Fix: Nintendo Switch Stuck on Logo Screen

Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console which is developed by Nintendo. The gaming console is a tablet that can be used as a portable device or home console. It is popular because of the collection of games which are provided in it. And, because of it, Nintendo has sold more than 108 million units of Nintendo Switch which is vast in number. The Nintendo Switch has the support of most popular games like Pokemon Legends, Mario Party Superstar, and much more. Recently, the most popular game during the pandemic Fall Guy is now also available for free on Nintendo Switch.

But, the users are facing some issues in playing games on Nintendo Switch. Yes, we are seeing that the users are facing issues because Nintendo Switch is Stuck on Logo Screen. This freezing can be caused due to many reasons like unstable WiFi Connection, an incomplete game download, battery problems, and may be due to software glitches. So, check how to fix this issue.

Nintendo Switch Stuck

Why is Nintendo Switch Facing Loading Issues?

There are many reasons for facing the problem of freezing of Nintendo Switch on the loading/logo screen. Also, it can be due to software glitches which might be of the updates that you are getting. Some other possible reason for the freezing of the Nintendo Switch is the battery problem. Yes, the battery problem can also cause the Nintendo Switch to stuck on the loading screen. It can be because your battery needs to be charged or there might be some issue with the game while you were downloading. So, these are the most possible reason for the problem.

  • Battery Problem
  • Software Glitch Due To Update
  • Lose WiFi Connection
  • Incomplete Game Download
  • Blue Screen

Steps To Fix This Nintendo Switch Issue

We are here with all the solutions by which you can easily fix your Nintendo Switch which is stuck or frozen on the logo screen. So, follow the steps which are given below to fix the issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure you have a stable internet connection connected to your Nintendo Switch. Sometimes, a poor internet connection can also lead to a frozen screen during starting of the game. Therefore, you should also check the internet connection when you are facing the issue of being stuck at the loading screen on the Nintendo Switch.

Press Home Button

Sometimes the game which you are playing on the console can be a reason for the freeze of your Nintendo Switch. First of all, you have to check whether this issue is coming from the game or from the console system itself. And, to do this, you have to simply press the Home Button. After clicking the home button, if the game is minimized and you are sent back to the home menu then you will easily get to know that this issue is because of the game and not with the system. Therefore, close the game and restart it. If this does not work then you have to try other methods.

Reboot Your Nintendo Switch

Rebooting your Nintendo Switch can help encounter the frozen loading screen. But, pressing the power button which you do regularly for switching on and off your Nintendo Switch will not help here. So, you have to press and hold the power button continuously for 15 seconds so that the Nintendo Switch can get into the reboot mode. When it enters the reboot mode, then the screen will go darker at that moment and after a few seconds, the Nintendo Switch logo will appear on the screen which will fix the frozen Nintendo Switch. It will be similar to the regular boot of the Nintendo Switch.

Put The Nintendo Switch Back To The Dock

Putting back your Nintendo Switch will help in fixing the issue of the freeze of the console. When you put the Nintendo Switch in the dock then all the functions which are running will be interrupted. So, through this, you will be able to take back your Nintendo Switch in regular functioning.

Clear Cache

Sometimes the problem can also cause due to the storage of the console. So, make sure to clear your cache regularly as it is the medium for the fast processing of the games. Therefore, to clear the cache of the Nintendo Switch, you have to follow these steps.

  • Go to System Settings.
  • Scroll Down and you will see formatting options.
  • Select Reset Cache.
  • Then, select the user for which you want to clear the cache.

Note: It will delete the saved passwords, IDs, history, cookies, and other website cached data. It will not affect your downloaded game or game-saved data.

Charge Your Console

Yes, sometimes charging your console can also help in fixing the console from the frozen loading screen. It is because your console might have some battery problem or discharge. So, plug in your charger and leave it for a couple of hours. After it, see whether the console has come to the working condition or not. If it is not in the working condition then do try the other steps.

Initialize Console

If none of the methods are working then you can try this. But, before doing it, you must know that this will delete all your saved data. So, make sure to have backups of these files. So, follow these steps to initialize the console.

  • Open Home Menu
  • Select System Settings
  • Select Formatting Options
  • Scroll Down and You will see the option of Initialize Console

Note: This will take around 5 minutes.

Contact Customer Support

If any of the methods have not helped you, then you need to contact the Customer Support of Nintendo Switch. So, contact the customer support of your region then you have to send the Nintendo Switch to them so they can fix it by resetting it.


So, in the guide of How To Fix Nintendo Switch stuck on the loading or logo screen, we discussed all the possible ways to fix your problem. I hope all the methods were easy to implement and will work for you. If you have any other methods apart from the above-mentioned methods then do share them with us in the comments section.

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