Download and Install MIUI 12 for Redmi Note 4 based on Android 9 Pie

Xiaomi has been making several heads turn, thanks to its recently launched latest iteration of the custom UI, MIUI 12. The MIUI 12 was revealed back on April 27 and brings tons of new features and enhancements for the eligible Xiaomi devices. Users of Xiaomi are pretty excited to try out features like Super Wallpapers, dark mode 2.0, improved animations, enhanced security, detail system performance view, new security tools, and much more. However, there have been several Xiaomi users who are left disappointed as the MIUI 12 update is not meant for every Xiaomi phone. One of the phones is the Redmi Note 4, which was launched back in 2017 and is obviously nowhere close in getting the MIUI 12 update.

But, the open-source nature of Android gives the developers an extra room to develop ROMs based on the latest available firmware making it easier to port features to the devices that are officially not going to support the latest updates. And if you own a Redmi Note 4 and want to run MIUI 12 on it, then you are at the right place. As in this post, we will be guiding you on how to download and install the MIUI 12 for Redmi Note 4 based on Android 9 Pie. So, that being said, let us get straight into the article itself:

miui 12 redmi note 4

What’s New on MIUI 12?

This MIUI 12 Android 9 Pie ROM for the  Redmi Note 4 was shared by Siddharth_Sarkar on XDA and brings several new MIU I12 features like the Dark mode 2.0, New layout of almost views, New animations, Floating windows, More focus on privacy, new camera app, new home screen and much more. What’s more interesting is that this new MIUI 12 ROM for the Redmi Note 4 bumps the security patch level to the latest May 2020. Here is the device-specific changelog:


– Based on MIUI 12
– May 1, 2020, Android Security Patch
– GApps Included
– Device Watermark Added
– FM Radio Working
– Dual GPS
– Added Global GPS fix
– Geocoding Added
– Full-Screen Gestures Re-Enabled
– AOD Removed
– YouTube Vanced Added
– New Ringtones & Wallpapers Added
– HW Buttons Light Fixed
– Magisk 20.3 Added
– CTS Passed
– SafetyNet Passed
– PlayStore Device Certified
– NetFlix Bug Fixed
– Stability Script v2.0 Added
– New Languages Support Added
– Google Stuffs Added
– FLAC Audio Support (Sadly MI Music doesn’t support it)
– Chinese Bloatwares removed
– FaceUnlock Fixed (While Recording, Show your face towards Top-right side of Circle, else it doesn’t record)(This due to DPI Bug on MIUIBiometrics)

Features of MIUI 12

As far as this new MIUI 12 is concerned it packs tons of new features for the devices, like improved security and privacy, super wallpapers (3d wallpaper models of earth and mars), improved dark mode 2.0 that dynamically changes the brightness of the wallpapers to reduce eye strain, better display of system performance via graphs and diagrams, revamped control center, newly enhanced camera app, new dynamic weather app, health app, App vault, and much more. Here is the list of complete changes in MIUI 12:

MIUI 12 Changelog

  • System
    – Dark mode 2.0 (automatically adjust font-weight and contrast depends on conditions)
    – New layout of almost views
    – New animations
    – Floating windows
    – More focus on privacy (virtual ID, permissions control, notifications about using permissions)
  • Notification bar
    – Now you can choose between 2 views (swipe from upper left to open notification bar, from upper right to open Control center – toggles view) or old style (“Use Control center” option disabled)
    – Control center with new toggles view
  • Screen time
    Optimization – Visual changes, a new layout
  • Camera
    – New app version – only on selected devices (on all devices until the end of May)
  • Scanner
    – You can generate QR code on the settings
    – You can turn on Scanner history
  • Home screen
    – Floating windows
  • Messaging
    – Promotional messages are grouped according to their content now
    – A new layout of “New message”
  • Weather
    – New layout
  • Gallery
    – More sky filters
    – Transitions on video editor
  • Calendar
    – You can search for events now
    – UI designed for vertical and horizontal views
  • Health
    – Mew design
    – Dark mode support
    – Support for Xiaomi Watch as a data source
  • App vault
    – You can see the percentage of connected Bluetooth devices

How to Install Unofficial MIUI 12 on Redmi Note 4

Before we head-on with the procedure to install the unofficial version of MIUI 12 on the Redmi Note 4, we would advise you to take a look and go through the list of pre-requisites required to flash the MIUI 12 on your phone:


  • Make sure to charge your phone to at least 50% before flashing this MIUI 12 on your Redmi Note 4
  • This ROM is meant for the Redmi Note 4 only.
  • Take a complete backup of your data.

Download MIUI 12 ROM

Instructions to Install

Once you are done with all the pre-requisites and have download the ROM then, you can go ahead with the steps mentioned below to flash your Redmi Note 4 with the latest MIUI 12 unofficial ROM:

  1. First of all, you need to download the MIUI 12 unofficial ROM from the above section.
  2. Place the MIUI 12 zip file in the SDCard and insert it in your Redmi Note 4.
  3. Now reboot your phone to Recovery (Recommended: OrangeFox R10.0 Stable)
  4. Then you need to do a normal wipe.
  5. Now, you need to flash the MIUI 12 ROM stored in the SD Card.
  6. Make sure to wipe the cache.
  7. Once the above is done, reboot your phone to the system.
  8. Here, your device will reboot 2 times. So, do not worry.
  9. Once the rebooting is finished, the first boot will take approx 5~10 mins to boot up fully.
  10. That’s it!

There you have it! You have now successfully flashed the MIUI 12 unofficial ROM on your Redmi Note 4 device. You can now enjoy all the latest and greatest features of the MIUI 12 ROM on your Note 4 phone. Let us know in the comments below if you come across any issues while following any of the above-mentioned steps. Also, do share your experience after installing this MIUI 12 ROM on your Redmi Note 4 device. This is the beauty of Android is you can now install the Android 9 Pie-based MIUI 12 with all the latest features, including the latest May 2020 security patchset on a phone that came 3 years ago and is officially put in the back burner by the company in terms of providing updates. Until the next post…Cheers!

Source: XDA


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