Is it Possible to Add Nintendo Switch Friends on PS4 or PS5

Previously it was next to impossible to add Nintendo Switch friends on the PlayStation console but Sony has provided the crossplay support for the PlayStation’s gaming environment. So that the Nintendo Switch game developers now easily integrate the cross-platform support for adding friends with PS4 or PS5. However, some of the console users are eager to know Is it Possible to Add Nintendo Switch Friends on PS4 or PS5 and how to do that?

Well, here in this useful guide we’ll be sharing with you the steps to do so. Adding friends on the console or any specific game from another platform is quite useful because you’ll be able to join with your teammates for the multiplayer game modes. Having a couple of friends while gaming can make the gameplay experience much better than playing a solo mode or playing with unknown teammates whatsoever. Now, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Is it Possible to Add Nintendo Switch Friends on PS4 or PS5

Steps to Add Nintendo Switch Friends on PS4 or PS5

It’s quite basic that whenever you launch a game on the PS4 or PS5 console, you might get the multiplayer game mode option. There you can choose the squad or you can add a new team by inviting or adding your Nintendo Switch friends. Make sure to search for the friend username of the Nintendo Switch to appear on the list. if available, just add or invite individually.

Make sure to link your PlayStation Account to the Nintendo Account properly to enable cross-platform friend support. Otherwise, you can also ask your friends to send you the joining invitation and you’ll have to simply accept the friend request. Keep in mind that you’ve already updated the firmware on the console and updated the specific game too.

Supported Games for Crossplay with Nintendo Switch and PS5/PS5

It’s quite obvious that not all video games do come with the PS4/PS5 support that can be connected through crossplay and can be played with Nintendo Switch friends. However, there is a list of games available that supports crossplay between the PS4/PS5 and the Nintendo Switch console. Keep in mind that this list is subject to change without any prior notice. So, it’s better to check the game’s documentation to see if the crossplay is enabled or not.

1. Brawlhalla

This game has inbuilt crossplay support. You can create a custom room and provide the room number to your Nintendo Switch friends to join the game.

2. Dauntless

Once you launch the Dauntless game on your PS4/PS5 console, you’ll get the Login Screen. Choose Options > Go to Gameplay > Scroll down a bit and check whether the Crossplay option is enabled or not. To add friends, open Social Menu and send Invite to the Nintendo Switch friends according to their username.

3. Dragon Quest Builders 2

The crossplay feature should be enabled by default on this game. You can progress in the gameplay through quests to unlock multiplayer.

4. Dragon Quest X

This MMORPG game has crossplay support that can be turned on or off. That means adding the in-game friends will be much easier.

5. Fantasy Strike

Fantasy Strike has crossplay enabled by default. Entering the queue matches with the teammates is quite easy via the in-game friend list.

6. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

It requires private game server hosting through Dolphin and VBA. Quite complicated to set it up.

7. Fortnite

The battle royale game has crossplay support that means you can add friends via the in-game playlist. Go to Options > Settings > Allow Cross-Platform Parties. It should be turned on.

8. Just Dance (World Dance Floor)

The cross-platform is available only on the online multiplayer mode.

9. Minecraft Bedrock Edition

It has crossplay support and is enabled by default. Requires a Microsoft account to sign up for the first time.

10. Paladins

After launching the Paladins game, head over to Options > Select Controls. Look for the Crossplay option. Then select ‘Allow all’ to connect you with all platforms. But keyboard and controller users will be separated to play.

11. Phantasy Star Online 2

This online action game has crossplay support enabled by default. Adding friends through the in-game friend list is easy.

12. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Make sure to provide your username or game ID to Nintendo Switch friends to play matches.

13. Realm Royale

Open the Realm Royale game and head over to the Social tab to add friends easily.

14. Rocket League

Rocket League game also comes with crossplay support by default. Use the Rocket ID Friends tab to add friends.

15. Smite

You can use the in-game Social tab to add friends.

16. Super Mega Baseball 2

You can’t add friends but use the cross-platform matchmaking process to get into the multiplayer mode. You can’t play with any specific player.

17. Touring Karts

You can create a lobby and share lobby ID with Nintendo Switch friends on the PlayStation 4/5 console.

18. Ultimate Chicken Horse

You can easily add friends through the in-game friend list or create a private game room to share the room ID with Nintendo Switch friends on the PS4/PS5 console.

That’s it, guys. We assume this article was helpful to you. For additional queries, you can comment below.

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