How to use Microsoft Edge Immersive reader

The ‘Immersive reader’ is a full screen and a highly convenient reading tool from Microsoft Edge. It is available on the chromium version of Microsoft Edge which removes all the distractions and converts the screen into an e-book like experience. A better font and highly enhanced background allow you to generate focus on the main content.

The ‘Immersive reader’ is unlike those content streaming websites which display a lot of ads and videos to keeps you distracting from the main content. Meanwhile, the Immersive reader renders only what you want to see. Knowing that today in this article, we will discuss “How to use Microsoft Edge Immersive reader”?

How to use Microsoft Edge Immersive reader?

The Immersive reader features a lot of functions like grammar aid, read aloud, text preference & translation, reading preference, and more. Similarly, it also allows the reader to customize the text size and page theme according to their preferences.

In this guide below, we will discuss the process and steps that will help you get along with Immersive reader. Let’s learn how:

Steps to enable or disable Immersive reader on Microsoft Edge

  1. Visit the Microsoft Edge application.
  2. Navigate through the website that features the content you want to read—for example, Sports, News, health, make-up blogs etc.
  3. From the address bar, locate and select the Immersive reader icon. The icon looks like a book with a tiny speaker on its edge.

Once you complete this process, the Immersive reader tool will format your reading page and remove all the clutter. With this, the texts will become readable with an upgraded background that would feel easier to your eyes. The page will get perfectly formatted to fit the window with graphics replaced with icons, and images described through “alt text”.

To disable the Immersive reader, click on the dedicated icon (with a book and speaker) once again.

Note: The Immersive reader tool is available only on some limited web pages. In case if you do not see the icon on the web page you opened, that browser might not support the feature. Also, if the icon is grey and doesn’t respond on clicking over it; that too means it is not supported through the browser itself.

Steps to customize the text preference for Immersive reader on Microsoft Edge

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge application.
  2. Navigate through the web page and open the content you want to read. Then turn on the Immersive reader icon from the address bar.
  3. Drag the cursor towards the top of the page to view Immersive reader Settings. You can also click on the pin button present at the end of the column to make the Immersive toolbar always visible.
  4. Now select the text presence button; and it will open a small menu on the screen.
  5. From that, you can drag the slider from left, middle, and towards the right to set the text size as you require.

Below that from the Page theme option, you can choose the available sections to change the background. The available section features the following background options: White, Sepia (default), grey and dark.

Steps to customize the reading preference for Immersive reader on Microsoft Edge

  1. From the same toolbar (that feature the text preference button) select the icon Reading preference.
  2. Now use the line focus setting to focus on 1 or 3 or 5 lines at the time of reading.

Steps to translate text while using Immersive reader on Microsoft Edge

  1. After you visit the Immersive reader, from the same toolbar select the Reading preference icon.
  2. Now from below the translate option, open the drop-down menu that features various language lists.
  3. Select your preferred language and finally select the Translate entire page button.

The language translation feature is one of the most useful features of Immersive reader tool. It helps you read all the content by translating it into your home language quickly.

Steps to use the Grammar tool of Immersive reader on Microsoft Edge

  1. Click on the Grammar tool icon from the same toolbar for Immersive reader.
  2. Now select the syllabus to split the words into the syllabus. After that toggle on the parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb) and it will highlight and label different part of speech into on the page.

The Grammar tool is a beneficial and quick learning method specifically for school going kids.

Steps to use Read aloud tool of Immersive reader on Microsoft Edge

  1. From the Immersive reader toolbar, select the icon Read aloud. The reading process will quickly start after that.
  2. You can use the controls (start, pause, forward/backward paragraph) though the commands available in the middle of the toolbar.
  3. Ultimately you will notice a Voice option icon on the last of the same toolbar. From there, you can control the reading speed and choose a voice that you find more understandable and suitable.
  4. While the read-aloud feature is on, you can see some read highlighted text; that appears to highlight the text that you are listening.

Once you finish the customization on Immersive reader, you can continue reading the content you searched for. During that, you may find all this applied feature which you have selected through the process.

Microsoft Edge Immersive reader besides being helpful is also straightforward to use. The Grammar tool is specifically beneficial for school going kids, whereas the other ones are equally helpful for the other reading lovers too.

If you are a reading lover and are looking for a customization tool, then the Immersive reader is best for you. Also, the process above is focused explicitly upon Windows 10, but one can use it on another Windows version and macOS as well. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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