All Overwatch Error Codes and How to fix them

Blizzard entertainment’s first-person shooter game Overwatch is currently experiencing a lot of hiccups. The game has many bugs and error codes that might affect your gameplay. However, most bugs get fixed by the developers, while some bugs require special attention. Today we will deal with such bugs and Error Codes along with discussing all the possible fixes.

Before moving on to the fixes, we would like the players to try out these general walkarounds to help solve most error codes.

  • If your system meets the minimum requirements for running Overwatch, then try out the following steps:
        1. To resolve compatibility issues, try to update your Device Drivers and Operating System.
        2. To fix the software conflict issues, close all other applications using the task manager.
        3. Run the System File Checker [sfc /scannow] to repair any game files that are damaged.
  • Some Advance Troubleshooting methods:
        1. Resolve crash issues that occur due to Overclocking by keeping your components at factory default speed.
        2. Reset your video driver setting to correct the issues related to performance.
        3. If your computer starts unresponsive, then check for overheating components.
        4. To fix the PC’s physical memory error, run the memory diagnostic tool.
        5. You can also try disk defragmentation of your hard drive (do not defragment SSD).

All Overwatch Error Codes and How to fix them

Errors Codes And How to Fix Them

Error Code Reason How to Fix?
BC-101 Connection timeout on Xbox One and PS4
  1. Rest your router

  2. Manually set your internet connection and configure IP.

BC-124 Problem logging into the Xbox One
  1. Unlink then reconnect Xbox One profile from Blizzard account
  2. Reset your network router, and before restarting, wait for one minute
  3. Check if your console is updated
BN-564 “maintenance” message shown when connecting on PS4
  1. Unlink and reconnect PS4 profile from Blizzard account
HF-5 Issue while applying the updates on Console or PC
  1. Press WIN+R
  2. Type %localappdata%
  3. Open Blizzard Entertainment folder
  4. Delete Overwatch file
  5. With the help of Blizzard Client repair the Game files
LC-202 Problem logging into PS4
  1. Try to unlink and reconnect PS4 profile from Blizzard account
  2. Reset your network router
  3. If your PC is overclocked, then set back to its default speed
LC-201 Unable to log in
  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Reset your connection router
Rendering Device Has Been Lost Issues with PC performance that makes the game crash
  1. Check if your PC run the game without overheating issue
  2. Repair the game’s files using Blizzard client
  3. Press Win+R-> type service.MSC -> go to Superfetch properties -> switch to automatic and reboot the PC
WS-37505-0 Connection issues on PS4
  1. Verify Network connection
  2. Check-in routers parameters that TCP:80, 443, 3478,3479, 3480
    UDP: 3478, 3479  are blocked
0XE0010160 Problem with Graphics Card driver
  1. Open Overwatch setting -> add “windowmode=”1””  to the line
  2. Delete the Settings folder in Overwatch files
  3. Update Graphics Card drivers
  4. Open “setting_v0.ini” file in notepad, located on Overwatch setting folder ->add “C:/users/your username/Desktop” after “videopath=” in the “[MovieExport.1]” section, or create it
6-04-Unknown Error The problem has shown while saving highlights or games.
  1. Go to windows setting, search for ransomware protection, and add Overwatch application to allowed apps or put it off.

These are all the error code that you will ever experience in Overwatch. After following our guide, you can fix them quickly. We hope this guide helps you in the quick solving of most of the errors in one go. We have more guides on the iPhone and iPadPC Troubleshooting, and Android if you liked this. Please go check them out. If you have any feedback or queries, comment down below with your name and e-mail ID.

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