Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2024

Mobile Legends Adventure is a popular RPG Mobile game where teams of five players battle against each other in various game modes. The game boasts over 90 heroes, but it can be difficult to know which hero belongs to which tier and who the best heroes are. With so many characters to choose from, it can be time-consuming and confusing to decide which hero to use. The characters are divided into tiers based on their playstyle, but the best heroes are found in the S tier, which are ideal for game fights. In this article, we will discuss the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2024 and focus on the S-tier heroes, as they are the best to play.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2022

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2024

Mobile legends adventure game comes with mainly five different types of tiers of characters. Instead of tires, you can think of them as categories where each category has a list of heroes which you can play with on the battlefield. Down below is a list of all tires and heroes present within those tires.

Dark Faction Tier List

  • Hanzo 
  • Helcurt
  • Argus 
  • Pharsa 
  • Vexana 
  • Granger
  • Karina 
  • Alice
  • Selena 
  • Moskov 
  • Thamuz 
  • Lylia 

Light Faction Tier List

  • Kagura 
  • Minisitthar 
  • Uranus 
  • Silvanna 
  • Kimmy 
  • Odette 
  • Gatotkaca 
  • Guinevere 
  • Fanny 
  • Freya 
  • Gusion 
  • Chang’e 
  • Mecha Layla 

Martial Faction Tier List

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2022

  • Nana
  • Zilong 
  • Wanwan 
  • Yi Sun-Shin
  • Nimbus Eudora
  • Irithel 
  • Lapu Lapu 
  • Hanabi 
  • Hayabusa 
  • Akai 
  • Masha 
  • Lancelot 
  • Clint 

Elemental Faction Tier List

  • Gord 
  • Belerick 
  • Badang
  • Aurora 
  • Harley
  • Hylos
  • Kadita 
  • Esmeralda 
  • Valir 
  • Estes 
  • Grock
  • Nimbus Eudora

Tech Faction Tier List

  • Angela 
  • Mecha Layla 
  • Natan 
  • Xborg 
  • Atlas 
  • Claude 
  • Karrie 
  • Lolita 
  • Lesley
  • Alpha 
  • Saber 
  • Diggie 

Order & Chaos Faction Tier List

  • Anna 
  • Karihmet
  • Tia 
  • Xeno
  • Zhask
  • Amaterasu 
  • Shah Torre 
  • Apostae 
  • Yu Zhong
  • Shar 
  • Gavana
  • Hwang Jini 
  • Oberon
  • Rista 
  • Akashic 
  • Lunox 
  • Martis 

Mobile Legends Adventure Best Tier List Heroes

These characters from Mobile Legends adventure list are considered the best heroes available in the game. Doesn’t matter if it’s defenders, attackers or healers, S tier heroes got you covered. You can pick these heroes anytime in your team for an easy win.


As of now, Angela is one of the best healers in the game. She does more than what her name suggests, as she does not only heal but even increases their battle power by attaching a doll. She also debuffs a target who attacks the hero who got the doll attached to them.

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If you compare Angela with any other healer in the game, you can easily say why Angela is a good pick. Just pick Angela if you want to play a healer role in your team.


Smart Heart (Passive): When the teammate who has the doll attached takes damage, the doll will charm the attacker to attack their allies for 4 seconds. This ability can be used every 30 seconds. 

Puppet-on-a-String (Skill – 1): Angela will shoot a puppet string at an enemy and also attack them thrice dealing 110% damage each time.

Love Waves (Skill – 2): Angela will heal the highest battle power unit with HP equal to 240% of her attack.

Heartguard (Ultimate):  When Angela activates her ult, she will attach a doll to her teammate who has the highest battle power and increase their attack rate by 15%. She will also restore their HP to the full bar in return for her own energy.


Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2022

X.Borg is an amazing hero who can deal the Highest AoE damage on the enemy team. His abilities are amazing and can be used to fight alone or escape from unfortunate situations. If you want to play AoE hero for your team, just pick X.Borg.


Ultraheat Overload (Passive – skill): Whenever X.Borg or his teammates deal damage to the enemy with the highest possible temperature, they can restore their HP equal to 150% of their attack by taking supplies from enemies.

Fire Stake (Skill – 1): X.Borg fires several Fire stakes and retrieves them. Each Fire Stake deal 215% damage to X.Borg’s attack to all enemies in the line of sight. Fire stakes will be enhanced if X.Borg equipped Firaga Armor.

Fire Missiles (Skill – 2): X.Borg activates his flame thrower which will spit flame. This attack deals with 55% of his attack. Fire missiles can be enhanced if X.Borg equipped his Firaga Armor and now the attack deals 110% of his attack.

Last Insanity (Ultimate): X.Borg equips Firaga armor along with a shield having 50% of his Hp. While he is on ult, he can enter the enemy lineup and shoot the enemies dealing 60% of his attack. After a while, he will self-destruct and deal 100% damage of his attack.


Anna is another amazing AoE damaging hero. She has the ability to debuff all the opponents by disabling their ability to regain HP every time one of her allies uses ultimate. Anna’s ‘Ritual Sacrifice’ can turn the tide and stop her enemies from regaining lost HP.


Demonic Reflection (Passive – skill): Opponents with 25% or more of their Hp will have 12% of their damage reflected back to them. 

Ritual Sacrifice (Passive – skill 2): every time her teammate uses their ultimate, Anna deals damage equal to 120$ of her attack to every enemy. This ability is so good because all the HP lost by opponents is locked, and they cannot recover or regain it later.

Scars of Hatred (Skill – 1): Anna will deal Ture damage equal to 14% of their max HP. The damage dealt is locked at 1800% of Anna’s Attack.

Twin Curse (Ultimate): Anna selects an enemy with the highest attack rate and makes her doll to attack in 3 instances dealing 75% of her attack. By using this skill, the enemy is paralyzed and ends once the enemy dies. 


Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2022

Akashic is a mandatory hero for every team as he is a fantastic support character. He is not only good at attacking but he can also heal his teammates and increase their attacking rate as well. The attack rate of his teammates increases by 20% of his attack power.

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Omniscience (Passive Skill): This skill will trigger a buff according to enemy type. Ether Realm can lower enemy attack whenever they cast their ultimate.

Life Weaver (Skill – 1): Akashic can heal his lowest Hp teammate but after 3 seconds of healing, some amount of their damage is reduced.

Future Projection (Ultimate): By casting his ultimate, he can give buffs to all his Teammates. Simultaneously, he also increases his teammates’ agility and stability increasing the damage dealt to enemies.


If you are a team player and love playing a hero who deals burst damage, then Selena is correct for you as she can deal huge burst damage. She got some amazing abilities which make her one of the best heroes of Mobile legends Adventure.

Dark Symbiosis (Passive Skill): The Enemies with Abyssal Marks take damage equal to 5% of their HP every two seconds. The damage that is the deal is locked at 500% of Selena’s attack. Also, Selena regains HP equal to the Enemies lost HP.

Chaos Ender (Skill – 1): Selena summons an Abyssal Devil which deals damage equal to 375% of Selena’s attack to an opponent with the lowest HP. While this skill is used, Selena dashes to the enemy who has the lowest HP and deals 100% of her attack multiple times.

Abyssal Incarnate (Skill – 2): By using this skill, Selena summons two Abyssal devils that increase teammates’ attack rate by 25% and critical chance by 25% for a maximum of 5 Seconds.

Primal Darkness (Ultimate): Selena charm two enemies randomly for 6 seconds, and while being charmed, they take 150% of her attack each second. They also gain an Abyssal Mark. If this ability is sued twice, She switches to her Abyssal Form, which increases Selena’s agility and lifesteal. Selena also deals AoE damage on Abyssal marked enemies.


This brings us to the end of this Mobile Legends Adventure tire list guide. For your convenience, we have listed the best, and most played heroes in-game. If you have any queries about the article, please feel free to comment below and tell us about your favorite Mobile Legends Adventure Heroes.

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