Guide To Fix HomTom Power Button Not Working Problem

HomTom smartphones have an impressive specification lineup due to which, it is popular across Chinese and other world markets as it gives high-end specifications at an affordable price which is one of its USPs. On any particular smartphone, you’ll find that the number of buttons has decreased drastically. In general, there are only three buttons available in most smartphones i.e. Power button, volume rockers and that’s all. The power button has a number of functions due to which, no smartphone manufacturer has actually replaced in totally with an on-screen button. It is used to lock and unlock the phone, switch on and switch off the device, take screenshots and lot more. But assume that it is broken, will you be able to perform any of these tasks?

Guide To Fix HomTom Power Button Not Working Problem

The answer is no because, in the absence of a power button, you wouldn’t be able to turn on or do other tasks on your smartphone unless it has a fingerprint scanner or a facial recognition system where there is an exception. So, what do you do if you are facing power button not working problem? How can you replace the functionality of a power button or get it fixed professionally?

How to fix HomTom Power Button Not Working Problem?

Follow this explicit guide to know how to fix the issue but before commencing, note that there are certain conditions wherein the phone is turned on and locked/unlocked, or turned off. We have prescribed the how-to for both these conditions so that it is easy to comprehend the condition when you saw that power button isn’t working and then act accordingly.

Verify if its a software-related issue or not?

This is the first thing you should do if you are facing power button not working problem. You need to verify if the problem is software-related or hardware-related. Firstly, reboot the device as the power button could lose its function if a bug or temporary software glitch has occurred. Further, you must keep all the apps updated as well as the Android firmware which will help combat any issues on the software front.

What to do if the phone is locked/unlocked and the screen is off?

If the phone is locked or unlocked but it is still turned on, there basically plenty of ways you can light up the screen after which, its pretty much the touchscreen that you use to go about.

Keep the timeout duration to max

Considering that your phone’s display is on, you must maximize the display timeout settings. As a default, it would be 1 minute or more but the maximum available timeout limit is 30 minutes. But what does it means? It means the screen wouldn’t go off for 30 minutes if unresponsive. Here, you need to provide stimuli every 30 minutes if you plan to keep the screen on until you don’t opt for a permanent solution.

Set alarms at every 30 minutes

Consider that you have set the maximum timeout limit at 30 minutes but you are going to attend a meeting or somewhere you might not be able to provide the stimuli needed, simply set an alarm at every 30 minutes and thus, it will resolve the power button not working problem as well as the efforts it would take to remember and tap the screen at least once to enlighten the screen.

Ask someone to call

It depends upon you if you want to ask someone else to call you every time you want to use the phone because in the absence of power button, you have lost the ability to light up the screen or you can use a secondary phone to call yourself which would be more appropriate. Overall, this is a temporary solution and you’ll have to arrange other solutions to fix the problem.

Plug it into a charger

You already know that whenever you connect the phone to a charger, it displays wakes up from where you can easily unlock it and use it thereafter. You can use the same feature to resolve the broken power button problem that you are facing for the time being. This isn’t a too portable option but you can extend it further by plugging the USB cable to a portable power bank that provides you will require battery backup and the ease to wake it up with pressing the power button.

What to do if the phone is switched off?

When the phone is switched off, it becomes more tricky since you wish to boot up the phone with a power button not working problem. You can try pressing the power button and volume up or down buttons together which is an ideal solution to forced reboot. If it doesn’t work, you can use ADB and fastboot tools on your computer that will help you command the phone to switch off or reboot or as required.

What if there’s an hardware-related issue?

There could be a number of hardware issues such as debris stuck around the openings of the button that has obstructed its functions. You can remove the debris using a needle or approach a service center to remove it professionally. If the button is truly broken, you must report the problem to a service center and get it fixed. Note that if the phone is well under warranty and you wish to preserve the same, look for an authorized center or else, even third-party repair shops would do.

What apps can be used as alternatives?

Google Play Store has millions of apps available at a click. This means that you can download apps for any task right from the Play Store without further ado. Similarly, there are plenty of apps that can help you use it as an alternative to the broken power button and extend its capability though it’s a temporary setting.

Gravity Screen

This is a great app that you can use as an alternative to the now-defunct power button. This app works with gravity sensors where the user can set the orientation with various variables such as when it’s in the pocket, tabletop, face lying up, or when the user is actually using it. This app is freely available on Play Store and works efficiently as the user just have to pan the smartphone in the required orientation and there you have it.

Proximity Actions

This is another app that lets user set variables and then, take actions with the help of Proximity sensors mounted on the front top of the display. This app can be easily configured and used that eliminates the use of broken power bank once and for all.

Knock On/Off

This particular app is an extension to how you would unlock or lock a phone when it is switched on. If you already have this feature built-in, no need to download it but if you don’t have it, this app is great to use where the user simply needs to lock on the screen twice to unlock and lock accordingly.


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