How to Fix Helldivers 2 Friend Code Not Working

Helldivers 2 is a much-awaited release after the grand success of the first title. The game became available to the public on February 8th, and this recent release also has its fair share of bugs. One of these bugs is with the lobby, where you can use your friend’s code to add him to your squad and play a game. You can either see your code and share it with your friend so he can add you, or you can enter his code into your game, and he will be joined into your lobby for a match.

This feature has not worked so flawlessly for most users, though. Some are complaining that despite trying to enter the correct code of their friend on their game, they are still unable to get their friend in their lobby. So here in this article, we will take you through different things that you can try to resolve this problem on your own. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Fix Helldivers 2 Friend Code Not Working

How to Fix Helldivers 2 Friend Code Not Working?

Helldivers 2 is available on PS5 and PC users. It even allows cross-platform play among friends. So, the friend’s code is not working because different platforms cannot be the issue. The issue could be that the version of the game you and your friend are running is different, or your friend has turned off the option for someone to add him using a code onto a team. It could also be an issue with the game files, though. We will take you through the solutions for all these possible causes.

Check the code and your friend’s connection:

For the code showing up on your friend’s system, you need to check that code and ensure that you are entering the correct code on your system. Sometimes, judging between 0 and O in a code isn’t easy. Ensure you consider all these things when entering the code on your system.

Furthermore, your friend also needs to be connected to the internet via a fast, active connection. If they are well connected to the internet, and the code you enter is correct, but the adding friend feature still does not work using the code, move on to the next solution.

Restart the game:

This is a simple step, but in some cases, with bugs in games, sometimes a restart is actually enough to iron out most issues with the game. So, before trying other things, you should restart the game once. It does not matter if you are playing on a PC or a PS5; terminating the game entirely should be enough here.

After that, rerun the game and check whether the issue is resolved. If you cannot add your friend using his code, move on to the next solution.

Restart the PC/Console:

Just like the game, restart your PC or console and check whether that solves your issue with the friend code. If it is still there, move on to the next solution.

Verify and repair game files:

Issues with corrupted or missing game files on the PC might sometimes cause functionality issues without any proper error message. In the case of Helldiver 2, it’s better to verify and repair the installed game files on the PC by following the steps below:

  • Launch the Steam client > Click on Library.
  • Right-click on Helldiver 2 from the list.
  • Click on Properties > Go to Local Files.
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • This process may take some time to complete. So, have some patience.
  • Once done, make sure to reboot the PC to apply changes.

If even this did not help with the friend code issue in Helldiver 2, move on to the next solution.

Check for updates:

The developers quickly acknowledged that the gameplay has its fair share of bugs, and just a few days ago, they released a patch update, addressing most of the known issues, including this one with the friend code.

So you need to update the game on your Steam or PS5, which should be enough.

For PC users on Steam,

  • Launch the Steam client > Click on Library.
  • Right-click on Helldiver 2 from the list.
  • Click on Properties > Updates.
  • Let the system check for updates and install that update on your system.

For PS5 users,

  • Go to your games library and highlight the game you wish to update.
  • Press the options button on your console.
  • Choose the option named Check for Update.
  • Let the PS5 install the game update on your system.

If the issue arises even after the update, try the next solution.

Reset your connection:

More often than not, the friend code issue is quite common when there is network inconsistency. In such a scenario, a simple reboot or reset of the networking device is enough for the fix. Initially, it is better to reboot the network device first. If that does not do the trick, then go on and reset the device.

Rebooting the device will reboot the network connection, and no custom settings will be changed due to this reboot. To reboot a modem or router, turn off the switch to the plug point where the router’s port is connected. Keep it off for a minute, then turn it on again. Remember to keep it off briefly, as it will drain the capacitors. You can even remove the cable from the power port and keep it disconnected for a minute. Now turn it back on and see if the same error occurs.

If it does occur, then now try resetting the router or modem. However, this will clear out all custom settings you have set on your network, including login information. To perform the reset, find a tiny pointy object like a safety pin or a toothpick. Find the reset button at the back of the router and use the small pointed thing to press it for 10 seconds. You will see all the LEDs at the front blinking, which means the reset was successful.

After this, set up the connection again, like you did the first time, and see if the same issue reappears.

Check your connection:

If there is any inconsistency with your internet connection, that could be the cause of your problems. Maybe your ISP has some limitations or blocks in place regarding the game. Or perhaps your internet connection is just not strong enough.

Bring the router closer to the device where you are accessing the game. You can connect the router to your PC or PS5 via a LAN cable. A wired connection is far more stable than a wireless one. You should also contact your ISP and inform them about your problem. They should be able to provide resolutions to improve your connection speed.

You need to check whether all the cables for your connection are in place. You also need to check whether you have a good internet plan. Sometimes, our internet plan runs out, and we are unaware of it. So try playing other games using the WiFi in your house, and check whether they work well.

If the issue remains even after this, try the next solution.

Enable friend requests:

Your friend needs to have the friend requests feature enabled in the games setting so that they can receive the request to add them to your lobby. If it is disabled, turn it on, and then the feature should work

If it is enabled but the friend code is still not working, move on to the next solution.

Disable Antivirus:

Third-party security applications such as antiviruses sometimes prevent even network connections or applications, suspecting them as potential threats. Not every antivirus application has this problem, though. There are only a few out there that might block out connections or applications. So, if you are using an antivirus, try turning it off entirely. To do so, open the antivirus program and turn off the real-time protection feature.

If turning off the antivirus did not help with the friend code issue in Helldiver 2, move on to the next solution.

Disable Windows Firewall:

Just like the antivirus program, sometimes even Windows Firewall blocks out applications. So try changing your Windows Firewall settings and see if that works.

  • Click on the search bar and search for “Control Panel.”
  • Open it up once it shows up in the results.
  • Click on the view by option in the control panel window and choose “Large icons” in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Click on the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” option on the left side of the window.
  • Look for the “Helldiver 2” or “Steam” entry in the allowed apps and features list. There will be a checkbox next to it. Ensure a check is next to each of the entries. If unchecked, click the “Change settings” button and manually check the entry.

If even this did not help with the friend code issue in Helldiver 2, move on to the next solution.

Disable VPN or Proxy :

Regardless of your VPN client or proxy, most game servers can detect whether the connection is authorized or unauthorized. So, if you have proxy server settings for your connection or are using a VPN client while connecting to the internet, try turning it off.

Steps to remove proxy:

  • Press the Windows key + R and open up the Run dialog box. Here, enter “ms-settings:network-proxy” and hit enter. This will open up proxy settings on your PC.
  • On the right side, look for the option that reads “Manual Proxy setup.”
  • Inside this setup, look for the option” Use a proxy server” and uncheck the box next to it.
  • Click on OK and then restart the system.

Steps to remove VPN Client:

  • Press and hold the Windows Key + R buttons and open a Run dialog box.
  • Enter “appwiz.cpl” in that dialog box and press the enter button.
  • This will open up the Program and Features list. From the list, look for the VPN client that you currently have on your system, right-click on it, and select Uninstall.

After uninstalling the VPN client and removing the proxy, restart your PC. If the friend code still does not work, move on to the next solution.

Update Graphics drivers:

Outdated graphics drivers often lead to various problems, and the game’s features not working could also be one of them. There is a slim chance this could be the cause. But you should give it a try as well.

There are three ways to update or install graphics drivers on a Windows computer. Firstly, you can visit your computer manufacturer’s website, and on their support or download page, you will find the setup file for the graphics drivers. You need to download the setup file from that site and install the drivers onto your computer, just like any other program.

Secondly, you can let Windows look for the drivers and automatically install them on your computer.

  • Press the Windows key + X and then choose Device Manager from the list of options.
  • Double-click on Display adapters and then right-click on your default video card.
  • Select Update Driver.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions to let your computer scan the internet for the latest drivers.
  • If it finds any new drivers, Windows will automatically install them on your computer.

The last method for updating drivers is to use a third-party driver utility tool. Several tools can scan your computer for any missing or outdated drivers. If the graphics driver on your computer is out of date, it will show up in one of these tools. Then, you need to click one button, and the latest drivers will be installed on your computer. These driver utility tools charge a bit for their service, but it is well worth it since you must not worry about any drivers on your computer again.

If even this did not help with the friend code issue in Helldiver 2, move on to the next solution.

Switch to dedicated GPU:

It’s highly suggested to always use the dedicated (external) graphics card on your desktop for heavy games and applications to get higher graphics performance all the time, and no possible glitches or bugs are ruining your experience. To do that:

For Nvidia GPU:

  • Right-click on the blank desktop screen > Open Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Go to 3D Settings > Click on Manage 3D Settings.
  • Open Program Settings > Select Helldiver 2 from the list.
  • Select the preferred graphics processor for this program from the list.
  • Once done, you can see it as a High-Performance Nvidia Processor.
  • Make sure to save changes and reboot the PC.


  • Right-click on the blank desktop screen > Open Radeon Settings.
  • Head over to Additional Settings > Go to Preferences.
  • Click on Power > Click on Switchable Graphics Application Settings.
  • Select Helldiver 2 from the list. If the game is not visible, select Add Application to include the game.
  • Once done, choose High Performance from Graphics Settings.
  • Finally, reboot the PC to apply changes.

If even this did not help with the friend code issue in Helldiver 2, move on to the next solution.

Contact support:

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, you need to contact the support team of Helldiver 2 and inform them about your issue. They should be able to provide a solution for the same.

So these are all the possible solutions to fix the Helldivers 2 Friend code not working issue. If you have any questions or queries about this guide, comment below, and we will reply. Also, check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricksPC tips and tricks, and much more for more helpful information.

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