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This post will give you all the details for the new update released for the LG G8 ThinQ. Whenever a new update will be available for the LG G8 ThinQ in the US, be it on any carrier network, we will update this post. Whether you have got AT&T LG G8 ThinQ, Verizon LG G8 ThinQ, T-Mobile, or Sprint LG G8 ThinQ, you can find and track the software update for your phone. So, we would advise our readers to keep checking back often this tracker to know about the latest update available for the phone.

LG has not been able to pick up the pace in the smartphone market due to the lack of introduction to new products in the market. Moreover, the company has also not been able to push regular updates for its devices as well. And without any clarity in update policy, LG users are not sure when they should expect a new update. So, to cut off the hassle, we will give you all the information related to LG G8 ThinQ on the carrier network. So, with that being said, let us take a look at the article itself:

US Unlocked LG G8 ThinQ receiving Android 10: G820QM20a

Sprint LG G8 ThinQ Update Tracker

Software Version Changelog
  • Pre-installed update
  • Android security update (2019-06-01)
  • Android security update (2019-09-10)
  • Android security update (2019-11-11)
  • Android 10 update
  • December 2019 Android security update
  • February 2020 Android security update
  • Software enhancement and Android Security Patch June 1, 2020

T-Mobile LG G8 ThinQ Update Tracker

Software Version Changelog
  • Preinstalled
  • Android security update
  • July 2019 security update
  • September 2019 security update
  • October 2019 security update
  • January 2020 security update
  • Android 10
  • February 2020 Security Update
  • April 2020 Security Update
  • June 2020 Security Update

Verizon LG G8 ThinQ Update Tracker

Software Version Changelog
  • Pre-installed software
  • Android Security Update (2019-04-01)
  • Camera quality improvement (various)
  • In the Lock screen setting in Setup Wizard, screen lock options have been reordered. Fingerprint is now the first option and as a result, selected by default.
  • Air Motion: Tutorial is added to the Air Motion settings (Settings – Extensions – Air Motion-Tutorial). User can go through the tutorial to learn how to activate Air Motion and how to move their hand to use the feature.
  • The guide text about distance from the front camera to activate Air Motion has changed from 3 – 5 inches to 2 – 5 inches. The same change has been applied to the features “Shortcut and capture” and “Control music and videos.”
  • Hand ID: Guide text about the usage condition has changed to recommend to use Hand ID only when the phone is on a table or a holder. Guide text to scan hand when the phone is in user’s hand has been removed.
  • Call Block: The Block option has been added to allow users to block a caller right after the call.
  • Remove biometric authentication feedback (success, failure, and error scenarios)
  • May and June 2019 security update
  • September 2019 security update
  • October 2019 security update
G820UM20a What’s changing:

This software update includes the Android 10 operating system update and applies the latest security patches.

Android 10

Pop-up window

Apps can be scaled to different sizes. In the Overview screen, tap an app icon to show options from which you can select Pop-up window.

Night Mode

Changes the LG app screens to a dark theme. You can view the screens without any glare even in the dark.


Navigation bar

The option of navigating the phone with gestures only is added.

One-handed screen

Lower the screen for use in one hand by swiping in from the left/right edge of the screen and holding.



Auto mode has been separated into Photo and Video modes. In Video mode, you can see a preview of the scene before recording.

Switch camera button

The button has been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom to make it within a thumb’s reach on one hand.

Zoom wheel

Drag the angle icon to interactively control angle and zoom with one hand.

Steady cam

Changes from a mode to an option in the Video mode.


Search suggestions and categorizations

The search screen shows search suggestions and categorizations such as when, where and how the photos and videos in your Gallery were taken.

Call & Messaging

Call-ended screens

Buttons have been rearranged.

Voice call

You can make a video call to the same number when the voice call ends.

Attach in Messaging

Attachments preview show files horizontally.
Share via Messaging

When you share a file via Messaging from other apps such as Gallery, you can select an existing conversation to share instead of having to enter the recipient every time.


General settings

First-depth menu changes due to “Privacy” and “Digital Wellbeing & parental controls” have been added, and “Location” moved up to the 1st depth from under “Lock screen & Security.”

Wi-Fi settings, Bluetooth settings

The step-by-step tutorial has been removed as the technologies are now familiar enough.

Quick settings

Screen sharing and File sharing, which were located on the bottom of the panel, have now been changed to regular Quick setting icons. Screen recording has been added.

Volume panel

You can adjust the media volume on an app-by-app basis.

  • February 2020 security patch
  • The most up to date Android security patches
  • An enhancement to conference calling that includes the participant’s City and State
  • The current software update gives you the most up-to-date Android security patches on your device. (April 2020)
  • The current software update gives you the most up-to-date Android security patches on your device. (June 2020)
  • The current software update gives you the most up-to-date Android security patches on your device. (August 2020)
  • The current software update gives you the most up-to-date Android security patches on your device. (February 2021)

AT&T LG G8 ThinQ Update Tracker

Software Version Changelog
  • April 2019 security patch
  • June 2019 security patch
  • July 2019 security patch
  • September 2019 security patch
  • Android 10
  • December 2019 security patch
  • February 2020 security patch
  • April 2020 security patch
  • June 2020 security patch
  • July 2020 security patch

How to check for software update

The updates will be pushed via OTA in batches. So, it means that it will take some time in hitting all the units. If you have not yet received the latest update on your LG G8 ThinQ phone, then you can follow the below steps to manually check for the update:

  1. Head over to Settings.
  2. Tap on General
  3. Then select About Phone.
  4. Select Software Update.
  5. If a new update is available, then tap on the notification to download the update.

So, there you have it from my side in this post. I hope you guys liked this software update tracker for the LG G8 ThinQ phone. Note that whenever a new update will be available for the LG G8 ThinQ phone, we will update this post. So, do check this post often. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for awesome videos related to Android and Gaming. Until the next post…Cheers!


  1. I updated my phone (T-MOBILE LG G8 ThinQ) without knowing what update was for. Now, Android 11, and I can’t call in or out. It doesn’t ring, it says “calling”. I get voicemail symbol, but can’t retrieve it.
    Is it related to LG stopping the support for ThinQ? I had Android 9 when I got the phone. Your update list doesn’t show more recent one. Just wanted to ask. Thanks.

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