How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCCDD Your IMAP server closed the connection?

If you set up your own IMAP mail account or service, then there are chances that it fails from time to time. And if it fails, then you would see Outlook Error 0x800CCCDD your IMAP server closed the connection on your screen. Many users have reported its rise over the Outlook Forms, so we decided to help you fix the issue. The issue usually cases when the internet connection is failed, or for some reason, then the mail server is crashed or not responding. But don’t worry, the issue is pretty simple to fix, and we will help you fix it on y our PC as well.

Microsoft Outlook is an email managing software by Microsoft. Outlook comes with Microsoft Office 365 or earlier versions. The application is a perfect email client to sync all of your email accounts. You can sync Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. all of your accounts in Outlook and can access them anytime. You can add contacts and many more. However, there are some issues going on with the application. One of the common issues users face with the outlook application is the 0x800CCCDD error. The 0x800CCCDD error tends to cause the loss of the IMAP server connection. Thus the message like  “Your IMAP server closed the connection” and  “Connection idle for too long”  shows up.

Outlook runs on three important protocols POP, IMAP, and SMTP. In this error case, it is caused due to the  POP settings, which is usually set to automatically send/receive emails, but if your account is configured with IMAP settings, it causes the error 0x800CCCDD. The reason for the error to occur is because of IMAP configuration settings. Even more, manually combined POP and IMAP accounts in the same group with IMAP port143/993 also cause the error.

How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCCDD Your IMAP server closed the connection?

How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCCDD Your IMAP server closed the connection?

Follow the steps below to configure settings to fix the 0x8800CCCDD error in Outlook by disabling the Schedule send/receive option in Outlook.

Step 1) Launch the Outlook application, click on the Send/Recieve Tab on the Toolbar and go to the Send/Recieve Group option beneath it.

Step 2) Now, from the drop-down menu, select the Define Send/Recieve Groups option.

Step 3) A new window will prompt, uncheck the Schedule an automatic send/receive every _ minutes option and click on the Close button.

Step 4) Close outlook and launch it again, you will now find that your issue has been resolved.

The steps mentioned above may be a  little different for other versions of Office applications, but the general procedure to solve the issue is the same, just uncheck that option.


I hope the issue for Outlook Error 0x800CCCDD Your IMAP server closed the connection is fixed on your computer. The issue is somewhat temporary. In most cases, it fixes automatically. If it doesn’t, you can follow the above guide for an easy fix. For more such helpful tutorials, follow our PC Tips & Trips section. In any case, you need out help following the guide, then drop a comment below. our technical team is ready to help you.

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