Download Minecraft Mod APK v1.19.30.22 (Immortality/Unlocked)

Updated on September 05, 2022: Today, we have added the latest Minecraft Mod APK for Android, and you can find the download links for the same down below.

Released in 2011 for PC gaming, Minecraft has come across many changes, and it’s very successful. Even in 2020, people are playing Minecraft Mod APK, and now it’s available on Android and iOS too. It is a simple game where there are several modes to play for, for example, Survival mode. Here, you would have to gather items, and food, cultivate, and protect yourself from threats.

Likewise, there are many modes in Minecraft. However, it is a multiplayer game. Therefore, you can play in any manner with your friends. To play Minecraft on Android, you would have to purchase the app from Google Playstore, and it is not a free app.

However, there is a MOD APK version of Minecraft, which you can download for your Android for free. The Mod version will offer you every feature that Minecraft has for free.

However, there is a drawback to the MOD version, and you can’t access the Minecraft server here. We will discuss Minecraft MOD APK  further along with its features, below.

Download Minecraft Mod APK

Minecraft Mod Apk

The best-selling game Minecraft is now available for free on your Android. The Mod Version is very similar to the official version of Minecraft, and you are allowed to build anything in a massive world where your imagination is your only limit. Since the Mod version doesn’t connect to the Minecraft server, you can play the game offline.

Unfortunately, you can’t play with your friends anymore on the central Minecraft server. But you can play the game online with full control over everything. The massive world that the MOD version provides is four times bigger than the surface of Earth. It means the map is literally endless, and you will never get bored exploring the Map.

The original developer of Minecraft is Mojang; however, the developer of the Mod version is still unknown. The official app got around 4.6 ratings on Google Play Store, and the mod version is exactly similar to the official version, only excluding the online multiplayer. The developer of the Minecraft Mod APK has recently released the latest version of the Minecraft MOD V1.19.30.22 with the previous bug fixes.

Minecraft Game Modes

There are three modes included in the Minecraft MOD version We recommend you start with the Basic mode where you can enjoy the game with much less stress. If you are starting with the survival mode, it will be a bit challenging for you, and here you will have to collect items like iron, rocks, minerals, etc. to make things that you will need to survive. With the items, you can create a weapon to hunt for food, or you can also build a house.

But it is really very unnecessary in the survival mode. Moreover, in the survival mode, there are plenty of enemies when it’s night in the game, so look out for that. Also, there are humongous dungeons waiting for you to discover, you will face many enemies there, but it’s worth it because you can get rare items in the dungeons.

The last mode the MOD Minecraft APK has to offer is the creative mode/GOD mode, where you will have all the resources in the game and can do anything you want. There are no enemies in the creative mode, which means you can invest all your time to collect resources and create something like a huge tower, etc. It is not a challenging mode, but rather it is a creative mode where you can unleash your creativity and can create epic structures.

Download Minecraft Mod APK

To download the latest MOD version of Minecraft click on the link below, the app is 120MB in size, and you will get features like one hit and God Mode in the MOD version.

App Name: Minecraft

Modded Version:

File Size: 152 MB

Download Minecraft Mod APK v1.19.0.34

Old Minecraft Mod APK

Old version Download
Minecraft Mod APK v1.19.0.34 Download
Minecraft Mod APK v1.17.20.21 beta Download
Minecraft Mod APK v1.17.2.01 Download
Minecraft Mod APK Download
Minecraft Mod APK Download
Minecraft Mod APK Download
Minecraft Mod APK V1.16.20.54 Download
Minecraft Mod APK v1.16.100.52 Download
Minecraft Mod APK V1.16.10.02 Download

Direct Download Link

Download Here


The new MOD version is more stable than the earlier versions. The internal algorithms have been changed to fix the bugs, crashes, and errors. Previous malfunctions like the auto-jump bug have been fixed.

Thus, the game is more stable now, and the game won’t shut up suddenly during gameplay. The developers have also worked on the appearance of the Game environment in the game.

Now, there are buzzing bees included in the game, and they can adapt to any situation. The bees show unusual behaviors, which are very interesting. The appearance of the Cellular Blocks has been changed, and now its more flashy and attractive, the reflection of light is gorgeous.

Moreover, now there is a character editor, which has 100 free options to edit a character. The options provided can be used to change every aspect of the character, including his/her eye to the mechanical limb.

For visual purposes, there are Hives for the bees. Also, there are wild hives, Honey blocks in the Minecraft world. The movie bloke is the perfect material for traps and rare structures.


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