Guide To Fix Vernee Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

It is very often that when you travel, the phone shows ‘No Service’ or Lost network or even weak signal which is equally bad as you won’t be able to make calls or messages. In the majority of the cases, the weak signal or lost network issue occurs when the user is not registered with a home or foreign network which is when traveling from one place to another. Now, there are plenty of reasons why you are getting a weak signal or lost network issue but remember, there are a plethora of methods you can employ to combat and fix these issues which are annoyingly increasing across the globe with many people reporting about it. So, what’re the methods you can use to fix it? Read along to know about it.

Guide To Fix Vernee Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

Guide To Fix Vernee Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

Restart the phone
The moment you see that there is no service or the signal is weak than usual, press the power key and restart the phone. When you restart the phone, the system will automatically search and register on the available network which wasn’t possible due to a software glitch or bug that was intercepted earlier. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Flight Mode
No, flight mode isn’t just used to disable networks when on an airplane but there are plenty of applications of this feature on your phone. When you turn on the flight mode or say airplane mode, it disables all the signals, networks, and connects to and fro. Now, if there was an error encountered by the system when searching for the available network, this method will fix it automatically. Once you turn off the flight mode, the network should be restored.

Check for intermittent issues
Your carrier or service provider is deemed to provide services to your phone round the clock. But with increasing population of phone users, they need to maintain and upgrade the system from time-to-time. In case if the carrier deems it important to shut down a particular cell tower or the total service at once due to any reason, you will suffer from lost network issue. Thus, the easiest way to check if there are any intermittent issues with the service provider is to call them up and check out. Most of the carriers would send notices prior to the shutdown to ensure that their customers understand it and to ease the convenience caused. You can take use another phone with another carrier or call from a landline or check it online to know about it.

Is there anything interfering with the reception?
Your phone has a network IC and an antenna that corresponds with the cell tower. If there is something interfering with the network reception that interferes with the antenna, it will deteriorate the network quality or even cause lost network issue. Check if the phone cover or any accessory that you have been using with the device is causing the troubles. Remove it and check if the network reception improves or not.

Avoid battery to reach a critical point
Do you think that when the battery reaches a critical point, it hits a toll? Believe it or not, when the battery reaches a certain point, the network begins to suffer since the lower the battery backup is, the harder the phone will work to sustain the strength of the signal which at times, causes rapid decrease in battery as well as deteriorate signal quality and strength when the battery is low. Ensure that the phone is properly charged and doesn’t reaches a critical point where the network will be affected.

Guide To Fix Vernee Weak Signal Or Lost Network Issue

Use femtocells
Femtocells are external devices that allow users to wifi calling feature that converts broadband internet connection into cell phone signals thus improving the signal. It can be used in cars, home, or office, etc, however, you will have to invest a good fortune in order to use it since these devices aren’t cheap and you cannot switch between carriers since most of the femtocells work on their specific service provider.

Reinsert the SIM card
Now, this seems like a not-so-great method but it can work in some cases. There are two scenarios when you lost the network apparently and when you lost network after you inserted a SIM Card in your phone. For the first scenario, it can be due to any software or network related issue. If you recently switched SIM card, then you must check if the card is inserted properly or not. There are chances that you didn’t properly insert the card which shows no service or ‘inserts SIM’ message on the screen. Also, if the chip placed on the SIM card is overused, it can cease to work and thus, you’ll have to get a replacement.

Update the system
Outdated firmware and apps can have an adverse effect on the functionality of the phone which includes its capability to intercept network. Experts suggest that keeping the phone up-to-date can help avert many issues and errors such as performance issues. Check if you have any apps to update from Google Play store. Next, check out if you have any available firmware update by going to ‘Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update’.

Reset the network settings on your phone
Every smartphone has networks settings where you can check out the various network related features. These options are available in Settings where the user can tweak preferred network as well as other settings.

Use cell phone signal boosters
You can purchase cell phone signal boosters for your device that will enhance the strength of the signal. Signal boosters work by amplifying the available network and broadcast it indoors where users can register and use the enhance signal strength. The bigger the available network outside, the greater area will be covered inside the house, office, or car with high-quality signal strength.

Toggle between automatic and manual network selection mode
Suppose you are traveling somewhere out of station or far from your home network, you will experience weak signal or lost network issue at some point which needs to be fixed. Now, the default network selection mode is automatic where the system will automatically search for the available network and register upon it but that is just for a home network. Once you exist home network, say Mumbai city, you will find that your phone has registered in roaming and a foreign network. Most of the time, there will be no network or service at all. In such cases, you can switch to manual network selection mode where you will have to search for the available networks and register once you got it. This will fix the no service issue although you will be asked to register every time the network goes out of service.

Report it!
If there is any hardware-related issue, you can either do DIY but only if you know who to fix a hardware problem. For the majority of people who aren’t aware of it, report the issue to a technician or a service center to understand it properly and get it resolved. If you want to retain the warranty of the device, report it to an authorized service center.

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