How to hide Photos and Videos on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro

Xiaomi has made its mark in the smartphone industry with the best device like the Redmi 6 Pro. This is one of the most popular mid-range smartphones in the market. The phone has very good clarity and hence the most common thing that is used in this phone is to click photos. The smartphones will definitely have most of the photos of you. Do you have any personal photos or the videos that are required to be hidden? Do you want to protect these private pictures in any of your Safe Gallery? Find the below guide that will assist you in hiding the photos and videos on Redmi 6 Pro.

It is very common that most of us often share our phones with friends or family members for several reasons. Our privacy comes under threat by proving our phone to the dear ones and we always want something to protect our content so that only we could assess them. Below is the guide that would help you in protecting and hiding the photos and videos on your Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro.

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Steps to hide Photos and Videos on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro


  • Install the Gallery Vault App by visiting the Play Store
  • Once it is installed, open the app and accept the terms and conditions
  • Now Set a PIN
  • Add all your private pictures and videos in this Gallery Vault App and feel safe while you hand over your phone to anyone


  • Another way to hide the pictures from showing up in your gallery is to change their extension
  • You can do this by renaming or putting some name such as .jpg, .jpeg etc, as these are the formats and only the user would know that there are pictures inside this file
  • In this case, your pictures will not be hidden. They would be accessible through the file manager. The photos will definitely not show up in the gallery


I hope the above guide was helpful in understanding how to hide the photos and videos on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro. Leave feedback or a comment if you have any queries and we would make sure to respond as soon as possible.

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