How To Fix Asus Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

Statistics suggest that moderate to heavy water damaged smartphone has a low chance of retrieval unless you have an insurance policy or claim in place to reimburse for an Asus smartphone. But first, you need to take some measures in order to save your water damaged smartphone right after it fell into a pool or toilet or if it has come in contact with water or any liquid. Note that water is the greatest enemy of an electronic device such as smartphone which is highly delicate and even a drop of water comes in contact with any internal component, it can cause massive damage. Here’s what you need to do if your phone just fell in the water.

How To Fix Asus Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

How To Fix Asus Water Damaged Smartphone?

Step #1: Take it out
It’s the first thing you need to do is to take out the phone from the toilet or pool or anywhere it has come into contact with water as soon as you can. Time is crucial if you want to prevent the phone from extensive damage due to water. Check if the phone is ON or OFF. If it still turned ON, press the power button once and turn it off.

Step #2: The “Don’ts” to follow
There are many things you shouldn’t do in such situation. Starting with do not panic at such moment, take out the phone and keep it on a dry surface. Further, don’t shake or try to press any buttons unless instructed in the later steps. No need to use vacuum cleaner or blower hoping that these devices will either suck excess water or blow it off as it might force the water into the internal assembly and as I earlier mentioned, it can have massive damage. Do not plug the phone into a charger or try to connect the USB cable to the computer as it will have an adverse impact on the phone.

Step #3: Disassemble the device
You took the phone out of the water, what’s next? It’s essential that you assemble the phone perhaps without shaking or wobbling it too much. You must remove the back panel, battery if its removable, SD card and SIM card and wipe it with a paper towel. Also, wipe the phone’s exterior using paper towel or microfiber cloth without shaking it too much. Further, take the paper and dab it inside the SIM card slots, memory card slot, USB ports, and another orifice. If you have knowledge on how to disassemble the phone to view its PCB, do the same as it will provide you a chance to wipe off the circuit and prevent further damage.

Step #4: Use a vacuum cleaner
This is where you can take out your vacuum cleaner, programme it to work on the lightest setting or try to minimize the power by placing your hand or cover the pipe and then, hover it over all the accessories and the phone itself. It will suck excess water hidden in any nook and cranny.

Step #5: Use Isopropyl Alcohol
Now, Isopropyl Alcohol to dab across the components, PCB, and other accessories that were exposed to water. It will enable you to remove excess water, residue and corrosion of the device. You can use an air blower to evaporate the alcohol faster although it’s not required compulsorily.

Step #6: Time to dry it off
Take the phone excluding the accessories you removed earlier and put it in a ziplock bag. Now, fill it up with uncooked rice which is a water absorbent. It will remove remaining water, moisture in order to increase the chance of its retrieval. The process takes around 2 to 3 days but ensures that the bag remained in a dry place for at least 3 days without interrupting it. Silica Gel is a great alternative to uncooked rice that you can use to dry it off. Proceed to the next step to know how to take it out of the ziplock bag.

Step #7: Check if its working or not
After three days, it’s now time to turn on the phone for the first time after it got water damaged. Take out the phone and insert the battery and press the power button to turn it on. Now, either the phone will turn on or it won’t. If you are lucky enough, the phone will power on but ensure that you address its performance for few days and try to fix any aftermath effects. But if the phone doesn’t turn on, it is possible that the battery is completely drained. Now, recharge the battery for few minutes and try to turn on the phone again. If it doesn’t turn on, you will have to take it to a technician as the water has already caused a lot of damage.

Step #8: Get it fixed by an authorized service center
Report the incident and what you did to fix your water damaged smartphone to know how to fix it. The technician will verify if the phone can be retrieved or not and charge you accordingly. Ensure that you get the phone fixed from an authorized center if you don’t want to void the warranty unless you already disassembled the phone to expose its PCB.

Time for the truth
As I aforementioned, only a handful of water damaged smartphones turn on with these methods since water truly damages the phone if there is no layer of coating or protection against water. If your phone has a phone case, it might turn on if you just spilled water on it but not if you completely submerged the phone in water. But you can always buy a phone with water-resistance such as IP67 or IP68, etc. You can also purchase phone covers that allow the phone to submerge in water at least for few seconds or minutes without causing any damage.

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