How to Fix GPS Issue on Any OnePlus Smartphone

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is one of the most used services which provides the user’s location and helps to ease Location-based services such as cab booking, ordering food, and other services. With GPS, you may access the location service easily on your device. Now imagine that you’re trying to access the GPS on your OnePlus smartphone using Google Maps and other map services you might have used, and accidentally you find that you’re unable to access GPS or the GPS isn’t turning so on.

In addition, multiple OnePlus users encountered an issue with the GPS not working or providing accurate calibration, which looks frustrating. According to reports, several users reported a GPS issue on Twitter, Reddit and other platforms. However, if you own a OnePlus smartphone and have an issue with GPS, don’t worry. You may easily fix the GPS issue by trying some troubleshooting strategies. The mentioned solution also applies to any OnePlus and other smartphone devices.

This guide will provide the reasons why the GPS issue appears on any OnePlus device and provide several troubleshooting solutions which you can easily try to fix your GPS issue on your device. Make sure to follow the solutions until your GPS issue gets fixed.

How To Fix OnePlus GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

What Causes GPS Not Working Issue on OnePlus Smartphone?

There are multiple reasons why your GPS may not be working or not providing accurate details on a OnePlus smartphone. Here are the common reasons include:

  • Poor and unstable GPS signal: It’s possible that your GPS may not work due to a poor GPS signal or the area you’re living in not providing enough signal to the GPS, which prevents it from working.
  • Battery saver mode: If your battery saver mode is enabled on your OnePlus device, this may affect your GPS performance and prevents the GPS from working as normal.
  • Location services turned off: If the location service is turned off, you may not be able to access GPS on your OnePlus device.
  • Software Issues: Outdated or malfunctioning software may cause GPS issues on your OnePlus smartphone, and this can be due to bugs in the operating system or issues with the GPS or Location you’re using on your device.
  • Hardware Defects problem: A damaged GPS antenna or other hardware defects problem may also cause GPS issues on your OnePlus device.

Fix the GPS Issue on Any OnePlus Smartphone

GPS not working or not providing an accurate signal on your OnePlus smartphone is caused by various reasons, as we mentioned before. However, if you’re experiencing these issues on your OnePlus, then you may easily fix the problem by trying the mentioned solutions.

Fix 1: Toggle GPS Mode

The first method is to toggle GPS Mode if the GPS isn’t turning ON on the first attempt. It’s possible that your OnePlus device might have encountered any problem while turning ON the GPS Mode, and that’s why you’re not able to use it. So, try to turn off the GPS and then turn it on again and repeat it multiple times as it kickstarts the service.

Fix 2: Enable/Disable Airplane Mode

Another possible way to fix the GPS issue on your OnePlus device is to toggle Airplane mode. This remains the question of how Airplane mode will resolve network-related or GPS issues, but several users have tried this method and reported that it works. This might help you to fix the GPS issues on your OnePlus device.

Swipe from the top screen to open the control center and look for the Airplane mode icon. Simply tap on the Airplane mode icon to enable it. Now wait for a moment and tap again to disable it. Again, try to check if the GPS is working on your device.

Fix 3: Restart Your Phone

The most common troubleshooting method is restating the device. If you’re unable to access the GPS on your OnePlus device, you should restart your smartphone. Sometimes due to software bugs and temporary issues, the GPS won’t work anymore and restarting the device may help you to fix the problem instantly without any difficulties. Once you have restarted your OnePlus smartphone, try to check if the GPS issue is resolved.

Fix 4: Check Network Connections

The majority of smartphones require stable internet connection access along with GPS to pinpoint the location, and it provides related services. However, there are few smartphone models that offer offline GPS navigation. If you’re not enabled for the internet connection or Wi-Fi network, you can’t access GPS. Ensure the internet connection or Wi-Fi network is enabled to check if it’s working.

Fix 5: Enable High Accuracy Mode

This feature may help you improve GPS connectivity and signal, and it consumes more power than normal. This may help you to increase the signal strength of the GPS location, and you may easily fix your GPS issue. You can easily activate and access the high accuracy mode by going to the settings app on your OnePlus smartphone, going to Location> Mode and selecting “High Accuracy”, and that’s it.

Fix 6: Clear System and App Cache

The System generally stores the cache files temporarily to speed up retrieval time, and it works against corrupting the files on smartphones or something that could happen frequently. So, it’s better to wipe the system cache and application cache files daily to increase the device’s performance or prevent software bugs and glitches. However, you can use one of the methods to do that.

Method 1: Head over to the Settings app on your OnePlus device and navigate to Storage. Again, screen down to view Cache Storage, tap on Cache Storage, and delete the files from there.
Method 2: Head over to the Settings app on your OnePlus device and navigate to the Apps section where you can access the lists of applications directly. Choose the individual app you want to cache data and finally tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” to get rid of cache files.

Fix 7: Clear GPS Cache

The GPS on your OnePlus smartphone has its own way of caching files. This app is AGPS or YGPS as it assists GPS that works by combining the results that are shown by satellite or nearby network towers to pinpoint the user’s location precisely. However, you can clear the GPS cache by going to Settings > Apps > All, choosing AGPS/YGPS and finally tapping on ‘Clear Cache.’

Fix 8: Update Google Maps App

It’s important to update your Google Maps or the other Mao services you’re using on your OnePlus device. An outdated version of the location app may prevent the GPS or signal strength from working as normal. However, an update brings several features and performance of the app where you can use the app as smoother. Here’s how you can update your Google Maps on your device:

  • Open Google Play Store on your device.
  • Search Google Maps and select the app.
  • You will see an Update option if an update is available.
  • Download and install the update by following the instructions.
  • Once the update is installed, try to check if the GPS issue is resolved.

Fix 9: Update Phone Software

You also have to check for software on your OnePlus smartphone. The OnePlus pushed the software and security patch updates to increase the efficiency and performance of the device and brought up several features where users can experience a smoother and more efficient of their device. Check for system software updates; if an update is available, download and install it by following the on-screen instructions. Once the download is finished, restart your OnePlus device and check if the GPS issue is resolved.

Fix 10: Factory Reset Your Device

The last way is to perform a hard reset on your OnePlus smartphone. If the GPS issue isn’t fixed yet, you should try hard resetting your OnePlus device, which may help you solve the issue. This will erase all data and restore it to factory settings. Here’s how you can reset your device by following the steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Scroll down and tap on System> Advanced.
  • Now choose the Reset option.
  • Again, tap Reset.
  • Now choose the Erase All Data (Factory Reset) option and click on the Erase Everything option to proceed.
  • Your OnePlus device will automatically turn off and turn back on after a few minutes. So be patient!

Note: A factory reset will wipe all the personal data, including photos, documents, videos, preferences and applications that are saved. Make sure to back up the important documents and media files before proceeding to the reset option.

Fix 11: Contact Support Team

If you have tried the solutions mentioned earlier and are still facing an issue with the GPS on your OnePlus smartphone, you should contact the OnePlus customer support team for help. It’s possible that there’s an issue with the hardware and you have to contact technical support in such cases. They provide several ways to troubleshoot the problem, and you may easily get back to GPS again. You can also visit the nearby service center for further assistance.

Final Words

Multiple purposes cause the GPS issue as we mentioned in this article. Thankfully, there are several possible solutions to address the GPS not working problem. If you have tried the solutions mentioned earlier and still have an issue, you should contact technical support for help. If you have any queries, ask in the comments section below.

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