Guide To Fix Nokia Power Button Not Working Problem

With advancement in the technology, smartphones have become smarter than ever. Gone are the days when phones had tens of buttons as today, smartphones have fewer than 3 or 4 buttons and that’s too changing. Talking about the available buttons, smartphones have a power button and volume rocker buttons which are used to turn on/off device and control volume respectively. A power button is an essential hardware key as it lets the user turn on and turn off the phone. It is very important to have a working power key because, without it, you won’t be able to turn on the phone. There is a number of functions that this button solely allows users to perform and in absence of it, the user will lose the capability to perform these functions.

We are addressing a guide to fix Nokia Power Button not working the problem as we received queries asking to provide a fix to this issue, however, it is also applicable to other smartphones too. You must know that a button works with a metal conductor which is affixed beneath the key whereupon connection, a said function is performed such as power down. Let’s see what can be done if the power button is not working frequently or completely.

Guide To Fix Nokia Power Button Not Working Problem

Restart the phone
This is an easy and effective way to get around a temporary technical glitch. Restarting the phone has its own pros such as it fixes minor software glitches or bugs that may have occurred when you pressed the power key. Another explanation is that if the power key abruptly stopped functioning, it might be a minor software issue. Thus, restart the phone either by removing the battery if your phone is removable. Another way around is to use a third party app to restart the phone since the power key isn’t working at the moment. Upon startup, you can check whether the key is working or not. Assuming that it didn’t work, you can proceed to the next tip.

Use phone charger
Now, this is a temporary method where a user can turn on the screen of the device using its charger. Consider the screen is off and it will turn on only after you press power key which you can’t as it isn’t working. What to do? Simply connect the phone with its charger and to a power socket as once the battery is recharging, the screen will come alive. Now, this isn’t a feasible method as you can’t carry power socket everywhere you go but you can carry a power bank in case if you choose this temporary hack.

Use PC Suite
Another way to light up the screen if you are observing power button not working problem is to use PC suite. Every smartphone has its own program that user can install on their PC which is called as PC Suite. It lets the user perform a number of tasks like updating the system and more using the computer. Even if your smartphone manufacturer didn’t provide you with a PC suite, you can connect to the computer with the USB cable. Simply connect the phone and the computer using the USB cable and the screen will come alive.

Keep the display alive
Now, this is something you can do to get rid of the power button not working problem. Android-enabled smartphones have timer set according to which, the screen will be alive if no activity is recorded. The highest timer you can set on your Noki smartphone under the Display option in the Settings app is 30 minutes. Now, when you set the timer at 30 minutes, you have half an hour to press a button and keep the screen alive for the next half an hour. This hack to come handy if you are in office or home and don’t want to connect the phone to a power socket or computer every time you want to use it. But again, this is a temporary solution as if the power button is damaged, you’ll have to get it fixed by a technician.

Enter safe mode
Safe mode is a diagnostic mode where users and developers can boot to check for problems and their suitable solutions. In case if your power button isn’t working, it can be a software-related issue which you can check within the safe mode. If the power button is working in the safe mode, there is a possibility that any third party app that you recently installed is causing the problem or it is due to app conflict which is a common sight if you use multiple apps at once. But if the button isn’t working in the safe mode also, it is definitely a hardware problem.

Check for debris beneath the key
Debris stuck between the key and the conductor pad may cause issues as without the required association between these two components, the button won’t work. Debris can cause several hosts of problems such as power key not working at all or it might lose connect at most of the time you press the key. Take a very sharp object like a needle and gentle stroll through the wall to take the debris out.

Report to a service center
If it is a hardware-related problem, you must report it and get it fixed by a technician who will physically dissect the phone to fix it manually. I recommend reporting the issue to an authorized service center if your phone is within the warranty period and don’t want to void it.

Switch the keys with apps
If you want alternatives to the power key for time being, you can use these apps which are given below.

Gravity Screen – Now, this app uses the accelerometer sensor of your device to detect if the phone is in the pocket or in hand according to which, the screen comes alive and shuts down accordingly.

Knock On – It is a great app available on Google Play Store where it relies on capacitive touch on the screen to turn it on. But this app consumes a lot of battery power. Check for the compatibility before installing the app.

Proximity actions – Another great application, Proximity actions users the proximity sensor installed on your phone and can be controlled using gestures. You can check out the gestures to use in order to turn on the screen or turn off the screen, etc.

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