How To Fix OnePlus Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

It is quite a problem if you accidentally dropped your OnePlus smartphone in water or pool or toilet, or say, anywhere water is present. OnePlus smartphones are among the best selling smartphones with high-end specifications at sort-of affordable price tags, however, no matter how high-end smartphone you buy, water is an enemy to this delicate smartphone and even a droplet of water or any liquid if escapes into the internal assembly, it can cause damage to certain components like a dark spot on the screen or it could cause severe issue similar to how water damaged smartphone would react i.e. it won’t turn on or some of the internal components might have damaged the moment it came in contact with water and much more could happen.

But in case it happens, you dropped your phone in toilet or pool or accidentally drop liquid on your high-end OnePlus device, what should you do? There is a procedure that one can follow in order to revive the phone by yourself, although you have the chance to walk into a service center and get it fixed professionally but let’s say, you took a shot to do it yourself, how would you do it?

How To Fix OnePlus Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

How To Fix OnePlus Water Damaged Smartphone?

We cannot directly start the guide on how to fix OnePlus water damaged smartphone because you need to know the “don’ts” before you can know the “do’s”

First of all, do not panic as your phone falls in a toilet or pool or anywhere because here, every second count and the more you delay, it more you lose the chance to revive the water damaged smartphone. Do not press any keys trying to desperately turn on the phone because it might have an adverse impact unless it is clearly stated in the following guide to fix water damaged smartphone

There’s absolutely no need to dab or touch on the touchscreen or shake and wobble the phone in an attempt to extract excess water as it can have a detrimental impact of the smartphone as doing so can push the water droplets deep into the internal assembly where it can damage sensitive components. Using air blowers or driers is a complete no since it can cause further damage if not already did. Avoid heating the phone in an attempt to evaporate excess moisture because it may have an adverse effect on the device. Now that you know all the “don’ts”, let’s see what you actually need to do to fix OnePlus water damaged smartphone.

How To Fix OnePlus Water Damaged Smartphone? (The Do’s)

Let’s see how you can fix your phone if its water damaged in this short guide, however, there is no guarantee that your device will start working as normal since water isn’t the kind of thing that you can mess around with an electronic device and the severity of the issue changes on a large scale.

Disassemble the phone

The very first thing you should do is to take the phone out of the toilet or pool to a dry surface. It is time to disassemble the phone. You need to turn off the phone once if it isn’t already but ensure that you don’t shake the phone too much. Now, remove the phone cover, back panel, SIM card, memory card and battery if it’s removable. Keep all the accessories on a dry surface and use a paper towel to dab and dry off these accessories.

Dab and dry off exterior

This is crucial as you’ll actually use a paper towel or cloth or tissue to dab and wipe off excess water from the exterior of the device. Note that you don’t have to disassemble the phone to reveal its PCB. Now, use a paper cloth to wipe off water and excess moisture from ports and slots where the water can escape into the interior of the device.

Use a vacuum cleaner to  wipe off excess water

Next is, take a vacuum cleaner, adjust it to the lightest setting available and now, use the vacuum cleaner to suck it water whatever is left in the exterior. Simply move the hose all over the touchscreen and back panel and then, use it to suck water out of the charging port, audio jack, memory and SIM card slot. If the battery is removable, you will spot a cut off just beneath where the battery is inserted where the greenish circuit is clearly visible in most phones. Use the vacuum to suck out water from this and other openings as well.

Use Isopropyl alcohol for added protection against water

This is not applicable to all the users. GetDroidTips recommend users who have knowledge about how to disassemble the phone completely and reassemble it together must only perform it. Take isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol and dab it with a tissue and use it to wipe all the sections, circuits, and components gently and carefully. Alcohol is a great absorbent as it will suck its excess water, moisture, corrosion, and other residues that could cause issues further. Now, reassemble the phone together as it was earlier. You can try to turn on the phone and check if your risk paid off or not.

Uncooked rice and a ziplock bag

An alternative method to fix the excess moisture on the PCB or integrated circuit board where all components are placed is to use a ziplock bag and put the phone without the battery (if removable) in it. Now fill up the bag with uncooked rice or you can use silica gel or silica gel litter instead as these are great water absorbent and will suck out the water and moisture if there’s any left. The usual period is 2 to 3 days after which, you can take the phone out of the ziplock bag and check if it works or not.

Time to unravel the mystery

After keeping the phone in a ziplock bag for several days, it’s time to remove and check if it works or not. Now, there are two conditions wherein the phone will eventually start or it won’t. If it did, well and good but you need to make sure that you keep a close eye on its working and note if there are any changes in its behavior. But what if the phone doesn’t turn on? There are basically two reasons why your phone failed to turn on. First is, the phone is damaged beyond repair and now you will have to take it to a service center to get it repaired or replaced based on the severity. But another condition is that the battery is just drained out in which case, you need to plug in the charger and let the phone recharge for several minutes. Now, you can attempt to restart the phone.

Reporting the water damaged smartphone at the service center

Note that only a few smartphones might be able to get fixed using this method since it doesn’t work for all the smartphones as per their severity. If it doesn’t turn on, the only alternative you have is to report the issue to a service center and get it fixed.

How to prevent water damaged smartphone?

It is very important that you take precautionary measures before falling down and similarly, you must take measures to prevent water damaged before you actually drop it in a pool or toilet. The first thing that comes to my mind is buying a waterproof or water-resistant smartphone that can withstand water at 1-meter depth for 30 minutes although you mustn’t risk putting your phone for that long. But buying a smartphone with IP67 and IP68 water protection isn’t cheap but there is a cheaper alternative too.

You can buy a waterproof phone case or cover that will provide a 360° protection against water. Use port covers for added resistance to water. You can search for best water-resistant phone covers at GearBest.


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