Huawei P9 Stock Firmware Collections (Back To Stock ROM/Restore)

List of Huawei P9 Stock Firmware Collection. Below I updated the list of Huawei P9 Latest firmware collection. This post I made for people who are looking for Huawei P9 Stock ROM Collection on Internet. The List was taken from XDA and all credit goes to Somboons. So I just thought I can reach more people by sharing this. We won’t update any OTA Files here, this is the full ROM Collection, and no incremental updates via OTA in here. Once you update your Huawei P9, you can update it through OTA for any future updates. We will make this post with every ROM which comes out of a stage for the Huawei P9. So please come when you like to look for something better for your phone. I will guide you below on How to Manually update your Huawei P9 using the collection of Rom for Huawei P9. Here is the List of Stock ROM for Huawei P9. Download anyone and see the changelog from the List of Stock firmware for Huawei P9.

Huawei P9 Stock Firmware Collections

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The advantage of Huawei P9 Stock Firmware Collection :

  • Use Huawei P9 Stock ROM To Unbrick your phone
  • Use Huawei P9 Stock ROM To Fix the Bootloop problem
  • Use Huawei P9 Stock ROM To upgrade and Downgrade your phone
  • Use Huawei P9 Stock ROM To Unroot or Fix Bugs on your phone
  • Use Huawei P9 Stock ROM To fix the lag or stutter
  • Use Huawei P9 Stock ROM To fix the Softbrick
  • Use Huawei P9 Stock ROM To revert back to stock to gain your warranty.

READ THIS CAUTION: So before jump into the manual upgradation setup, please make sure you have a good amount juice with at least 80% Charge. If not please charge the phone. Backup your phone in case if you need it later. If you brick the device we are not responsible. Do it at your own risk. Remember this guide is to update Stock ROM on Huawei P9

LIST OF Huawei P9 Stock Firmware COLLECTION

All Android Oreo Firmware

Build Number Model No Region
EVA-AL00C00B520 EVA-AL00 China
EVA-TL00C00B520 EVA-TL00 China
EVA-DL00C00B520 EVA-DL00 China
EVA-AL10C00B520 EVA-AL10 China
EVA-CL00C00B520 EVA-CL00 China
EVA-AL00C00B501 EVA-AL00 China
EVA-AL10C00B501 EVA-AL10 China
EVA-TL00C00B501 EVA-TL00 China
EVA-DL00C00B501 EVA-DL00 China
EVA-CL00C00B501 EVA-CL00 China

All Android Nougat Firmware

Build Number Model No Region
EVA-L09C636B399 EVA-L09 Asia
EVA-L19C636B399 EVA-L19 Asia
EVA-L29C636B399 EVA-L29 Asia
EVA-L09C432B503 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L19 Europe
EVA-L09C432B398 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L19C432B398 EVA-L19 Europe
EVA-L29C20B390 EVA-L29 Singtel – Singapore
EVA-L19C20B390 EVA-L19 Singtel – Singapore
EVA-L09C703B390 EVA-L09 Telekom, Singapore
EVA-L09C432B397 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L19C432B397 EVA-L19 Europe
EVA-L09C675B330 EVA-L09 India
EVA-L09C16B386 EVA-L09 MTN, South Africa
EVA-L09C675B323 EVA-L09 India
EVA-L09C432B501 EVA-L09 Europe – New
EVA-L19C432B501 EVA-L09 Europe – New
EVA-L09C675B323 EVA-L09 India
EVA-L09C25B329 EVA-L09 Claro, LA
EVA-L09C432B399 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L19C432B399 EVA-L29 Europe
EVA-L09C25B328 EVA-L09 Latin America
EVA-L09C55B384 EVA-L09 Italy
EVA-L09C02B356 EVA-L09 Vodafone
EVA-L19C636B395 EVA-L19 Asia
EVA-L29C636B395 EVA-L29 Asia
EVA-L09C636B395 EVA-L09 Asia
EVA-L19C636B396 EVA-L19 Asia
EVA-L29C636B396 EVA-L29 Asia
EVA-L09C636B396 EVA-L09 Asia
EVA-L09C185B396 EVA-L09 Middle East
EVA-L19C185B396 EVA-L19 Middle East
EVA-L09C212B360 EVA-L09 Mexico
EVA-L09C706B383 EVA-L09 New Zealand
EVA-L09C605B398 EVA-L09 Latin America
EVA-L19C605B398 EVA-L19 Latin America
EVA-L19C432B392 EVA-L19 Europe
EVA-L09C521B327 EVA-L09 Telefonica Latin America
EVA-L09C16B382 EVA-L09 MTN South Africa
EVA-L09C635B382 EVA-L09 Japan
EVA-L09C432B394 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L09C212B358 EVA-L09 iUSACell Mexico
EVA-L09C432B393 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L09C34B380 EVA-L09 Optus – Australia
EVA-L09C464B383 EVA-L09 Turkey
EVA-L09C688B383 EVA-L09 WOM-Chile
EVA-L09C25B324 EVA-L09 Claro -Latin-America
EVA-L09C432B326 EVA-L09 Europe – New
EVA-L09C212B322 EVA-L09 AT&T Mexico
EVA-L09C675B320 EVA-L09 India
EVA-L09C185B391 EVA-L09 Middle East – New
EVA-L09C521B324 EVA-L09 Telefonica, Latin-America
EVA-L09C432B390 EVA-L09 Europe – New
EVA-L09C605B389 EVA-L09 Latin-America – New
EVA-L19C10B389 EVA-L19 Russia – New
EVA-L09C605B387 EVA-L09 Columbia/Latin-America
EVA-L09C40B342 EVA-L09 Telefonica
EVA-L09C16B180 EVA-L09 MTN South Africa
EVA-L09C212B320 EVA-L09 AT&T Mexico
EVA-L09C34B142 EVA-L09 Optus – Australia
EVA-L19C20B385 EVA-L19 Singtel – Singapore
EVA-L09C22B341 EVA-L09 Spain
EVA-L09C22B380 EVA-L09 Poland – Polkomtel
EVA-L09C688B381 EVA-L09 WOM-Chile
EVA-L09C02B345 EVA-L09 Vodafone – Europe
EVA-L09C521B322 EVA-L09 Telefonica – LA
EVA-L09C635B384 EVA-L09 Japan
EVA-L29C432B387 EVA-L29 Europe
EVA-L09C636B387 EVA-L09 Asia
EVA-L09C185B389 EVA-L09 Middle East
EVA-L09C432B388 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L09C55B362 EVA-L09 Altice
EVA-L09C605B386 EVA-L09 Latin America, Columbia
EVA-L19C636B386 EVA-L19 Asia and Newzealand
EVA-L09C636B386 EVA-L09 Asia and Newzealand
EVA-L29C636B386 EVA-L29 Latin America, Columbia
EVA-L19C605B386 EVA-L19 Latin America, Columbia
EVA-L19C10B386 EVA-L19 Russia
EVA-L19C432B386 EVA-L19 Europe
EVA-L09C440B381 EVA-L09 France Bytel
EVA-L09C464B383 EVA-L09 Turkey
EVA-L09C635B383 EVA-L09 Japan
EVA-L09C432B383 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L09C440B380 EVA-L09 UK
EVA-L19C185B390 EVA-L19 Middle East
EVA-L09C55B372 EVA-L09 Italy
EVA-L09C521B321 EVA-L09 Latin-America Telefonica
EVA-L09C432B387 EVA-L09 Europe
EVA-L09C113B370 EVA-L09 Italy
EVA-L19C185B387 EVA-L19 Middle East
EVA-L09C530B380 EVA-L09 France Bytel
EVA-L09C440B370 EVA-L09 United Kingdom
EVA-L09C109B196 EVA-L09 Orange, Europe
EVA-L09C40B196 EVA-L09 Spain

Updated on 5th May 2016 for Huawei P9 EVA-L19 with B387 (Middle East)

EVA-L19C185B387 Stock Firmware :


Download Data File

All Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware List and Updates :

All Marshmallow Firmware with Model< Carrier and Region with Build Number

Steps for How to Update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Huawei P9 Manually

  1. First of all Download the OTA from the above download link with your model number
  2. Create a new folder called dload in your root of the internal memory on your smartphone
  3. Extract the OTA zip and you will find file (This is the one which we needed) Now move the to the newly created foler “dload
  4. Open the Settings in your phone and click the menu Update
  5. Now tap on Local Update – This is where you can update firmware OTA manually.
  6. You will see the, Now tap on that and your update process wil start.
  7. Wait for sometime.
  8. Once completed, reboot your device
  9. You have manually updated your Huawei P9 Smartphone


  1. Hi Dana I got a problem with my Huawei p9 l09c178 I downloaded this firmware update from firmware finder and I it seems it was the wrong one and I have already installed it on my device and am currently facing some serious issue first when I install the firmware some apps disappear like the camera app and some other important apps . So I decided to factory reset the device and things get worsts the firmware is EVA-L09C178B384 i wanted to upgrade to emui 5.1.1. so after the factory reset when I power on the device it says ( your device has failed verification and may not work properly.) And when I press the power button it will take me into the device and asks me to sign in with my Google account but I can’t do because there’s no physical keyboard only Google voice assistance available and it can’t be disabled. So I can’t sign in . I have also tried to eRecovery the device but it always stop at 58%

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