How to take a Screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro

Ever since the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro has been launched, it is high-on-demand due to its competitive features that are available comparatively at a low price too. Due to the budgeted price, people are now flocking to buy this phone that does not lighten their pockets more while offering impressive features. When the new phone comes to the market the user expects for interesting features right? This phone is also the one! Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro comes with the latest MIUI running on Android oreo and this also comes with two front cameras as one of its special features.

Very interesting right? Taking a screenshot of any important document, pictures, conversations have been one of the standards functions in all the smartphones. You may have no idea but this device is becoming the number one choice from a large number of smartphones. There are times that we really need to take a screenshot that helps us in assisting us in performing a few important tasks. There are four different ways to take a screenshot in Xiaomi Redmi 6Pro. Read the below guide.

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Different Ways to take a Screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro

  • Method1: By using the phone buttons:

    This is the most commonly used method in all smartphones. This phone has strategically placed power and the volume buttons to take a screenshot.

    • Visit the page that you would like to take the screenshot of
    • Press the Volume down and the Power button simultaneously
    • Your screenshot is taken! This will be shown as a preview in the top right corner. You may also check the screenshots in the Gallery app.
  • Method2: By using the three-finger swipe gesture:

    If you don’t like taking the screenshot by using the above step, then try this interesting method.

    • Visit the Settings menu from the Homepage
    • Now search for ”Screenshot” in the search bar
    • Click on the option ‘Take a Screenshot’
    • Now under the head ‘Optional Gestures and Button’, click ‘Slide 3fingers down’
    • Visit the page that you would like to capture a screenshot
    • Slide your three fingers from the top of the phone downwards.
    • Your required screenshot should appear.
  • Method3: By using the notification panel:

    Xiaomi has planted a cool notification menu, you can now take the screenshots by using this menu.

    • Slide down the screen of your Redmi 6 to bring it to the notification panel on the screen
    • You will now find one-touch shortcuts like Data connection, Wi-Fi, GPS etc on the top of the panel. Pull this menu
    • The screenshots can be seen in this menu most of the times. This is an icon with a pair of scissors drawn on it.
    • Click once and you are good to go.
  • Method4: By using the Google Assistant:

    This is the hands-free way of taking a screenshot. You are just required to make sure that you have set up the Google Assistant on your Redmi phone.

    • You are just required to speak up saying, ”OK Google, take a screenshot.” Your phone will complete the job of taking the screenshot.
    • But one such catch is that the Google Assistant will not save the screenshots automatically. The phone will ask if you wish to save it. Hence saving the screenshot depends on the user.

I hope the above guide has helped you on how to take a screenshot on your Redmi 6 Pro. Feel free to write a comment in the below comment section if you have any doubts and we will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

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