Project Zomboid Farming Guide

Project Zomboid offers you the life of both nomads and the opportunity to settle down in the game. Now, no matter how long you have been into the nomadic lifestyle, once you realize that the basic needs for survival in the game are food, water, and shelter, you would want to settle down like every wise man. And by settling down and getting a steady supply of every essential, we basically mean farming.

Yes, farming is the only best-guaranteed source of a continuous supply of food in Project Zomboid. Moreover, as things start to get complicated in the game, you will find the need for farming more than ever. For instance, as the electricity fails, you will see a sudden change in the availability of food and everything else. In that situation, only farming will make you self-reliable and help you thrive in the game. As a result, today we will talk about every highlight of the farming guide in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid Farming Guide

Project Zomboid Farming Guide

Just like in real life, the entire farming process in Project Zomboid follows a similar pattern. You need to sow the seeds, plow the field, take care of the plants, and do everything until the harvesting time finally comes. But more importantly, you need to do things the right way. And that’s where you will find this Project Zomboid farming guide useful. Here is everything you need to know to make a good harvest in the game.

How To Farm in Project Zomboid?

As you begin your journey into farming in Project Zomboid, your first challenge would be to find the seeds. For this, you can either start finding the wild plants first or check out the stores for various types of seeds.

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Once you have the seeds, it is time to plow the field. Get a Trowel and ready the land for farming. The next thing would be to take care of the plants. Unless it is raining, players need to water the crops from time to time and keep them safe from any kind of harm. Finally, they need to carry on this process until it is time for harvesting.

What Crops Can We Farm in Project Zomboid?

There are quite a few crops that we can grow in Project Zombie. Each plant contains a different amount of nutrition and requires different times to get ready for harvesting. Here is a list of all the plants that you can grow in Project Zomboid.

  • Potatoes
  • Cabbages
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Radishes
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries

Protecting Crops in Project Zomboid

Once you have sowed seeds and planted the plants, here comes the tough part. Now, until it is harvest time, you will need to keep a regular check on the crops. And this includes a lot of processes such as watering, fertilizing, and protecting the crops from diseases.

Watering The Crops

Watering plants is one of the most important parts of farming. The good thing here is, it is the easiest step you will ever find while farming in Project Zomboid. Make sure, to water every plant. You can either take a bucket and get some water from the nearest river stream or you could also make good use of the rainwater as well.

Place some buckets under the open during rainy periods. While the rainwater will boost your plant’s growth, you can also store a good amount of the rainwater to use later in the dry days.

Fertilizing The Crops

Fertilizers are optional and not something you have to add in order to grow the crops. However, adding them ensures faster growth of the plants. So, if you prefer that, you need to get fertilizers for your farm.

Now, there are basically two ways to get fertilizers for the soil. The first way includes looting them. However, being a risky option, we can look forward to the next one which is finding it on the supply runs.

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All you need to do is go to the warehouses and look into the wooden crates for NPK fertilizers. For the other method, you need to create a composter and then make your own fertilizer from the rotten fruits and vegetables.

Taking Care of Diseases

The next part is keeping your crops away from diseases. In Project Zomboid, there are basically three diseases you will have to look for to maintain the good health of your crops. Always take care of your plants from insects, Devil’s water fungi, and mildew.

Always try to look for a safe place to set up your farm. That will save you from getting caught in most of these troubles. Also, zombie blood is another factor that might weaken the plants. Therefore, make sure to not let your plants come in contact with such things and avoid chaotic places at every cost if you wish to thrive in the game.


Farming being the most important part to thrive in Project Zomboid needs some care and time to show the results. Therefore, if you are serious about the game, make sure not to lose patience and after harvesting, you can see a huge change even in the game. Once you have laid a good harvest and get used to it, you can bring stability and a steady supply of food throughout. Let us know if this Project Zomboid farming guide has been helpful, or if we missed out on something.

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