How to Fix If OnePlus 12 and 12R Sim Card Not Detected

OnePlus 12, India’s latest flagship phone, is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. It features a 50MP primary camera and a 64MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom. OnePlus also launched the OnePlus 12R which is a rebranded version of the OnePlus Ace 3. Both phones come with Android 14-based OxygenOS 14. However, even the best devices can face issues from time to time, and some users of the OnePlus 12 series have reported problems with their SIM cards not being detected. Software bugs and glitches are typically responsible for causing this annoyance.

How to Fix If OnePlus 12 and 12R Sim Card Not Detected

What causes the OnePlus 12 and 12R SIM Cards not to be detected?

If your OnePlus device fails to detect your SIM card, there could be various reasons for that. These reasons include network service provider issues or poor network coverage in your area. Before trying any other troubleshooting techniques, it is crucial to check the network strength in your area first.

Sometimes, your OnePlus 12 or 12R device may face difficulties detecting the SIM card due to faulty or damaged SIM cards, poor insertion, or problems with the antenna and radio hardware that affect network connectivity. However, there are solutions available to help you overcome these issues. Here are some fixes for cases where your phone shows “No SIM Card Detected”:

How to Fix OnePlus 12 and 12R SIM Card Not Detected

So, here are some fixes to resolve the OnePlus 12 and 12R SIM Card not detected issue. Therefore, let’s check them out:

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

To begin with try restarting your phone since it can help clear out temporary glitches that might have caused connectivity issues. Restarting or rebooting a device is often a simple way to troubleshoot connectivity issues related to SIM cards – select that option from the menu and wait for a few minutes while your phone turns off then back on again before checking if connection strength has improved.

Fix 2: Enable & Disable Airplane Mode

During travel, the airplane mode disconnects all network services. You can use this mode to resolve most SIM Card-related issues. There is no guarantee that Airplane mode will solve your issue, but you can try it. It will not harm your device in any way. Once this is completed, the Internet connection to your Phone will also be cut off. Here’s how it might be done:

  1. Open your Phone’s notification panel.
  2. Tap the icon to enable Airplane mode.
  3. You can disable the mode by tapping the icon again once enabled.

Fix 3: Change the Carrier

If you are constantly experiencing poor connectivity across different devices, and none of the methods you’ve tried have worked, you might want to consider switching to a new carrier. This can be made easy with the porting option, which allows you to keep your phone number when changing providers. Moreover, new providers often offer attractive promotions and deals. If you’re having issues with your network or signals, you can also consider switching from 5G to a 4G network. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Access the Settings menu on your device and select WiFi and Network.

2. Click on SIM and Network, then go to Preferred Network Type.

3. Choose 4G/3G/2G from the list of options.

You can also try resetting your network settings by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Additional Settings in your device’s Settings menu.

2. Select Backup & Reset, and then click Reset Phone at the bottom of the screen.

3. Confirm the Reset Network Settings option to remove temporary networks from your device.

Fix 4: Re-insert the SIM Card

If you are experiencing a lack of signal on your OnePlus 12 series phone, it could be due to a corrupted or improperly inserted SIM card. To resolve this issue, you can try re-inserting your SIM card. First, remove the SIM card from your device, and then re-insert it properly. Once done, check if the issue is resolved and your device detects the SIM card.

Fix 5: Check Your SIM Card for Any Damaged

In case you insert the SIM card again and still have an issue with your SIM card on your OnePlus device, check the SIM card for any hardware damage. Your device won’t recognize a cracked or damaged SIM card, and you won’t be able to connect to any network. You need to replace the SIM card with the same number if this is the case.

Fix 6: Choose The Correct Network Type

OnePlus users may also experience this problem because the 5G network is still unstable. In this regard, switching from the current 5G network to a 4G one is wise. Here’s how you might go about it:

  1. In Settings, click on WiFi and Network, then click on SIM and Network.
  2. Go to Preferred Network Type.
  3. From the list, choose 4G/3G/2G.

Fix 7: Reset Network Settings

If you reset your OnePlus device’s network settings, you can remove temporary networks from the device, which will assist in resolving network or signal issues. Here’s what you can do when your device’s network isn’t working:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Additional Settings.
  2. Click Backup & Reset > Reset Phone at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Lastly, confirm the Reset Network Settings option.

Fix 8: Verify Your IMEI Number

Having an IMEI number is crucial for accessing carrier services on your phone. Follow these simple steps to verify your IMEI number:

It is possible to check your phone’s IMEI number directly from your device without needing any additional apps. A phone’s ability to connect seamlessly on its network is crucial for the proper functioning of all its features. If you are experiencing issues with the SIM card on your OnePlus 12 or 12R 5G device, troubleshooting might help resolve it. To start finding out important information about your phone, such as its IMEI number, head over to the Settings app and tap on About Phone, followed by Status. Alternatively, you can achieve this by using the dial pad feature; simply enter *#06#.

Fix 9: Reset the Access Point Name (APN)

Another option would be resetting APN settings if issues persist even after trying the above methods – navigate towards Settings > WiFi & Network > SIM & Network and select Access Point Name; reset it back as default.

Fix 10: Contact OnePlus Support Team

If you are facing issues with your OnePlus phone not detecting your SIM card, we recommend that you contact the OnePlus support team for assistance. They possess the knowledge and expertise required to troubleshoot such problems effectively and suggest reliable solutions that work quickly. You can easily contact them by visiting their official website or sending an email inquiry. We hope this guide has been helpful to you in shedding light on the necessary steps to take when such an issue arises in the future. If you need more information, please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know.

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