How To Install Android 14 GSI On Samsung Galaxy Phone

Android 14 beta is finally here, users having Pixel 4a or higher can take advantage of this beta features of the newer version of the Android. But you can not take advantage of Android 14 if you are a non-pixel user. But good news for all the Android fans, Google has also released the GSI version of the Android which was not available with the developer preview. This will allow you to install Android 14 GSI On Samsung Galaxy phones manually. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and you want to install the Android 14 on your device, follow the below steps to install the same.

GSI means the Generic System Image, which is a firmware that can be installed on any smartphone which supports Treble. However, the installation steps are not easy, and if you are very new to the tech world, you might get problems while installing the Android 14 GSI on your Samsung. We will try to keep these steps as easy as possible to give you a clear guide. Once you install the GSI version of the Android 14, you will get access to advanced features like – testing your application, creating Custom ROMS, or even new fields.

How To Install Android 14 GSI On Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to Download Android 14 GSI on Samsung Galaxy Phone

The GSI version of the Android is the full package of the Android 14 beta that includes the changes and features of Android 14. There are the latest versions of the Android 14 GSI, and you should have the latest Android 14 GSI file with you. You can download the Android 14 GSI from down here based on your device architecture.

ARM64 + GMS Download
ARM64 Download
x86_64 + GMS Download
x86_64 Download

How to Install Android 14 GSI on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Once you have downloaded the files from the above link, now you have to check the compatibility of the Android 14 GSI on your smartphone. You should keep in mind that the Android 14 GSI is one of the earliest beta builds, and it can have some bugs. So, you have to wait for the updates to get it fixed.

Requirements for Android 14 GSI

  • Android 9 or above.
  • You should have an Unlock Bootloader. (Read: How To Unlock Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy Phones)
  • Your smartphone should support Treble (Project Treble is the type of framework that separates the Android OS with vendor-specific codes and rivers that make sit easier for the device manufacturer to deliver the updates faster.)
  • Required GSI for your smartphone should be installed on your Samsung.
  • TWRP custom recovery should be installed on your Samsung Galaxy.

Step 1: Install TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy

Before we go into the installation of the TWRP recovery, you should have the TWRP Recovery files with you. To get the TWRP recovery file, follow these steps.

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  • Go to the Official Website of TWRP and click on the devices.
  • Find your Samsung Galaxy model and download the “.tar” files.

Now, go to your PC and download the Odin Tool and install it. We will use the Odin tool to install the TWRP recovery files on your Samsung Android.

Now, on your phone and follow these steps.

  • Open the settings app and navigate to About > Software.
  • Tap 7 times on the build number to enable the developer option.

  • Now, go to the developer option by reopening the settings on your Galaxy.

  • Enables USB debugging and the toggle on the OEM unlocking.

Step 2: Flash TWRP recovery

Once you have installed the Odin Tool on your PC, open the Odin Tool and put your phone into the download mode (By pressing the power button & volume down button for a few seconds and pressing the volume up button) and connect your phone with the PC and follow these steps.

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  • Click on the AP tab on the Odin software.
  • Select the TWRP files Make sure to use the “.tar” files only.
  • Once the file is selected, click on Start button.

Install Android 14 GSI On Samsung Galaxy

  • Wait for a few seconds, and your phone will restart once the process is done.
  • Your Samsung Galaxy now have the TWRP recovery.

Step 3: Installing Android 14 GSI on Samsung Galaxy using TWRP recovery

Now that you have installed the TWRP recovery in your Samsung Galaxy phone and you have already downloaded the Android 14 GSI files to your PC. Follow these steps to install the Android 14 GSI on your Galaxy using the TWRP recovery mode.

  • Boot your phone into the TWRP mode by pressing the power button and volume button simultaneously.
  • In the TWRP, select Wipe and then swipe Dalvik Cache, cache System, and data.

Install Android 14 GSI On Samsung Galaxy

  • Now, select Install and locate where you have downloaded the Android 14 GSI and select it.
  • Swipe to confirm the installation of Android 14.
  • Now, flash the Magisk Zip or any other root client of your choice.
  • Reboot the System now.


This brings us to the end of this guide to install Android 14 GSI on Samsung Galaxy phones. You should check which Galaxy smartphone model supports the project treble before you move on to the installation. Please note that following the above process will clear all your personal data and will reset your device completely. Hoping that this article was helpful and informative.

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