Fix: Panasonic TV WiFi Not Working or No Internet Issue

With a wide range of consumer electronics & home appliances, Panasonic Corporation is one of the most famous Japanese multinational conglomerate companies worldwide. However, talking about their most famous segment, then I think they need to work on it more. Yes, we are talking about their Television section, which is pretty good in pricing and other features.

But, their TVs cannot set the trend for others regarding performance. However, the main reason behind this is users regularly face many issues with their Panasonic TVs. Recently, some users started reporting that the WiFi is not working on their TV or there is no internet issue.

We found some effective fixes that may help resolve this error after investigating this issue. Guess what? These fixes were included in this guide as well. Therefore, if you are also bothered due to WiFi not working or no internet issue on your Panasonic TV, make sure to perform these fixes.

Fix: Panasonic TV WiFi Not Working or No Internet Issue

How To Fix Panasonic TV WiFi Not Working or No Internet Issue

So, here are some tricks that you require to perform whenever you find that WiFi is not working or there is no internet showing on your Panasonic TV. 

Fix 1: Restart Your TV

It is possible that each device or each user might experience conflicts with the smart TV or streaming service due to multiple reasons. So, there are chances that your Panasonic TV WiFi is not working because of some random bugs or glitches due to which you are facing this issue.

Thus, you should try rebooting your TV to flush the RAM and remove the bugs to fix this problem. Then, after rebooting again, try connecting your TV to check if the issue gets resolved. However, if the issue is still occurring, don’t get sad, as we have a few more fixes for you.

Fix 2: Ensure That Your WiFi is Working

It is important to test the stability of your internet connection first, as a poor or unstable network can sometimes cause connectivity issues on TV. However, there are possible chances that your WiFi may not provide you with proper speed due to which you are getting this type of issue. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Launch the network connection test on your device.
  • If the test of internet connection fails, your device is not connected to the network. You may also need to contact its manufacturer.
  • If the connection test works and the still TV fails to connect, then follow the steps below.

Fix 3: Power Cycle Your Router

However, if you find that your internet connectivity is not good enough and it fails to give you proper results when you run the speed test, you need to contact your ISP and ask for help. But, it would be suggested from our side that you power cycle your router before contacting your ISP, as sometimes these simple tricks fix the hardware issues on your router. So, to do this, 

  1. Turn off the power supply and plug out all the cables connected to your router. 
  2. Then, wait for 1-2 minutes and plug in the cables. 
  3. Now, after turning on the power button, make sure to wait until all the LEDs start blinking. 

That’s it. Now, you will notice that the Panasonic TV WiFi is not working or no internet issue automatically gets resolved. If not, then there might be another reason behind this issue. 

Fix 4: Change DNS Settings

The possibility is also there that your DNS setting might not be configured properly, due to which you are encountering this kind of issue. Therefore, when setting up your Panasonic TV, it’s always best to access the setting menu using the remote control and then set Google DNS and save the changes.

After that, you can reconnect to WiFi by changing the DNS address settings on your TV to check if the WiFi issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 5: Switch To Another Network

There are chances that your Panasonic TV is not able to connect to your current network due to some compatibility issue. Therefore, you must try switching to another network (if possible) and then check again if the WiFi is not working issue gets resolved or not. However, if you don’t have any other option, you may try connecting your TV to your mobile hotspot. 

Fix 6: Update Firmware Using External Drive

An outdated firmware also sometimes comes up as the main culprit behind this kind of error. Therefore, you must have to make sure that your device’s OS is up-to-date. However, to do so, you must hover to your Panasonic TV system about section and note down the firmware version.

Then, visit Panasonic’s official website and find the firmware version available for your model. Now, match both versions; if you find that your device has a downgrade version, then first down the latest version on your laptop and then, with the help of an external drive, flash the update to your TV. Well, for how to flash the update to your TV, you can visit the Panasonic help desk. 

Fix 7: Perform Factory Reset

While possibilities are high that your TV may not be able to perform properly due to some glitches and missing system files. Therefore, we suggest you try performing a factory reset as this is the last technical option you can try. So, in order to factory reset your TV, you can perform these steps: 

  • On your Panasonic TV remote control, press the ‘Home’ button.
  • Go to ‘Settings’> Select ‘System’.
  • Select ‘Factory Reset.’
  • Now, select if you want to reset all of the system settings or just the apps.
  • After you have selected it, press the ‘OK’ button.
  • Finally, turn on the TV, and check if the issue gets resolved. 

Fix 8: Get Expert Help

Sadly, but now contact to the Panasonic help desk; you have no other choice. So, if even after the fixes mentioned above in this article, the Panasonic TV WiFi is not started working, then try reaching to the expert help team and ask them to help you resolve the issue. They will surely come up with some fixes to help you get rid of this situation. 

So, that’s it on how to fix the Panasonic TV WiFi not working or no internet issue. We hope you found this guide useful. However, if you need more help from us, comment below and let us know. You may also want to check out how to fix if the Netflix app is not working on Panasonic TV

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