PES File Extension: How to Open PES on Windows 10?

Does it ever happen, when you hire a graphic designer to create you one awesome poster, and he sends you out everything PES file extension, and you have no idea how to open it on your Windows 10 PC? Well, PES is the popular Photoshop extension, which is primarily used by a graphic designer to hold data. The reason why PNG and JPG are not used is that all the data is flattened and rolled out in final export. But in Photoshop PES formal, all the data remains intact so you can edit around easily if you want to.

Now opening the PES file is an easy process if you have Photoshop installed already. But Photoshop is one expensive program, and I’m sure you won’t install any program just to open one PES file in your Windows 10 PC. But do not worry, there are plenty of methods to Open PES files or either convert them into PNG or JPG format. If you convert them, you can easily send them to your finds or work people via e-mail or Microsoft teams, or any other collaborative network.

PES File Extension How to Open PES on Windows 10

What is PES File Extension?

Applications that are used to store information about embroideries designs, PES is the default format of the embroideries designs files. Moreover, the PES file extension supports a variant palate of different colours and codes like jump, trim, stop etc. These are basically the instructions for the user to follow while making the embroideries using the sewing machine. However, PES files can be only accessed by the applications that are used to design embroideries design.

How to Open PES on Windows 10?

As you already know PES files can be only opened by the embroideries editor applications. so we will be discussing some applications to open PES files. The solutions mentioned below will tell you about the application and how to use them to open the PES files.

Opening PES files from the free version of Photoshop

Firstly download the free version of Adobe PhotoShop. Adobe Photoshop is an industry level professional application for photo editing. However, the application can be used for many purposes like creating game sprite, etc. One of the uses it has that it can open PES files. So if you have a PES file and you wanna access it, you can with Photoshop.

Step 1) Launch Adobe Photoshop and click on the File option.

Step 2) A drop-down menu will appear, click on the open option.

Step 3) Navigate to the desired folder where you have kept the PES file and click on the open button.

Download Adobe Photoshop

Using Embroidermodder app.

If for some reason you don’t want Adobe Photoshop, You want an embroidery design software then you can download Embroidermodder application. It is an open-source embroidery design software which has all the necessary function that you will expect from an embroidery application like edit, convert etc. It allows you to include designs cross rendering, auto adjustable rulers, and support for embroidery designs file formats such as SVG, PES, and DXF.

Step 1) To open a PES file in Embroidermodder application, you can launch the application first then drag and drop the file on the app.

Step 2) You can also click on the PES file directly and open it with the Embroidermodder app.

Step 3) The traditional way to open a PES file is by going into File>open sect the PES file and click Open.

Download Embroidermodder

SewWhat Pro

A SewWhat pro is a professional software used by the manufacturer for designing the embroidery. Though it is a professional application it has a 30 day free trial period. If you want a nice clean UI and robust application for embroidery editing or to write instruction in terms of code for the embroidery. This is the best app.  It is a professional application thus it supports all the embroidery formats including PES files.

To open the PES file using SewWhat is very simple, first, you only have to install the application then you can double click on the application to open it with SewWhat. The SewWhat application will detect the file as a PES file and it will open it, however, if you are using another embroidery application then you have to right-click on the PES file, select open with option and choose the SewWhat application to open it.

Download or Buy SewWhat Pro

Designer Gallery Studio Plus

Studio Plus is a freeware software, but it has the features of an industry level embroidery applications. Moreover, It has a good interface and excellent services with lots of catalogs, inspirational images, and clothing designs. Though it is a high-level application it generally supports PES files. Also, there is an integrated converter you can also convert PES files. Features like editing, create, 3D view all are available in Designer Gallery Studio Plus.

The steps to open PES files using studio plus is similar to others, you can drag and drop the file, click on the file directly or open it from inside the app by click on the File>Open and selecting the file.

Download Designer Gallery Studio Plus

Converting PES files into JPG or PNG

You can convert PES files in the embroidery design editor application or online if you dot have any editor. Firstly, visit the website by clicking here and follow the steps mentioned below to know how to convert PES files into JPG image file or PNG document file.

Step 1) Click on the Choose File button to upload the PES file.

Step 2) The file explorer window will open, navigate to the PES file that you wanna convert in JPG, and click on the open button to select.

Step 3) Click on the drop-down menu and select JPG or PNG format on the right. Now, click on the Convert button to convert the PES file into JPG or PNG. After converted, you will get an option Download click on it to download the file.


The best way to open PES files in Photoshop only. However, we understand that you don’t have Photoshop, and looking for other alternatives says to open PES files on Windows 10 PC. Follow the above guide to open PES files easily on your PC and convert them as well. For more useful guides like this, follow our PC Tips & Tricks section to know more.

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