What is TGA files? How to Open TGA files in Windows 10?

If you are working on someone’s old gaming project of image files, then you will see many TGA files in the directory. These TGA files are the old version of images that are designed by the Truevision algorithm. If you want to open, view, or edit them on your Windows 10 computer, then you have to download some TGA files viewer. Or you can also convert these TGA files into common image formats such as GIF, PNG, or JPG using any image converter.

However, if you wish to edit them, then you need to have some robust image editor. Whatever your needs might be, we have solutions for the. TGA was originally used in video game 3D rendered image files and for both commercial and noncommercial purposes. With the rise of JPEG & PNG images, TGA lost its importance. But if you have some, then you can easily edit them using the TGA file editor.

What is TGA files How to Open TGA files in Windows 10

What is TGA files?

There are many graphic raster image formats used by various manufactures. One of the graphic format by Truevision is the Tagra or TGA file format. The file format is used to store image data of 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits of precision per pixel, 24 bits of RGB and an extra 8-bit alpha channel, Since the TGA was format was used in early Windows Pc and DOS there are not many programs that support TGA file format. However, there are a few windows program like Paint, GIMP, and Adobe Photoshop that supports the TGA file format. So you can open TGA files if you have any of these applications.

Back in ’80s, computers were using Truevision Graphics adapters, so TGA was an official graphic format in those days. However, the graphics are much more advanced now Truevison is outed. But since the TGA file is lossless in compassion, it is ideal for Game publishers to use TGA formats for textures in games. The format is also ideal for line drawings and icons. Therefore TGA file format is in use on the current date.

How to Open TGA files in Windows 10?

Since you can’t use the default image viewer to open the TGA image file, you can use these TGA file viewing applications on your windows computer. Or you may even convert them into JPG or PNG according to your needs.

1. Using Adobe Photoshop

Step 1) You can open the file by just launching the adobe photoshop first, then drag the TGA file and release it on the Adobe Photoshop. The file will open, and you will be view and edit the file.

Step 2) If the first step doesn’t work for you, then locate the TGA file in the directory, right-click on it and hover on the open-with option and select Adobe Photoshop from the menu.

Step 3) This is the common way to open any supported file in Adobe Photoshop, firstly launch the application and click on File>Open locate the directory and double click the TGA file to open it in Photoshop.

2. TGA Viewer

If you don’t need a sophisticated program that can view, edit, and convert TGA files, if you only want a simple software just to view TGA file formats, then you can download the TGA Viewer.

Firstly, download the TGA File Viewer application. After you have downloaded the application, just install to on your system, and then you can directly click on the TGA image file, and it will open in TGA Viewer. It is an effortless process and moreover it a freeware.

Download TGA file viewer

3.  File Viewer Plus 3

If you are fed up downloading and installing different applications to view different file formats, then Universal Viewer is the application that you should install. The application supports over 300 different file formats, and TGA is included in them. Moreover, you can also convert different files into  JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPEG2000 files.

You just have to download and install the application. Then you can double click the TGA file. However, if the file doesn’t open in File Viewer, then right-click on hover on open-with option, then select the file viewer plus application.

Download File Viewer 3

4. Converting TGA file into JPEG Online

If you don’t want to download my application on your computer, but you want to see the TGA image, then you can convert the file online into JPEG and download it. Now you can view the content that was on the TGA file in JPEG.

Step 1) Firstly, launch your browser visit the link here.

How to Open TGA files in Windows 10

Step 2) Click on the From Computer option, then locate and select the TGA file from the directory.

How to Open TGA files in Windows 10

Step 3) After you have selected the file, on the right, the default format it will convert into is the JPG format, but you can click on the drop-down menu and select your desired format. Click on the Convert button to convert the image, then download it.


There are many third-party applications out there that can view/edit TGA file formats. However, these are the most reliable options in the current date if you wanna have access to TGA files.

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