Download Oppo MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

Whenever you need to use any MTK tool with an Oppo device, you will need its secure Download Agent files as well. These secure Download agent files play an important role while fixing any Oppo MTK device. Here we have shared the complete list of Oppo MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files.

Download Oppo MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

So today we will give you links to download the latest Oppo MTK devices secure Download Agent files so that you can use it with your favorite MTK tools.

What are Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files

Before proceeding with Oppo MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files, let’s get to know a little about these files first. These boot/firmware files are commonly known by the name of Secure DA files. They play a major role in flashing any file into an MTK device.

These Secure DA files are needed to access the internal storage of a device. This can further help to backup, flash, bypass Factory Reset protection (FRP lock) etc. So if you have a device in which you need to flash a custom ROM of IMG recovery file, then you will need its particular Secure DA files.

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Advantages of Oppo MTK Secure boot download Agent loader files

Like we discussed above, these Oppo Secure DA files are important to access the inner storage of an Oppo MTK chipset. With these secure Download Agent files, you can:

  • Take a complete backup of your system
  • Copy IMEI or Update IMEI
  • Flash custom or Stock ROMs
  • Read security codes from an MTK device
  • Extract recovery Image and so on.

Disclaimer: We are at GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any bricking/damage to your phone while/after installing this ROM.

Download Oppo MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

Down below are links to download Oppo MTK secure Boot DA files for latest Oppo devices. You can use these files instead of the basic/generic MTK DA fie while using SP Flash tool or miracle box. We will also give step by step instructions for using these files using various MTK flash tools.

Supported Device Download
Oppo A3 – CM2 server
Oppo A71 server
Oppo F3 – CM2 server
Oppo F5 – CM2 server
Oppo F6 server
Oppo F7 – CM2 server

Note: If you’re not able to access the download link, then try again with a VPN service. Some countries/ISPs have blocked servers on their network. So users need to use a third party VPN service to access server.

How To use the Oppo Custom Secure Boot DA files

You easily use these Secure DA files with any MTK tool in which you are comfortable with. Please note that these secure boot DA files are tool specific, i.e. they will only work with specific MediaTek tools. Down below are detailed guides on using these Secure Boot DA files using multiple MTK flash tools:


Instructions to load up Oppo DA Files:

Now you can use this file to flash any ROM or IMG file to your MTK device. Follow my guide given below to flash the download agent on your Oppo device.

How to Use MTK Secure Boot DA file

Why Do we need Secure Boot Download Agent Loader Files

Many new Oppo MTK devices are now coming with a secure boot system. This system doesn’t allow any DA file to access the internal contents of Oppo devices. So to bypass this secure boot lock on Oppo MTK devices, we need to use a special type of Secure Boot DA files. These files will allow us to access the internal storage of the device. In order to do that, we need to use a Oppo MTK Secure Boot Download Agent Loader files.

If you’re facing any issues with the download links then report to us ASAP. Also if you’re facing any issues with these Download Agent files, then feel free to comment down below. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you and have a nice day.


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