Methods To Fix Vernee Restarting And Freezing Problem

It’s so easy to send a text to a friend or family or say, boss asking him for a week off but that’s just one of the hundreds of tasks you can accomplish with a smartphone. It lets you call someone who lives across seven seas, browse the internet, access social media and news, and more. But the same device becomes annoying and irritating when it begins freezing and/or restarting abruptly. Now, there are many explanations for why it happens but you need to understand that it will surely make you annoyed. So the question is, how to fix Vernee Restarting and Freezing problem? Here is what you must do.

Methods To Fix Vernee Restarting And Freezing Problem

Methods To Fix Vernee Restarting And Freezing Problem

Power down the device
In most cases, smartphone freeze or restart abruptly because of corrupted cache or when the system is overloaded with apps and services more than it is capable of and when the system doesn’t have sufficient resources to support all the services on the phone. Also, if the phone freezes, it means that you won’t be able to tap on the screen and try to get it out of froze mode. This is where turning off the phone comes handy as it is way too easy and quick to implement. Simply press the power button and tap on the power off option on the screen. If that doesn’t work on your phone as it is frozen, press and hold the power button and volume up button to restart the phone.

Boot into safe mode
Safe mode is a diagnostic mode whereby user and developers can perform diagnosis of the system and if the system apps or third-party apps are causing the various issues or not. Note that not all smartphones have a safe mode. If you want to boot into the safe mode on your Vernee smartphone to fix restarting and freezing problem, turn down the phone and then, press the power key and hold it until a dialog box appears prompting the user whether to boot into safe mode. Another method requires you to press the power button when the phone is switched off. Just as when you see a Vernee logo or an Android logo whichever comes first, press the volume down button to boot into the safe mode.

Once you have entered into the safe mode, you can check if the system is working properly or not. If the system isn’t freezing at all, then the culprit could be the cache storage or any of the third-party app which is causing the issue either individually or all together.

It’s all about the cache memory
To summarize the concept behind cache memory or files, these are files that store data regarding user’s last session with a particular app or services. When the user restarts that particular app again, the system uses these cache files to process the app faster and allows the user to utilize the app quicker when compared to the first time usage. There are multiple benefits of cache files but once it gets corrupted or damaged, it becomes one of the greatest reason behind Vernee restarting and freezing problem.

You smartphone stored cache files at three levels. The first level is of individual apps where you need to clear cache files of all the apps except highly important apps individually. You can go to ‘Settings >> Apps’ and select each app individually and then, press on the ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ button to get rid of these corrupted and problematic files. Next level of cache storage is on the system storage which you can access by going through ‘Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory’. Once you have dealt with these two levels, you’ll have to boot into the recovery mode for which, the procedure is explained in the section ‘Erase the phone’ mentioned below. Note that you will have to tap on ‘wipe cache partition’ after you enter the recovery mode to get rid of it.

That app is making more sound than others
We are talking about Vernee restarting and freezing problem and as always, apps are one of the highlights of these types of issues. An app uses several resources such as RAM memory, storage, processing power, battery backup, etc in order to work on your phone. Now, multiply the same with all the apps running on your phone and you will get a clear picture about the vast expanse of the resources being used. Although apps help users to acquire and complete a task or many tasks at once, running many apps at once can have serious performance related issues as these apps will slow down the speed of the phone.

Now, there are multiple ways you to avoid such as performance meltdown where the first and the simplest method is to close all the apps which aren’t currently in use.

  • Since you have an Android-enabled phone, all the recent apps are just a tap away where you can view the list and close all the apps which aren’t required. Then, you can force stop the apps which are running in the background by going to ‘Settings >> Apps >> Running”.
  • Another alternative is to use a third-party app to close or shut down unwanted apps which can be a problem since some of the apps keep restarting themselves automatically after sometimes.
  • Another way you can get rid of unwanted apps is to uninstall those which aren’t required. You can visit ‘Settings >> Apps’ to check out the list of apps available and then, select those which you don’t want to entertain. SImply press on ‘Uninstall’ button and boom, unwanted apps are gone.

App Conflict
It might sound funny but it is true that an app can cause errors in other apps which is called an app conflict. This usually occurs between two or more apps either in the same domain or different domain. It can also occur due to inappropriate use of resources available in the system where an app could use more resources than others while other apps are struggling to occur more resources to startup. Find the app causing the problem and uninstall it.

App & Firmware Updates
You can’t expect to stay healthy if you don’t keep eating nutritious food and that’s the same for smartphones. Here, you need to keep the phone updated with latest updates available for its apps and the software (O.S.) which is very crucial if you want to combat bugs and errors that are introduced in outdated apps or firmware. When you update the system, you get new features and enhanced performance which is a fair deal and the whole process of updating the system doesn’t take much time either.

  • Open the Settings on your phone and visit ‘About Phone’.
  • Now, search for the option called ‘Software Update’ and then, search for the available update.
  • Download the update is available and then, install it.
  • Similarly, to update apps, go to ‘Google Play Store’.
  • Scroll to the right and tap on ‘My apps and games’ and retreat to the Updates section.
  • This will show all the apps that require updates where you can tap on ‘Update’ button to allow or you can allow the system to ‘auto-update’.

Erase the phone
This is a powerful method that will eradicate even the slightest trace of any issues like Vernee restarting and freezing problem, etc. Here, you need to understand that all the data stored on the system will be wiped clean and thus, remove the SIM Card and the microSD card and take backup of the data required before commencing with it.

  • After you have secured the backup, tap on the power button to shut it down.
  • Press the power button and Volume Up button together and hold it until further steps.
  • Once the system shows Android logo, release the keys and the phone will reboot into the Recovery mode.
  • You are required to select the option ‘wipe data/factory reset’ by scrolling through the available options using volume Up/Down keys as instructed and select it using the power button.
  • Lastly, tap on ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and allow the system to perform reset.
  • Once it is done, you can reboot the system and the problem must have resolved.

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