How To Fix Vernee Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

This isn’t rare but a more profound and widely known issue with smartphones nowadays which are powerful electronic devices capable of making millions of calculations, operation number of apps and services and accomplish a number of tasks without much hassle. As aforementioned, not charging problem is one of the annoying and awful problems with these devices. Unfortunately, everyone who keeps using his/her android smartphone tastes this medicine at least once in their lifetime. Time to take some measures to fix it at home, if possible. GetDroidTips brings you the methods you can utilize to fix Vernee not charging problem that hundreds of people have complained about.

How To Fix Vernee Not Charging Problem

How To Fix Vernee Not Charging Problem?

Time for diagnosis with Ampere
Ampere is a great application available on Google Play Store. When a user downloads and installs it, the app displays the amount of power being drawn in and the amount being recharged. There are other parameters related to charging available on this app but it is prominently used to diagnosis if the phone is charging properly or is it having trouble recharging the battery. The easy to follow instructions adds a cherry on the cake which is easy to understand.

When the user inserts USB cable onto this port, the metal tab slips inside the opening available on the USB cable’ socket and latches itself with the tab to ensure the safe passage of light from the charger to the phone. If you are an avid smartphone user or someone who likes to chat to someone or do an important job while the phone is plugged to the charger, all that shaking, twisting, and turning the phone can actually bend the metal tab inside the phone’s USB port. To ensure that the metal tab is perfectly fine, take a sharp tiny object like a toothpick and gently push the metal tab until it aligns itself with the internal walls. Ensure that you apply a gentle pressure because any inappropriate pressure can deform and damage the tab.

Lint, dust, and candy
If the phone repeatedly disconnects and connects when the charger is connected to the phone, lose connection is one of the problems that can cause such situations. Take a sharp object like a needle or toothpick, insert it into the USB port of your phone is trying to swipe it across the walls and the floor to scope out dust, candy, lint, or other debris which could be causing the issue. You can use a vacuum cleaner to the same job although ensure that the pressure applied by the vacuum isn’t inappropriate to avoid deforming the metal tab which is delicate.

Change power source
What if the phone doesn’t charge? What to do if the battery disconnects from charging and reconnects? What if there is no sign of charging even when other components are working fine? You must change the power source to check if the problem is sorted or not.

Reboot the device
If you are unable to find the cause, try rebooting the device once. In few cases, it has been seen that rebooting the device actually solved minor glitches with the system that were obstructing the phone to recharge itself or results in depleting or decreased charging capability.

Play Switcheroo with cables
Talking about the hardware components that are involved in the battery recharging process are the adapter, USB cable, USB socket, etc where you’ll have to check all of them individually. First, check if the cable that you are using is properly working or not. You can do it by using the USB cable with the adapter to charge the phone but if there is any difficulty in charging, change the cable and check again. If cable were the culprit, your issue will be resolved but if not, try the same technique on another smartphone to verify and then, follow the next method.

What if the adapter is the culprit?
If there is nothing wrong with the USB cable that you are using, the Vernee not charging problem can be due to the faulty or damaged adapter. You can check out if the adapter is working properly or not by switching the adapter in the same fashion as you did with the cables firstly. Change the adapter and check if another adapter is allowing you to recharge the phone or not.

Replace the USB charging port
If both cable and adapter are working fine with other devices but yours, then the problem is surely due to faulty USB charging port or socket. This is an inexpensive component which you can get fixed at any service center without shelling out more from your pocket. Check if the port is indeed faulty or not, take help from technicians at the service center to zero in what’s required now and get it replaced.

Update the software
You must pay a close emphasis towards keeping the phone up-to-date because it is crucial and keeps the phone healthy. When a user updates the firmware, the new patch brings a number of features as well as performance boosting elements but when the user skips updating the system, it has an adverse effect on the phone since the user will be refrain from new features. That’s not all, the outdated system can attract bugs or errors that can cause problems which can have different severity. Go to ‘Settings >> About Phone >> System Updates >> Check for Update’ to check out the latest updates.

Reset the phone
Factory reset is a popular and powerful method that can resolve absolutely any software-related issues. If all the components are working properly, check if there is a bug or error causing the Vernee battery not charging problem and perform a factory reset that will restore the phone into its factory settings thereby eliminating any bugs and errors that your system might contain.

  • To perform FDR or factory data reset, power down the device.
  • Press power key and Volume Up button together for several seconds without leaving it.
  • Next, release the buttons when the display shows boot mode or when the phone boots into Recovery mode.
  • Now, you are required to scroll towards the option ‘wipe data/factory reset’ using volume down and then, select the option using power key.
  • Next is to tap on ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and let the system perform FDR.
  • Reboot the system and check whether the battery is getting charged when connecting to the charger or not.

Replace the battery
If you doubt that all the components involved in the charging process are fine but you are still having an issue charging the phone, consult a technician and get the battery replaced. There are a number of benefits if you purchase a new battery such as you’ll get a new battery with warranty, enhanced performance, and backup and then, you can choose between different capabilities that will alter the battery backup.

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