you have installed, back panel, removable battery, SIM card, memory card, and other accessories and use a clean cloth or microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe these accessories while place the phone on a dry surface for sometime.
  • It’s time to take a clean paper or a paper towel and use it to dab on the exterior of the phone that will soak the water. Now, you need to soak excess water from both sides of the phone but ensure that you do not shake the phone much and try to be as gentle as possible.
  • Use the paper towel to clean the insides of the audio jack, memory card slot and SIM card slot which are an easy way in for the water as it can escape into the interior of the device through these openings.
  • If you think their excess water in the openings or in the interior of the phone as a whole, you can use a vacuum cleaner on a light setting and suck in the excess water gently by hovering the hose around the exterior of the device as well as around the openings.
  • If you are knowledgeable enough and don’t worry about the warranty of the device, you can disassemble the phone by unscrewing the screws that keep the whole phone together. This will reveal the backside of the display panel and the green-colored circuit where all the components are fixed. Once you are able to disassemble the phone, you can use isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to gently wipe off the board and the interior of the device that will remove the residues, corrosion, and signs of water from the device. After you have done it, reassemble the phone and stop, don’t try to boot up the phone just yet.
  • You’ll read this particular method in every guide on how to fix water damaged smartphone because it works most of the time. Buy a ziplock bag and put the phone in the bag and fill it up with uncooked rice or you can use silica gel or silica gel litter as alternatives. These substances are highly water absorbent which means, it will soak excess water and moisture off the device which could take a good two or three days to work out.
  • After two or three days, its time to check if the procedure worked or not. Remove the phone out of the bag and insert the battery and try to boot up. There are several scenarios that you will address after this step that we have elaborated below.
  • Scenario #1 – The phone boots up and lets the user utilize it without any physical damage. In such cases, you should verify its powerful and check out if there’s any change in the behavior and report if the behavior is not as usual.
  • Scenario #2 – The phones don’t boots up. It could be because the battery is damaged or it completely drained. Plug in the charger and let the forming charge for 10 to 15 minutes after then, you can try to boot up the phone again. If the battery is damaged, I recommend you to get it replaced or use an alternative battery if available for the time being.
  • Scenario #3 – The phone doesn’t boots up at all and it’s not the battery since you already verified it in the previous scenario. This means the phone is severely damaged and wiping off the water may not have resolved it. You can seek help from an authorized service center to fix the issue. Note that if you have tried to open the phone completely, the warranty is now void.

What are the measures to take prevent water damaged smartphones?

Smartphones are delicate but that doesn’t mean you cannot use extensions to prevent water damage. If your phone doesn’t sport an IP water-resistant coating, you can get a waterproof or water-resistant phone case or cover that will prevent water damage. If you are ready to spend more, you can buy a BQ Aquaris or other smartphones with IP67 or IP68 water protection which will serve the purpose of protecting the phone from water damage as well.


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