How to Pick Locks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

There are several games scheduled to release in every segment of the industry. Continuing such flow, A Horror film franchise named “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” got its virtuality into the game. To be specific, with the blessing of developer Sumo Digital, that horror film entered the Gaming industry. However, things were discussed as such a film will get its presence in the game soon. But developers surprised us by launching it eventually on 18th August 2023. And as with any new release, players jump on the game and try to explore the in-game content.

Since the Texas Chain Saw Massacre was 2022’s best-nominated horror film and from so on it become a favorite for every end user. Continuing the flow, players started exploring the tempting content of the game, especially the asymmetrical teams that balanced one another with counteracting powers and physical barriers. But alongside this, one more thing comes out in the picture during a task, players face an issue in picking up the locks. I agree developers made it challenging but not impossible. So, don’t we guide you on how to pick such locks?

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How to Pick Locks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

We are glad to know that Picking locks is one of the similar tasks that you need to do for opening door. As you already experience that almost every game has a task where you need to pass through numerous locations and passing from them, you need to unlock doors. Here, In Texas Chain Saw Massacre the given doors are locked, and results that you need to pick the locks to open up. I understand it seems an easier task but you will be surprised to know just after release, picking locks in this game became one of the burning topics today.

There are numerous tasks to do in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and unlocking the door needs picking up locks. But as the developers structured the game in such a way, that players can’t what to do and how they can execute it. Moreover, here need is a technique that can level up the player in the game. Apart from that, a right time is needed to communicate and pick up locks here. I understand being new to such horror game seems difficult for players to even pick up locks. For this matter, here we are sharing a few instructions to pick up locks.

Note: In Texas Chain Saw Massacre, You need to use Mouse and E Key to pick up locks. Additionally, consider that while doing step 4 not to fill the gray bar.

  1. Head to the door locks you want to pick.
  2. Then move your mouse in a circular position to find out a decent spot.
  3. Next, you will see the screwdriver will turns green.
  4. Now hold the mouse and tap the E key.
  5. After that, repeat these actions upto three times.
  6. That’s it, At the next moment door will open.

Besides that, there is no doubt point to pick up any lock or opening a door in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The only thing is to not go for a filling gray bar. Doing that action can results to alert family members and break the lock. Here the twist is that you need to unlock the door lock, not break it. So, this was all about picking up locks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I hope you got everything about doing this task, even after that if any users have queries then ask them below.

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