Fix: Paramount Plus Not Casting to TV, How To Fix

In today’s world, traditional cable TV is giving way to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, and more. Among these, Paramount Plus has carved a significant niche for itself. Owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS, Paramount Plus boasts a global active user base of around 43 million, making it one of the top streaming platforms.

However, with such a vast number of users, the platform seems to occasionally struggle with managing the heavy traffic. As a result, users have reported various issues, including the black screen error and difficulties in casting to TVs.

While we’ve previously addressed the black screen problem, in this guide, we’ll focus on helping you troubleshoot issues with casting Paramount Plus to your TV. Please follow the subsequent steps to ensure a smooth streaming experience. Let’s dive in!

Fix: Paramount Plus Not Casting to TV, How To Fix

How To Fix Paramount Plus Not Casting to TV

Multiple tricks are available to fix the Paramount Plus not casting to TV issue. But, here, we have discussed only those we have tried personally and got results. So, now, without wasting time talking, let’s start with the fixes.

Fix 1: Restart The Paramount Plus App

The first thing came first! Many users have already found this fix helpful and claim that the not-casting on TV issue has been resolved. However, there are chances that some temporary bugs may be stored that prevent your app from functioning properly, due to which you are getting the error.

So, restarting your application and checking if you can cast it on your TV or not is recommended. Well, you probably noticed that the issue has been fixed now, and you can enjoy your favorite content on your TV. 

Fix 2: Restart Your Device

Did you try this before? Well, chances are there might be some bugs and glitches or temporary files stored on your TV, which causes it not to work properly and end up showing this error.

You may not know that your system stores a stale copy of your actions so that you won’t have to wait for long the next time you access the same thing. But you get various issues when these files get damaged or corrupted. Therefore, it is highly suggested to reboot your device and then check if the issue is appearing anymore.

Fix 3: Check If You Are Connected To a Stable Internet Connection

Sometimes, a bad or poor internet connection may be the reason behind this type of error. So, checking your internet connection is good is very important. In many cases, we have seen that the issue automatically gets fixed once the user fixes its connectivity issue.

Therefore, to check your internet speed, you can hover to the Ookla speed tester website and test your WiFi connection speed. After that, if you’ve noticed that the internet speed is poor, you need to power cycle your router or modem to fix the connection issue. So, simply plug out all the cables and wait for 40-50 seconds before plugging in all the cables.

Once done, switch on the power button and again check the speed. However, if you still find that the internet issue is not getting fixed, contact the ISP provider and ask them to fix it.

Fix 4: Check For Software Update

There are also chances that your TV may have some pending software updates. So, to make sure that there is no reason from your side for the occurrence of this error, we suggest you check for the software update. Many users reported that after updating their system software, the not-casting issue automatically gets fixed. 

Fix 5: Make Sure That Your Paramount Plus App Is Updated

Okay! Tell me, when did you last update your Paramount Plus app on your TV? We ignore these minor updates because we think this has no real value. But, you know what, that’s not the truth. Yes, developers always work hard to give the best and top-notch performance by regularly updating their apps.

But, since you are using the older version, you may face multiple performance-related issues. Therefore, we suggest you check if your application is updated and then again try casting the Paramount Plus to your TV in order to check if it works now or not. 

Fix 6: Clear The Cache Data

Did you clear the cache file of your application? There are chances that the reason behind this issue is the cache file stored on your application. So, we recommend you to depend upon your device; you may check the necessary steps to clear the cache files of the Paramount app, or even if you are watching the Paramount on your browser, clear the browser cache. Once done, make sure to check if the issue gets resolved or not. 

Fix 7: Reinstall The Paramount Plus App

So, in case you find that the methods mentioned above did not work for you, then if you are using the Paramount App on your device. Then, make sure to reinstall the application. Well, many users previously reported that this helped them to resolve the casting-related issues. So, why not this time? Therefore, go and reinstall the app and let us know if it helps. 

Fix 8: Reach the Help Desk

There are chances that this issue may be occurring from the developer’s end; therefore, if that’s the case except contacting the official support team, you have no other choice. So, you can simply hover to Paramount Plus and your TV manufacturer’s official support page and explain the issue.

After that, if you are lucky enough, then you’ll get a reply back from the officials. Or the easiest method that I’ll suggest you make a Tweet by tagging the Paramount Plus. However, if other users face this, they will automatically retweet your post and ask the officials to fix the issue. 

Wrapping Up

Although Paramount Plus offers very good deals to its users, but still sometimes, due to these kinds of issues, people may have to think twice before purchasing a subscription for themselves. Anyway, that’s on how to fix Paramount Plus is not casting to TV issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. However, for more info, please comment below. 


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  2. Paramount+ is not casting to my tv. It has always work I went on vacation for a week and came back and it doesn’t work everything y’all told me how fix it hasn’t worked. I don’t want to pay for anything that doesn’t work.

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