Best Kanto Cup Team for Pokemon Go

Pokemon go one of the most played games, and its developers always try to introduce something new to their users in every new session. Niantic introduced their new event in the Go battle league to make the game more interesting, and they named it Kanto Cup. So, let’s build the Best Kanto Cup Team for Pokemon Go.

Best Pokémon Teams for The Kanto Cup in Pokémon Go

What’s New In the Kanto Cup?

The Kanto Cup is the same as any other event. However, this Pokemon Go event is more focused on the fun side of the game. So, in this event, you didn’t have to worry about your Battle League rating.

Although there are two rules/restrictions you must follow if you want to participate in the Kanto Cup.

Rules/Restrictions of Kanto Cup:

  1. In the Kanto Cup, trainers can only use Pokemon from Kanto Pokédex, which comes between number 1 to 151.
  2. Trainers are allowed to use Pokemon that have a max or lower than CP1500. So you’ve to choose your Pokemon with lower CP, or if you already have lower CP Pokemon, you can upgrade them up to CP 1500 to win this event.

Best Kanto Cup Team for Pokemon Go

It’s hard to select the exact Best Kanto Cup Team for Pokemon Go, but still, you can use some great Pokemon to win this cup. Although, this cup is not going to harm your battle rating. So you don’t have to worry about anything. Play the game and have a fun time with your friends.

Here are our top recommended Pokemon for the Kanto cup:

1. Hypno 

  • Type: Psychic-type
  • Hypno weaknesses: Bug, Dark, and Ghost
  • Moves: Confusion, Shadow Ball, and Fire Punch

Hypno is one of the best options for the Kanto cup. You can use it with any duo of dark, ghost, and bug-type Pokemon. It’s the most stable pokemon with various attacks and combinations, especially compared to any other Psychic-type Pokemon in Kanto Pokédex.

Confusion is the fastest move used by hypno, which can help you to defeat any poison and fighting-type Pokemon. You can also use charge moves like shadow ball, fire punch, and thunder punch to defeat Grass, water, and flying types.

2. Alolan Marowak

  • Type: Fire / Ghost
  • Alolan Marowak’s weaknesses: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Rock, and Water
  • Moves: Fire Spin, Bone Club, and Shadow Bone


The dual-type Pokemon is an excellent choice for any cup. It can be helpful in multiple ways and defend against different types of Pokemon. Alolan Marowak is top of the dual-type Pokemon list. Its shadow bone move can defeat hypno and other psychic-type Pokemon. Also, it has the power to decrease opponent defense by 20%.

While its fire-type moves can be beneficial in defeating grass, ice, steel, and bug types, its second move, Bone Club, can give you more options to fight against fire, poison, steel, and rock-type Pokemon.

3. Alolan Sandslash

  • Type: Ice / Steel
  • Alolan Sandslash weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, and Ground
  • Moves: Shadow Claw, Ice Punch, and Bulldoze

If you want to bring some ice to the Kanto Cup, then Alolan Sandslash is the perfect choice for you. It’s very effective on dragon-type Pokemon. Although, if you have normal Alolan Sandslash, it still can easily handle lots of Pokemon like Alolan Ninetails, Wigglytuff, etc.

Regarding its best moves, you can use Shadow Claw as a fast move and gather some energy to use its charged move like bulldoze and ice punch. So overall, Alolan Sandslash is a solid component for any team, especially if you’re struggling to fight any dragon-type Pokemon.

4. Dragonair

  • Type: Dragon
  • Dragonair weaknesses: Dragon, Fairy, and Ice
  • Moves: Dragon Breath, Aqua Tail, and Dragon Pulse


According to the rules, Kanto Cup is the best cup to use Dragonair, but its CP must be low enough. Although if you have got the exact CP Dragonair, make sure you unlock its second move Aqua Tail and learn to use it. It can be beneficial in defeating different kinds of Pokemon like ground, rock, and fire.

Trainers also have its fast-move Dragon Breath with significant damage. Or you can go for its charged move, Dragon Pulse and Aqua Tail, to defeat your opponent with high damage.

5. Snorlax

  • Type: Normal
  • Snorlax weaknesses: Fighting
  • Moves: Lick, Body Slam, and Superpower


Lots of trainers didn’t consider Snorlax to be a good choice for their team. But it’s a much better pick than other normal-type Pokemon. It got weak on fighting-type Pokemon, but except that it can handle any other type of Pokemon without any struggle.

Its Lick move can tackle down psychic and ghost-type Pokemon. At the same time, its charged move-like body slam can completely take down any other type of Pokemon. Although, you can still use its second charge move superpower to grab your victory in challenging situations.

6. Wigglytuff

  • Type: Normal / Fairy
  • Wigglytuff weaknesses: Poison and Steel
  • Moves: Charm, Ice Beam, and Play Rough


Wigglytuff is the best option if you don’t want to be beaten up by any ghost-type Pokemon or other ghost moves. Also, its dual-type ability can help you to handle dragon-type Pokemon as well. But for that, you must unlock its second charged move called Play Rough.

Aside from that, its fast move Charm is also very effective for Mew and Snorlax. Plus, you can use its first charged move, Ice Beam, to fish the match on your terms.

7. Alolan Muk

  • Type: Poison / Dark
  • Alolan Muk’s weaknesses: Ground
  • Moves: Snarl, Dark Pulse, and Sludge Wave


Alolan Muk can defeat almost any Pokemon in Kanto Pokédex. Not a single Pokemon in Kanto Pokédex has the ability to resist Dark and Poison-type moves. Once the shield goes down, the match is on your hand. Although its weakness is ground-type Pokemon, luckily, that number is deficient in Kanto Pokédex.

It’ll take down the most popular choices like Wigglytuff and Hypno, which will be the most used Pokemon in the Kanto cup. So, it’s better to go with both charged moves, Dark Pulse and Sludge Wave, to finish the game in a single shot.

8. Machamp

  • Type: Fighting
  • Machamp Weakness: Psychic, Flying, Fairy
  • Moves: Counter, Cross Chop, and Rock Slide


Mr. Punch is here on the list. You cannot ignore this Pokemon as it can defeat almost any Pokemon on Kanto Cup except hypno and Wigglytuff. Although it also needs two shields to defeat any other Pokemon than those two. It’s still a pretty compelling choice for you because there are 149 Pokemon that can be defeated using Machamp.

You can first use its fast move counter and then go for a charged move cross chop. Also, you can use its high coverage charged move Rock Slide. Remember that it’ll need two shields to win most of the fights.

9. Ninetails

  • Type: Fire
  • Ninetails weaknesses: Ground, Rock, and Water
  • Moves: Fire Spin, Overheat, and Weather Ball


You can go with Ninetails to win with style and fire. It’s a very effective Pokemon against grass, bugs, steel, and ice types. Its weather ball attack can be hazardous in good trainer hands.

We also recommend practicing its fast-move fire spin for quick damage. Alongside, it also has an overheating move to do some serious damage.

10. Dewgong

  • Type: Water / Ice
  • Dewgong weaknesses: Electric, Fighting, Grass, and Rock
  • Moves: Ice shard and Water Pulse


There are two Pokemon that confuse most people Lapras and Dewgong. They both are very bulky general Pokemon, so defeating them is hard. But they also struggle to defeat other Pokemon as well.

Dewgong has some advantages over Lapras because of its ice-type ability. It also has some dangerous moves that can defeat dragon-type Pokemon with its charged move Ice Shard.

11. Lickitung XL

  • Type: Normal
  • Lickitung weaknesses: Fighting
  • Moves: Lick, Body Slam, and Power Whip


Lickitung XL can be a great option when you use it with Hypno and Nidoqueen, most preferable in this cup. The only downside with this Pokemon is you must have Candy XL and Legacy Move. But it’s like an investment that can help you to make a strong team.

If you can afford it, both charged move body slam and power whip can easily defeat multiple Pokemon. Also, you can still use its fast-move Lick, which is pretty decent for minor damage.

12. Nidoqueen

  • Type: Poison / Ground
  • Nidoqueen weaknesses: Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Water
  • Moves: Poison Jab, Poison Fang, Earth Power


Nidoqueen is an assassin for normal-type Pokemon like Machamp, Alolan Marowak, and many more. It has two variants: the first is regular, and the second is shadow. Both have similar abilities and do their work effectively.

Its charged move is also affordable. Also, its fast move gives some severe damage to the opponent. But if you want to use its full ability, you’ve to pair it with the Best Kanto Cup Team for Pokemon Go.

13. Vileplume

  • Type: Grass / Poison
  • Vileplume weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic
  • Moves: Razor Leaf, Moonblast, Sludge Bomb


Vileplume is a good choice as grass and poison-type Pokemon to unleash your attack on any grass and fairy-type Pokemon. It also can defend you against poison and normal-type Pokemon as well.

Its fast move razon leaf is very effective. Also, you didn’t have to use your charged move in most cases. Still, if you need to use your charged move, its Sludge Bomb or Moonblast is enough to finish your opponent.

14. Pidgeot

  • Type: Normal / Flying
  • Pidgeot weaknesses: Electric, Ice, and Rock
  • Moves: Gust, Feather Dance, Brave Bird


The evergreen normal Pokemon Pidgeot can make your game even more adventurous. It takes down many major Kanto Pokédex Pokemon like Snorlax, Wigglytuff, Hypno, and many more.

Pidgeot is most effective with its fast move Gust, but you can also try its charged move, Feather Dance and Brave Bird, to give some heavy damage.

That’s all for Best Kanto Cup Team for Pokemon Go. Before selecting your team, make sure you carefully read Kanto cup rules and restrictions. This cup has only two restrictions, which you can use for your benefit and win some cups.

Which Pokemon do you prefer to use? Let us know in the comment below. For more gaming tips, follow GetDroidTips!

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