How you can Open and Play SWF File on Mac OS and Browser

Every Mac users get in trouble to open the SWF File (file extension is *.swf), Where you required an accessible tool to open SWF File. It is quite similar to Windows utility, Opening the SWF file is easy to open on Windows Desktop, but it was challenging to open the SWF file on Mac. Likely, This is Because SWF File requires a Proper SWF player either needs to convert SWF File to a different format. We are known to knowledge, How can you open SWF File on your Mac.

What is SWF File Format

SWF is an abbreviation for a Small web format, an Adobe Flash file format. Which stands for Shock Wave Format (SWF). It used to store multimedia such as interactive text, soundtracks, graphics, Vector graphics, and animation videos. SWF is the most common file format for animation content on the website. You have to Manually install Flash Plugin because no Browser or Computer comes with a Built-in SWF Player. Not to worry, Flash plugin is readily available and free to use.

How to View and Play SWF File on Mac Using VLC Media player

How you can Open and Play SWF File on Mac OS and Browser

VLC Media Player supports a wide range of Format, including SWF, But it direct not going to play your SWF File. There is a Way through VLC Users can Play SWF Codec File.

  1. First thing First, Download VLC Media player and Install on your Mac.
    (Download VLC, Start installation Program.)
  2. Open VLC App and Import SWF File into Software.
    (You can also be used to Drag and Drop the SWF File into VLC Player. Even, you can Directly open it From the VLC Dock icon. Also, Press “Command” and “O” hotkeys to Import SWF File.)

That’s it, and your file instantly starts Playing. VLC is one of the most popular media players because it supports all Sorts of format, including FLAC and MKV Video. It also offers you to play multiple videos with playlist, Folder, among other features. VLC Media Player is quite handy media players to view any file on Mac even to open SWF File.

VLC Media Player Alternative

Play SWF File on Mac

If you would not wish to use VLC Media Player, then there is another famous SWF Support player. We recommend you to use VLC, but there is a Leawo Blu-ray media Player, SWF File Player and Elmedia Player designed to play and view SWF Codecs.

How to play SWF on Mac with SWF Player

  1. Download Player on your Mac
    (Make sure you download Player for Mac, Start installation)
  2. Choose the SWF File to watch
    (You can also add animations to Mac SWF player)
  3. Drag SWF file to an opened app or Onto app Dock icon
    (Also, You can select “File” File from SWF player menu and Click “Open,” Or you can open a file by Right
  4. Click on SWF File and Choose Open with SWF Player)

How to Play and View SWF on Mac using a Web browser

Moreover, This was going to be quite a similar issue, and you will face the problem with viewing and opening SWF Media because no Browser comes with a Build-in SWF player. You require to download Adobe Flash Plugin to your Web browser. Not to mention, you are not going to compromise any security. All you have to do is kindly drag the SWF file into your Web-Browser, and it will start playing video on your Browser player.

Furthermore, If you are not using Apple’s Safari, then there is not a problem because of Adobe Flash plugin available for Every browser such as Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. On the other hand, Where Modem Web-Browser doesn’t come with Build-in SWF File Support, the older browser comes with Flash players either having an option to enable and disable because of many security reasons.

Hopefully, you find a solution to open and view your SWF File on your Mac. Let’s us know if there any other most accessible ways to Play SWF File on Mac. Share with us in the comment section down below.

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