How to Play Golf in Terraria – Terraria Golf Guide

Terraria’s recently released 1.4 updates, Journey’s End, brought about various new additions to the game, one of which is a new mini-game, Terraria Golf. Terraria Golf is a mini-game where players hit Golf Balls into holes using Golf Clubs. It allows players to access various new options to create their ideal golf course or even bring some friends over to try out a tricky course they created. Here’s everything you need to know about playing golf in Terraria.

There are several new golf gear that gives you access to the mini-game. Some of these items are golf clubs, balls, a golf whistle, a golf shirt and a cup, a golf cart holder, trophies, paintings, a lawnmower for mowing the grass, arrow marks, and much more. You do not need all these items to start a simple game, but you are allowed to include as many as you want in your golf game. All these can be purchased from the Golfer NPC, who spawns in the game. The items you need to start your golf game are a golf ball, a golf tee, an iron, and a golf cup.

Where to Find the Golfer NPC in Terraria 1.4?
The Golfer NPC

To start, you need to place your golf tee down in front of you. The tee gives you the ability to place the ball on top of it, which raises it from the ground, giving you a better range to use your golf club. You can choose to golf without a tee, but the tee helps your ball go farther than it would when you play without it.

There are four different golf clubs available for you to use when playing the game:

  • The driver – suitable for when you want to hit a ball long distance
  • The iron – suitable for medium lengths and goes particularly far in a straight, fluid line.
  • The wedge – suitable for removing the ball from steep and rough terrains
  • The putter – suitable for short distances, especially when you are right next to the golf cup.

How to Play Golf in Terraria - Terraria Golf Guide

Swing the golf to hit the ball, and your camera will keep on moving with the ball till it stops, so it is hard for you to lose track of the ball. If you, however, lose track of the ball, all you have to do is locate it on the mini-map. Bring up the map while holding a golf club, and you will see an arrow pointing at the golf ball, making it easy to find. Your goal is to get the golf ball into the golf cup, and when you successfully do this, you get a score which is calculated by the number of times you hit the ball before it gets into the cup; the lower the number, the better. You win a round of golf if you have the lowest number of hits before the ball enters the golf cup.

You can also build courses by modifying the terrains in the game, making the ball interact with the environment differently depending on what it hit, and you can add your friends to the game to see who can get the lowest score amongst you. Most courses have a required number of holes to complete, ranging from 9 to 18, and you should also watch out for each terrain and how it impacts your shots.

Be a Better Golfer in Terraria

To level up your golfing game in Terraria Journey’s end, you have to play the game very often; repeatedly and also make use of the golfing equipment made available to you. As you do this and level up, there will be new additional items made available to you at the Golfer NPC.

So, keep on playing, keep on using available equipment, and keep on leveling up your golf game in Terraria.

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