Guide To Fix Huawei Power Button Not Working Problem?

Android smartphones are getting more powerful internally while they are getting slimmer and slenderer externally. Earlier, phones had several buttons but now, the majority of devices have less than three buttons on their phones. Of which, what if the power button stopped working? This is known as power button not working problem and there could various reasons behind the error/fault. It can be a temporary software issue or a permanent hardware issue. The power button is an imperative hardware key as it satisfies several tasks unlike volume rockers but what if it is broken?

I saw a lot of queries on how to fix the power button if it is not working or what are its alternatives and that is why I decided to provide a comprehensive list of solutions on how to fix the power button not working problem. Note that the results can vary from device-to-device. Let’s dive into the list.

Guide To Fix Huawei Power Button Not Working Problem?

Guide To Fix Huawei Power Button Not Working Problem

Solution #1 – Use USB Cable & Charger
You just came to know that the power button is not working on your phone. What should you do? The power button is essentially used to lock and unlock the device, disconnect calls, turn ON and turn OFF the phone, take screenshots, and more. But it is broken now, what should you do? This is a temporary method where you can light up your device using USB Cable and charger. If the phone locked and won’t display until you press the power button (which you couldn’t), connect the device to the charger. The moment you switch on the charger, the touchscreen will be alive and that’s it.

Solution #2 – Use PC Suite
Note that some smartphone manufacturers have powerful PC suite for their smartphones using which, the user can perform a number of troubleshooting tasks. If your smartphone is one of them, connect the phone to the computer, open the PC suite and reboot the device using commands on the PC suite. This will light up the screen, however, this is a temporary fix.

Solution #3 – Set the phone on be alive
Now that’s what I call a firm and quick fix. If you observe power button not working problem on your device, take the charger and light up the screen. Now, go to “Settings >> Display >> Sleep” and tap on the longest duration of time the device can stay unlocked. Most of the device have 30 minutes as the total duration it can stay alive after which, the phone will lock itself if no activity is recorded. You just need to tap the screen once every 30 minutes if not in use to keep the phone alive. This will eradicate the need to use the power button at least until you get the fix for it.

Solution #4 – Check for software-related issues
It is possible that the power button is not broken at all. It can be possible if the power button stopped responding abruptly while you were using it. Now, go to the safe mode and check if it is working there or not. While in normal mode, clear app cache and data, system cache, and then, wipe cache partition which is available in the recovery mode. Update existing apps and the firmware if updates are available and check if the error is clear or not.

Solution #5 – Clean the debris stuck beneath the keys
Debris stuck beneath the keys can inhibit the button to work properly. The button needs to connect with the conductor plate in order to work properly, however, if there is debris, lint, dust, stuck between the key and conductor plate, it will either cease to work at all or it might work sometimes but not every time you press the button. You can use an object which is small enough to make it through the tiny passage around the keys. Or, use a vacuum cleaner on a light setting and try to suck out the debris. You can take help from a professional to get rid of the debris.

Solution #6 – Switch the keys
There is a solution to use power button without actually fixing the broken power button. Its availability and application might differ from device-to-device. You need to go to the Settings app and then, go to Additional Settings. Here, tap on buttons and allow the system to use Volume Up or down button as an alternative to the broken power button. Now, tap on the volume button you selected to lock and unlock the device. You can install apps that allow users to switch keys if there is no built-in feature available.

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