Is Horizon Forbidden West coming to Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite

Recently, the official gameplay trailer of the Horizon Forbidden West was released by Sony on YouTube. This creates enormous excitement among players. In the meantime, Nintendo Switch fans are confused, at the same time wondering too that either the Horizon Forbidden West is coming to Nintendo devices or not?

However, this isn’t surprising at all because in the trailer is clearly specified that this game is exclusive for Sony’s Playstation. But, the question is whether or not the game gets Nintendo Switch ports further in the future or not. Here we gather some news concerning the switch release of the game. So, without wasting ado, let’s jump into the lowdown on all of the supported Horizon Forbidden West platforms.

Is Horizon Forbidden West coming to Nintendo Switch|Switch Lite

Is Horizon Forbidden West coming to Nintendo Switch|Switch Lite

At the time of writing, no such official news confirms whether the target is to launch the game for a platform other than PS5 & PS4. So, unfortunately, the sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn developed by Guerrilla Games might not be able to make its way to the Nintendo Switch or Switch lite. Yes, because till now, there is no release date announced.

As we know, Sony owns this game, and they never want their game to be released on competitor’s platform directly. But, yes, we can hope that Sony might release this game for PC users along with PS5 and PS4 in the near future. However, these are just speculation, and no one knows what Sony is really going to do. In my opinion, Sony doesn’t really like to reach their game to a rival platform. However, there are several technical aspects to consider as well. But, as we already know, Horizon Forbidden West has some impressive gameplay. And near to realistic graphics, due to which Nintendo Switch and Lite most probably cannot handle the game.

That’s all we have gathered for you on Horizon Forbidden West. We hope you find this guide helpful and enjoyed it while reading. Now, if you have any queries, contact us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to visit our Website for more gaming news and guides.

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