How To Send A Message On Nintendo Switch

One good thing about smartphone gaming is the keyboard app that enables sending messages to your game buddies. Of course, during gaming, there needs to be solid teamwork. That will only be effective if you and your game partners are in constant communication with each other. It works fine on a regular modern-day smartphone. However, if you are gaming on a Nintendo Switch, things are limited to gaming only. In this guide, we will discuss whether it’s possible to Send A Message On Nintendo to your friends.

Nintendo Switch is exclusive to gaming purposes. There is no way to send any text message to anyone. Maybe Nintendo made the console strictly for gaming and no chit-chatting. However, in-game communication is quite important on any gaming platform. Well, for the newbies on Nintendo Switch, let me assure you that communicating is possible. I mean communicating as you play a game with your buddies. Let’s check out how.

Send A Message On Nintendo Switch

How To Send A Message On Nintendo Switch

The only way to communicate with your game pals is by voice chat. Yes, it is possible to send real-time voice messages. It’s better than having to text amidst gaming leading to a waste of time. No manual effort is required, and all you need to do is talk. Then listen to your partner’s reply from the other end.

Normally, most games have their voice chat feature within the game. However, some other games may not have it. So, instead of all that confusion, getting a dedicated voice chat app that works fine for any game on Nintendo Switch is better.

Download Nintendo Switch Online

What can be better than having an official app from Nintendo providing the voice chatting feature in the games.? So, you have to download the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smartphone. Then you have to sign-up or log in to your existing Nintendo account. You must use the same Nintendo account on your smartphone and Switch to implement voice chat.

This is how you have to use it

  • Launch the game of your choice on Switch
  • Enable the Voice Chat
  • On the smartphone, tap Start on the Nintendo Switch Online App
  • You will soon find yourself in a lobby. The app will create it for that session.
  • Your gaming buddies can join you through this lobby; of course, you can communicate.

Once you close a game, all communication with your friends will go radio silent. So, the Switch Online app from Nintendo is session-specific. You have to set it each time you play.


If a particular game offers a native voice chat feature, then I suggest you use that instead of the Nintendo Switch Online app. The games’ chat feature may not support any other external applications.

So, that’s it. Only through voice chat can you send a message on Nintendo Switch. Try it out, and do share your experience in the comments section below. I hope this guide was informative to the new users of the Nintendo Switch.

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