Fix: PS5 Fan Loud When Playing Games

The PlayStation 5, commonly known as PS5, is the latest gaming console which is one of the most highly anticipated and sought-after gaming devices. Basically, the PS5 represents a valuable leap in technology that offers a large number of features and advancements over its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. Generally, the PS5 is popular for gaming consoles where a lot of users are accessing with their computers and PC to get the best gaming experience.

Unfortunately, most users encountered an issue with their PlayStation 5 (PS5) while playing the games. According to users’ reports, when they are able to play such online games, the PS5 Fan will automatically get loud and produce a heavy sound which is annoying for every user.

However, if you are one of those users and encounter an issue with your PS5, worry not. This guide will provide some of the best troubleshooting strategies, and with this, you can easily resolve the issue with your PS5. Also, we will discuss the primary reasons why your PS5 fan makes a loud sound while playing the games. So, let’s get into it.

Fix: PS5 Fan Loud When Playing Games

Reasons Why PS5 Fan Loud When Playing Games

If you have used your PlayStation 5 for a long time, then there may be a chance that it might develop hardware problems and a loud fan issue among them. Apart from this, the ventilation system of the gaming console which are built-in fans, helps you to cool down the system to maintain the console while playing the games to an optimal temperature. Also, there are a number of reasons why your PlayStation 5 fan loud when playing the games. Here are some primary reasons included.

  • Accumulation of Dust: One of the main reasons why your PS5 fan makes loud is due to the accumulation of dust. Depending where you are keeping your PlayStation 5, dust can easily take the place inside the unit and accumulate over time. Due to the presence of dust inside the unit, the fan makes a loud noise on your PlayStation 5 and it’s hard to find the accumulated dust inside your PlayStation 5 console.
  • Graphics heavy Games: If you are a professional gamer and avid user of games and applications with the 4K resolution, your console must maintain the same resolution throughout the session. Therefore, it leads to a loud fan noise that works hard to cool down the inside temperature on your PlayStation 5 console.
  • Loose Screws and Debris: Are you hearing something like a rattling sound from your PlayStation 5 console, then there may be a chance of the loose screws that makes the fan loud on your PS5. At the same time, debris can take place inside the unit of your PS5 through its vents. If you’re experiencing these types of issues, it is crucial to open your PlayStation 5 console carefully and find the objects that are causing the issue.
  • Damaged Fan Blades: There may be a chance that your PlayStation 5 fan blade has been damaged which produces loud and rattling sound from the PS5. In such a case, you should replace the fan blade by visiting the nearby service center or from the local store.

So, these are some of the main reasons why your PS5 fan makes loud sounds when playing games. Now, let’s move to troubleshoot the problem you are facing with your PlayStation 5 console.

Fix PS5 Fan Loud When Playing Games Issue

If you have your own PlayStation console and are tired of hearing the loud fan noise from the console fan unit, you could easily resolve the problem by following our best troubleshooting solutions. We have mentioned some of the best and accurate solutions that help you in order to solve fan loud noise issues while playing the games. So, let’s check it out.

Fix 1: Place Your Console to a Cooler Location

PlayStation in-built fans are especially designed and programmed to adjust their speed according to the temperature of the PlayStation console. However, if it gets too hot while playing the games, the fans on the PlayStation must work overtime to remove the heat temperature and that’s why the fan makes loud noises while playing the games on the PlayStation console.

Alternatively, if your PlayStation console is placed in the cabinet or on the shelf, the best way is to move your console to a cooler, ventilated location. Also, make sure to verify if there is something around your PlayStation console that might clog its vent. If something is found, ensure to move it away. If you have covered your PlayStation 5 console with clothes or covers, remove them. Make sure there is enough space at the back of your console and around the sides to get the proper airflow.

Fix 2: Position Your Console Vertically

If you have placed your PlayStation 5 to a cooler location and it doesn’t work for you, try positioning your console vertically. The PlayStation 5 console can be easily set up in vertical and horizontal orientations. Therefore, make sure to try positioning your PlayStation 5 console vertically and check the loud fan sound issue has been resolved. If it does not work for you, try other solutions mentioned below.

Fix 3: Shutdown Your PS5 For a While

If you have positioned your PlayStation 5 vertically and still the fan makes a loud sound, try to shut down your PlayStation 5 for a while. There may be a chance that you are playing the games for a prolonged time and due to this, the fan makes a loud sound. In such a case, you should shut down your PlayStation 5 console and unplug all the cables and other connections, including the HDMI cable.

Again, leave your PlayStation 5 console for a few minutes and after that, plug all the cords and cables back into your console. Once done, turn on your console and try to play the game to check if the fan issue has been resolved. If the issue persists after the shutdown of the PS5, you should try other solutions mentioned below.

Fix 4: Clean Your Console with Compressed Air

There may be a chance that your PlayStation console fans are clogged with dust and debris particles which takes place inside the fan unit, and that’s causing an issue with your PlayStation 5 console. However, the console fan becomes dusty if your PlayStation console is not cleaned for a while. This prevents your console fans from spinning properly and that’s why you are hearing loud sounds. Plus, it makes it harder to cool down the PlayStation 5 console.

Make sure to clean your console with compressed air. To do this, use a dry microfiber cloth and clean out the dust particles from the console’s surface. Again, try blowing compressed air into your PlayStation console fan to remove the dust and debris particles from the inside fan unit. Remember, do not spray the air too close to your console, as it will affect and cause the issue.

Note: Don’t use a vacuum cleaner or some harder tool to clean the dust and debris particles from your PlayStation 5, as it may permanently damage your console. Also, it is suggested to clean your console once a month to prevent any hardware issues.

Fix 5: Clean Your PlayStation From the Inside

Once you have cleaned your PlayStation 5 console using compressed air and the fan still makes a loud sound, you have to clean your PlayStation from the inside. However, it may be possible that there is an issue with the fan unit itself and you have to check the unit by opening it to look for any damages or debris present in the fan unit.

Remember that you lose the warranty if available by opening the PlayStation 5 console completely. Make sure to do it at your own risk or try visiting the local store. Once you have opened your PlayStation 5 console, try cleaning the fan unit carefully if any dust and debris are present. Also, if any damage seems inside your PS5, ensure to replace it by visiting the nearby service center.

Fix 6: Contact PlayStation Support

Sadly, if none of the above workarounds works for you to resolve the PS5 fan loud issue, you have to contact the PS5 support team and ask them about this hardware issue. After that, they will probably suggest with their best troubleshooting strategies, and you may fix the issue easily by following those methods. You can also head to the nearest Sony service center for further details.

Final Thoughts

The PlayStation 5 fan loud issue is really frustrating when you are playing high-level games, and suddenly it produces a loud sound. But, with our mentioned solutions, you may easily be able to solve the problem on your PlayStation 5 console. Make sure to follow the steps carefully and if the mentioned solutions don’t work at all, then contact Sony customer support for help. I hope you have found this guide helpful for you. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any other queries.

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