Kill the Wheelson in Building 21 within 45 seconds after LPCON CHARLIE in Termination DMZ

There are a lot of faction missions that have been added to the Warzone 2 DMZ. Kill the Wheelson in Building 21 within 45 seconds after LPCON Charlie is one of them. Due to time issues, the players cannot complete this mission in the Call of Duty: Warzone 2. Those who have played the game long are stuck with different issues.

Every time they try to complete this mission, they get defeated. This is a huge issue the players face, only because of the time. We know that you are also stuck with the same issue. But don’t worry; we are here to help you out of this situation. Through this guide, we will share the important information you need to follow to complete this mission in the game. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

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What is the “Kill The Wheelson in Building 21 within 45 seconds after LPCON CHARLIE” Mission in Warzone 2?

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“Kill the Wheelson in Building 21” is a mission where you have to kill the boss enemy of Building 21. But the twist is that the players have to find the boss and then kill him. And the players will need to do all these things within 45 seconds. This is the most difficult part, as killing is easy, but the players have to do this in 45 seconds. Many players who have been playing the game have tried to complete the mission, but only some of them were able to do it within the given remaining time of 1 second. To complete this mission in the game, the players need to follow some strategies that we will share with you. So, let’s check how we are going to complete the mission.

How to Kill the Wheelson in Building 21 within 45 seconds after LPCON CHARLIE in Warzone 2 DMZ


Those who want to complete the “Kill the Wheelson…” mission must follow some steps, which we will list below. Along with it, the players will need to fulfill some requirements if they want to win the match. Without proper planning, the players cannot complete the mission. So, let’s get started on how we are going to complete it.

Requirements To Complete The Mission

  • Proper Team
  • Assign Roles to them
  • Build a Strategy
  • Equip more and more grenades
  • Keep Communicating

Steps To Follow To Complete The Mission


Thousands of players have been stuck with completing this mission. After completing this mission, the players will be awarded exciting rewards. We have listed the steps you must follow to complete the mission. Make sure to give it a proper read and try to complete the mission again.

  • Bring your teammates who play with you to complete the mission when you do the mission. Make sure that you have enough grenades while entering Building 21 because you will be going to need them a lot.
  • Once you have deployed into Building 21, get to Floor 3 immediately.
  • Now, wait for the doors to get unlocked.
  • When the players are assigned to the mission, they get the announcement with the timer.
  • Once you have the timer’s announcement, go to the third floor.
  • When you see the boss, fire bullets, grenades, and termites.
  • Keep on doing this until the boss is destroyed. That’s it.

Note:- When you are doing this mission, don’t see the timer constantly. Only see when it starts and when you reach the third floor. If you keep on seeing the timer, your gameplay will likely be ruined because of the nervousness about whether you can complete the mission in the given time.

Wrapping Up

Many players were looking for the steps to complete the Wheelson Mission. The players were finding it hard to complete the mission in the given time frame. We have listed the steps through which you will be able to complete the mission. We hope this guide will help you in completing the mission. That’s it for this guide.

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