When Will Roblox Come to Nintendo Switch | Release Date

Roblox has been a complete success since day one. As a platform allowing users to create and share their own games among friends and family, it brings out the true creative skills in the kids. Roblox was first released on 1st September 2006, and ever since then it turned out to be a one-stop platform for the users. But even so, one of the major issue that concerns a lot of people is the limited access of Roblox.

As of now, Roblox is only accessible to a very few platforms only. However, a lot of people are still hoping to see it on other platforms like Nintendo Switch as well. Being one of the most handy console, Nintendo Switch is widely used by people all over the world.

And as such, Roblox being available on Nintendo Switch will be a great news for many. So, if you are here for the very same reason, then make sure to stick with us for the next few minutes. In this article, we will see if Roblox will come to Nintendo Switch and when.

When Will Roblox Come to Nintendo Switch Release Date

When Will Roblox Come to Nintendo Switch | Release Date

Since Nintendo Switch was first launched in 2017, it almost captivated the market with its portability and flawless gaming experience. This is why a lot of gamers believe that if there’s a place Roblox will perfectly fit on, its Nintendo Switch itself. They believe having this platform on the console will simply escalate the gaming experience. So, is it really possible to bring Roblox on Nintendo Switch?

Well, for now, Roblox is available on PC, iOS and Android devices, Xbox One, and FireOS. So, considering this fact, we can assume that it is possible for Roblox to launch the platform for Nintendo Switch as well. Although the platform is yet not available for the console, we can hope for it soon enough. But again, the question arrives when will it be released?

Until now, there is no official announcement about Roblox getting a release for Nintendo Switch from the Roblox Corporation. However, Roblox coming to Nintendo Switch will be a clear indication of rapid increase in the user base. As a result, there are high chances of it happening in the near future. However, even with all these posssibilities, it is quite a dissappointment that both the companies haven’t yet come to a decision. So, for now, all we could do is hope to see Roblox come to Nintendo Switch soon in the future.

Neither Roblox Corporation nor Nintendo PTD has announced any confirmation date for Roblox coming to Nintendo Switch. As a result, it is quite unfortunate to predict a release date now. However, to stay updated make sure to keep in touch. We will bring any future updates to you as soon as they are available. So, let us know your thoughts on Roblox coming to Nintendo Switch and how will you leverage it?


  1. Roblox is now 100% confirmed that it’s coming to switch during RDC 2022 Mega event date is not 100% confirmed but when they confirm it it will appear in YouTube or an website

  2. My kids love Roblox and they have a switch but don’t really go on it as it don’t have it on there so please put Roblox on

  3. please, I have a nintendo switch but I can only play 1 game because I don’t have enough money to buy another one and that’s the same as my brother and my mum and my dad also my brother is very poorley so I would love to have Roblox on nintendo switch so then when my brother is ok again he can have a suprise to come home to oh and I forgot to say he’s been poorley for 7 years now and he’ll probably be ok in another year or two.

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