How To Fix Coolpad Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

The time suddenly stops for a brief moment when your phone falls in a toilet or pool or in case if you are too clumsy and spill water or any liquid on the smartphone and that’s when you realize that you made a mess. Water damaged smartphones are difficult to fix if the problem is too severe and there are plenty of other reasons why nobody will ever recommend you to dip your phone in a pond and don’t worry about the effects unless you have a waterproof smartphone or a waterproof cover to prevent water to escape inside the device.

Since not all the Coolpad or any other smartphone, for instance, is waterproof, it becomes challenging to protect a highly delicate device like a smartphone from liquid or water that can reach unarguably anywhere. Even a drop of water if reaches in sensitive components inside the PCB can render the phone useless and that’s why you need to prevent it from happening. But assume that you already dunked your phone in water intentionally or unintentionally but now, you’ll need it fixed. You can always walk into a service center and get it repaired if possible but is there any homemade remedy that you can utilize to fix, if possible. Here’s a guide on how to fix Coolpad water damaged smartphone which may have different effects on different smartphones.

How To Fix Coolpad Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

How To Fix Coolpad Water Damaged Smartphone?

Before we can dive into the fact that how to fix a Coolpad water damaged smartphone, let’s have a look at what things you shouldn’t do it in case your phone dunks into the water. Note that knowing what you shouldn’t do is important so that what you need to do goes well.

Firstly, do not panic and pick up the phone and try to press the buttons or dabble on the screen or whatever because it will surely push the water deep into its PCB where all the components are housed. Do not dare to plug in the charger because water and electricity do not go hand-in-hand. Further, no need to use blowers or vacuum cleaners or drier because of the fact that it can do more damage than fix at least at this stage.

You shouldn’t blow or shake the phone too roughly. Ensure that when you move the phone from one place to another, you mustn’t do it too roughly because that’s one of the reasons why water would be logged into the openings and then, enter to the PCB and internal components could get harmed.

How To Fix Coolpad Water Damaged Smartphone?

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can try to fix Coolpad water damaged smartphone for which, the effects can be different and it may not work for all the water damaged smartphones also.

Take it out

That’s probably the first step you must do. The moment you realize that the phone has drowned, you need to take it out as every section counts when it comes to saving a water damaged smartphone. You need to take it out immediately without shaking it too much and keep it on a dry surface. Do not attempt to press any keys but you can turn off the phone if it still turned on.

Disassemble the phone

Now, gently pick up the phone and disassemble the various accessories such as the phone cover, back panel, microSD card, SIM card and other peripherals that you can easily remove and keep it on a dry surface. Do not attempt to unscrew the device to reveal its PCB as of now.

Use a paper towel to dab

Take a paper towel or tissue or a microfiber cloth and use it to gently dab on the exterior of the device and the peripherals that you just removed. Use it to wipe off the excess water but remember, you should move or shake the phone too much as it will have an adverse impact and might hype the severity of Coolpad water damaged smartphone.

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck excess water

Take a vacuum cleaner if you have one and set it to the minimal settings and start sucking excess water from the peripherals and the device itself. Pan the host in order to suck excess water from the ports, slots, and other openings so that the water that has escaped into the device can be removed.

Use rubbing alcohol (conditions apply)

This particular method is for those who have knowledge about how to dismantle a smartphone to reveal its PCB and then, reassemble it. If you are knowledgeable enough, open the phone and use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol and rub it across the circuit and other parts of the device. It will remove excess moisture, residue, and corrosion and thus, reduce the severity of a water damaged smartphone.

Pack the phone in a ziplock bag

For those who hadn’t been able to dismantle the smartphone as discussed above, you can take a ziplock bag and put the phone into the bag. Now, fill up the bag with uncooked rice or you can also use silica gel or silica gel litters as a substitute. These substances are highly water absorbent which means, they will suck out the moisture left and make your phone suitable to start. Note that it takes 2 to 3 days for this process to complete its job wherein you aren’t allowed to open and verify if its working or not since it can cause problems ahead.

Time to take out the cat from the bag

After ensuring that you kept the phone in a bag full of absorbent substance for 2 to 3 days, let’s see if it starts or not. You can take the phone out, insert the battery and try to boot up the device. It may or may not start at the very first attempt. In case if it does boots up, you are one of the lucky people who used this guide and fixed their smartphone but you need to keep a look on its performance and verify if it behaves as usual or not.

Further, if the phone doesn’t boot on the first try, it is possible that the battery isn’t charged. Plug in the charger and keep the phone idle for 10 to 15 minutes and boot it again. This time around, if the device kickstarts, you have successfully fixed it but if it doesn’t, I fear that the damage has been beyond what this method can do. In such cases, you are bound to report the issue to a service center and get it fixed professionally.

Finally, The conclusion

It is sad how delicate smartphones have become irrespective of their high-end specifications and prices if they aren’t certified waterproof. It is very important to prevent the smartphone from drowning in water or even spilling water on it irrespective of the quantity of water spilled because it can have an adverse impact on the device. Even if the device boots up with no visible signs of damage, it could still hold evidence of being water damaged and some of the other things might not work properly as optimally.

What are the measures to take to prevent any potential water damage in future?

There are plenty of measures that you can take to prevent such damages in the future such as you can always buy a waterproof cover or case with port covers to prevent water from entering the internal circuit. You can also keep the phone away from water or avoid using it when near water which is one of the easiest things you can do.


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