How to Get Better at PUBG: Important Tips and Tricks

PUBG has literally brought a revolution to the world of gaming with its unique concepts. When PUBG Mobile released it even attracted more masses worldwide. India itself has a massive fan following of PUBG. In fact, the very concept of E-sports and realtime live competitions of PUBG also happened in India officially. We even have some popular PUBG mobile players who have represented India in various global PUBG competitions. There are many popular players in India and around the globe that stream PUBG mobile. There are a massive non-pro players pal the battle royale game everyday. Everyone that plays this game wishes to get pretty good at it in all terms.

So, in this guide, we will talk in detail about how to get better at PUBG Mobile. We will be talking mostly in the context of PUBG Mobile. However, the underlying concepts would stand true for the PC version as well. Basically, we will discuss various factors that are game-changing depending on how the player leverages upon them.


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How to Get Better at PUBG

Everyone who plays PUBG Mobile wishes to get that chicken dinner. However, that’s not all PUBG is about. There are many other aspects such as the Kill-to-death ratio, Tier Ranking, etc. In case you are new to PUBG Mobile, you should know that all these factors are related. Simply just winning a match by making one or two kills and hiding the rest of the time will not allow you to progress much throughout a season. Now you must be thinking if there are any tricks that can help you be an overall better player.

Of course, there are many PUBG tips and tricks that I’m going to share with you now. As I said earlier, knowing only one trick is not going to help you become a better player. I am an avid player of Player Unknown’s Battleground and have been in the ACE tier. Current season I’m running in the Platinum Tier with 9+ Kill-to-death ratio. The point of saying this is to assure you that I’m someone who has used the tricks himself that I’m going to explain here.

I have observed many pro players and the way they move or set their course of action in a game. So, I tried implementing the same and it helped me a lot.

Here is one latest match I played where I ended with 14 kills and a chicken dinner. I am not a pro at all. However, the points that I have discussed below, working on them definitely improved my gameplay to a larger extent.

Get Better at PUBG Mobile

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Tips and Tricks

Here are some factors that can prove advantageous to use only if you time it well enough. In fact, it can change the whole game for you.


This is entirely crucial how fast you land at any location(irrespective of the map) and decides the first half of the game. Landing fast is not that tricky once you understand how it works. Many popular streamers like Shroud, Levinho, Biu Biu etc land really fast and pick up guns and kill enemies when the latter is still in the air parachuting. Cool no..? So, how to do it..?

If the destination is very nearby, let’s say 200 m, then press Jump. Then make yourself facedown. Use the left thumb and move the pointer to a 10 o’clock position while the free fall is happening. And to further speed up your landing speed with the right thumb make a faster rotating motion.

When the parachute opens adjust with your left thumb to make a swift landing. Never leave the left thumb otherwise you will lose the momentum and get stuck in the air.

If you are following someone in your squad, then no need to do anything. However, when the parachute opens, leave 1 second. Then tap Unfollow and adjust your direction. You will land easily.

If the target destination is a bit far away, use your left thumb to keep free-falling as near as possible to the spot, then adjust the left pointer to down face your character and land swiftly.

Always make sure not to land near one building if you are landing with the squad. Otherwise, every member of the squad will not get guns and ammo. So, land near different buildings of the same landing spot.

Try to land on rooftops. If you find some good assault rifles or any guns you can easily set a vantage point from the roof itself. If you land fast enough and get your gun, you can kill the enemy as they land or run for ammo. A very easy target to kill.

Here is one example from my own gameplay. See how fast I’m landing. The fast rotating motion is done with the right thumb one or two seconds post the freefall.

Fight or Flight

You should know when it is good to pick a fight or when you should fall back. This way you can tactically make your move through the map. This is entirely the call of the player. However, once you make a decision, then make sure not to have any confusing second thoughts.

Some like to land in some hot zone and pick intense fighting. In PUBG Mobile lite such places are Warehouse, Third Hill, Central Road, and Stadium, etc. Every session of PUBG witnesses super intense chaotic gunfight in these points. If you are entirely new to the battle royale, then do not get down here otherwise you may not last long enough.

Some other players prefer to land in some faraway corner. Amass enough loot and then traverse through the map swiping buildings taking down enemies. This is another good tactic but the squad must move together for better results. It entirely depends upon your skill levels whether you wish to go all guns blazing or play securely.

During the gunfight, don’t concentrate on one person when a chaotic gunfight is in progress. The best move is to knock the enemy then move onto the next one. Sometimes. I have seen players wasting ammo over completely killing a bot which is ridiculous.


Make sure to have good armor like Level-II Vest and Helmet. Level-III Helmet and Jacket are the best but they are scarcely available on a map. It will help lessen the damage caused by any weapon.

Which Gun to Use

Never underestimate any gun in PUBG. When you make a landing at your desired spot or anywhere, look for guns. Not necessary it has to be an AKM or M416, but don’t run empty-handed. You won’t survive for long without a gun if an intense firefight ensues.

I have seen many popular streamers getting killed by a Shotgun in close range combat. It’s not about the gun but how efficiently you use them to your advantage.

Get Better at PUBG with use of Assault Rifles

For the initial part, if you manage to find your choice of guns(assault rifles I mean) then great. Otherwise, try to get a shotgun or some handgun. Personally, I prefer an assault rifle and a close-range shooter like UMP. Also, depending on the game,  I may also use an Assault rifle along with a sniper.

If you are fairly new to the game, then it will take you some time to find your choice and combination of guns. But you should be able to use all guns. Assault rifles come with Recoil that you need to control. We have discussed that later in this article. You need to have a hold over that. Otherwise, your fire will go in vain and won’t hit the target.


While shooting during an intense firefight if ammo from one gun empties, then without waiting to reload that gun, switch to the second gun swiftly. This way you can keep the enemy pinned without giving him a chance to overpower or counter you.

The Concept of Move and Shoot

All the pro players are in the pro-league because they make use of the move and shoot technique. It gives you better control over your opponents. You can simultaneously crouch, run, jump and shoot. So, how do you perform move and shoot? For that, you have to Go to Settings in the lobby. Under Settings go to Controls. The default control is moving using thumb and shoot using the other thumb. This is not really adequate to be a fast player.

Hence, you need to switch to the three-finger or four-finger claw technique. Obviously, these settings are a bit quirky for the newcomers. It will take you a week or so get accustomed if you play regularly. Instead of two thumbs, you will make use of the thumb and index fingers of both the hands to move shoot, zoom the scope and run/crouch, etc.

I personally make use of three-finger claw settings. Though I learned it from a pro-player on YouTube, I made various changes in the settings as per my comfort. Here is an image of the 3-finger claw technique I use on my phone.

Making changes to the default control is pretty easy. It is a simple drag and drop process. There are various Youtube tutorials on the same topic that you can check out.

Taking Cover

As much as it is important to get trigger happy in PUBG Mobile, it is also important to know when to take cover. By taking cover I mean to hide and move or shoot. In the various maps of the game, you would see a number of rocks, bushes, tall grasses, ridges present all around.

Rocks and trees make the best covers You can even use the building sides. grasses are good for up to 500m from something. However, if anyone is closer up to 200m then they will definitely spot you through the grass. However, having a ghillie suit along with suppressor on your gun should be on your advantage but that’s rare right. If not rare, it won’t happen every single game you play.

So, make use of the rocks while moving. Don’t move straight-up in the open. Move-in a zigzag manner so that you won’t get shot by someone. Take cover behind trees, do crouch movement when you are near a bush or a ridge.

When you are crossing a road, then check from your cover if there is someone sniping at you or observing you from any nearby building’s windows. You can use the Peek action to your advantage both for checking movements and shooting from cover.

Keep in mind that once you’re spotted, don’t stay at the same place. Use smoke grenades to create smoke and in the confusion escape somewhere else or fall back to a safer cover without the enemy getting to see your movement. This will be a difficult task towards the end of a session when the zone shrinks but still, it’s better to take cover than to get exposed and die.

When firing at someone do not constantly reveal yourself and shoot. Otherwise, the squad at the front will use one of their players as bait and use another to know your location. When you reveal yourself for too long, you will be shot dead. The best way is to take cover, then shoot, move to a nearby cover and again if the situation allows shoot.

Is AirDrop worth it.?

Another cool aspect of PUBG Mobile is the Airdrop loot that brings the unique item. These unique items you won’t really get in the game. Well, with the Airdrop you will get AWM Sniper, M249 machine gun, GROZA, RPG, 8x scope, Ghillie suit, etc. Let me tell you these are lethal weapons in their own league.

However, you must be quick enough to decide how nearby you are to the drop location. If it’s too far, then I suggest do not waste time on it. There are high chances of an ambush by another squad that would already loot the airdrop and hide nearby to surprise incoming squad. Like you everyone else wants the special and powerful guns in their inventory.

Drop Loot

Also, keep in mind that whenever your squad is moving in a car towards a drop, don’t get down exactly near the drop. The best thing you can do is to get down some distance before the drop from the vehicle. Try to get down behind a nearby tree or rock that will act as cover. Observe the surroundings and then make your move.

Otherwise, if some other squad is also chasing the same drop they will have upper hand in killing you. While you would be busy in looting, they will finish you off easily. So, depending on how far the airdrop is you need to time it right.

Using Vehicles Properly

Instead of running through the entire map, it is a wiser decision to make use of the vehicles available in the game. Best is to use a four-wheeler as it will give some protection. On bikes and three-wheelers, there are chances of getting shot in the open.

Never jump out of a moving vehicle or you will get knocked out. Bring it down to slow speed by crashing it against any building wall and simultaneously jumping out. Takes a bit of practice but almost everyone in the pro league uses this technique.

PUBG car Dacia

Also, never drive a vehicle if smoke is coming out of it. It is prone to explosion if someone shoots at it. Normally every vehicle in PUBG is prone to gunshot damage. So, change vehicles wherever necessary.

Vehicles are the best way to get inside a shrinking zone in time. So, use it wisely. Sometimes if the network connection is not good, you won’t be able to control the vehicle properly. it will keep moving hither and thither. So, be careful about that.

Avoiding AirDrop Ambush

Sometimes you may have faced this. You see a drop on the road or mountain and go near it with your squad to loot it. However, as you approach the dropbox, out of the blues chaos ensues and your whole squad gets shot by a squad hiding nearby. This is called Airdrop ambush.

The enemy squad usually drops the loot and hides nearby for someone or a squad to approach the loot. Then when the concerned player or group of players are distracted and busy looting, the former squad shells out bullet on the latter, easily knock and kill them.

I have used this tactic several times. I remember looting a drop and getting a ghillie suit, AWM sniper and Suppressor. So, I went and hid nearby. Then as the other 2 or 3 players approached the drop, I killed them even before they realized what hit them. Interesting isn’t it..? It all depends on how quick you are to chase the drop and capture it.

Airdrop ambush

The best move you can do here is to get in a vehicle(solo or squad doesn’t matter) and move around the drop area observing if there is someone hiding behind a tree or rocks. When you move nearby any hiding enemy, they will react for sure. Then it’s up to you whether you want to take the fight or fall back.

Snipe or Assault.?

If you are pretty new to the game and want to get better, for now, start with any assault rifles or secondary guns. Go for sniping if you are good at flicking in time that too being able to make a kill or knockout. It means you should be good at peeking and sniping rapidly. Mostly, in a squad of pro players, there is bound to be one player who is damn good at sniping. So, practice well enough before calling yourself a sniper. Otherwise, if you are late to call a shot, you will be dead in the game.

Get Better at PUBG with sniper guns

Sniper guns like Kar98k and AWM are lethal and 1-bullet is sufficient to turn anyone into a crate. Provided you are able to time good headshots. Yes, when we talk of sniping, the headshot is a must. It is one bullet blow that a Level-III helmet cannot protect. So, until you can master all this, better not to become a sniper. Yes, you can try these occasionally if you are a casual player or wish to practice for a season. Otherwise, assaulting is quite simple to grasp and perform.

Begin with a Scar-L or M416 as they have low recoil as compared to other biggies like AKM or M762. Slowly try out DP-28, AKM, etc and learn how to control their recoil. Make use of Compensator on Assault rifles to reduce recoil in a game. When recoil happens during a shootout, use the right thumb to do a dragging motion to reduce the recoil.

Remember that the 7.6mm bullets cause more damage than the 5.5 ones. So, choose your weapon as per your requirements and ability. Practice with various common weapons until you get good at them. Earlier I used to stick a lot to M416 or Scar-L. However, these days DP-28 and AKM is quite easy to use.

Smoke Grenades are Useless..?

If you are someone that believes that smoke grenades are useless then you need to redo your PUBG homework. I have had the chance of playing with and against some ACE tier pro PUBG players. I have observed each one of them would carry a few smoke grenades with them.

Smoke grenades are a lifesaver in an open area if some other enemy squad is pushing you from a distance. How it’s a lifesaver, let me tell you. In case, anyone in your group gets knocked out, you can use the smoke grenade to create a thick wall of smoke. Then use that to your advantage to take cover and revive your mate. Also, you can use multiple smoke walls to escape to some safer point of cover.

Otherwise lurking around in open even after getting spotted by the enemy will only result in getting killed. So, at least keep a minimum of 2 smoke grenades with you.

Get Better at PUBG by knowing gow to use smoke grenade

Sometimes in the last zone, pro players make use of smoke grenade to confuse the enemy and escape to a nearby place and fire at the enemy. The confused enemy keeps firing at the smoke. This is the catch.

When someone is using a smoke grenade, they are doing it from a nearby distance. So, when you are on the assaulting end, then don’t blindly fire at the smoke. Observe through the scope when the enemy will make a move. Then only shoot. With Aim assist feature even if you have hit anyone in your sight, when they move behind a smoke cloud you can still shoot them. It may not kill or knock them but sure will give them thorough damage.

Understanding Zone

The concept of the zone is pretty simple. Make sure to keep a note of the circle that keeps shrinking. If you stay out of it in the blue zone, then you will take damage. Never stay outside of it. The first time you stay in the blue zone you don’t get much damage. However, the successive point of time when you get in the blue zone, your HP will reduce drastically.

Even if you get a little bit late in escaping the incoming blue zone, then use the painkillers and energy drinks to keep your HP intact. The wise move is to use painkillers and drinks and then begin running. do not hold the gun while running unless you are facing an enemy midway. Running bare hands will allow you to move faster.

Some players always play carefully near the zone boundary and move along with it. Tus it helps them keep their back entirely safe. They only get to concentrate on the front face and flanks. However, you may not get enough kills using this technique.

There is also a red zone where bombs will drop from the air in a particular area. The best way to keep safe is to find any shelter, house and take cover inside it. Wait till the Red zone finishes and then make your move.

Recoil Control

Now, let’s talk about a really important aspect of the gun firing in PUBG. It’s the recoil control. Recoil basically means that when you fire a gun, its muzzle will move upwards post the release on the bullet. So, if the muzzle moves up, so does the crosshair. Hence, the gunshots will not hit the enemy.

Assault rifles like M762 and AKM have high recoils as compared to Scar-L or M416. Every different weapon has a different recoil factor.

To reduce the recoil there is a simple method. When you shoot with the left thumb, use your right thumb in the free space and do drag down motion. The muzzle won’t move upwards upon firing. It will take a little bit of practice to do it mindfully.

You can also make use of attachments such as Compensator or Flash Hider to reduce the recoil of assault rifles to a greater extent.

PUBG Attachments


The Flash hider can also hide the fire that erupts from the muzzle when a gunshot is fired. The enemy can spot your location from this fire. So, flash hider would come in handy to keep your position safe on the map.

When to do Camping

Campers or snakes as they are known in PUBG to have their special notoriety. Basically, in camping, you just stay behind some cover in prone or crouch stance. You do not have to make any move rather wait for the enemy to strike. The enemy will have no idea that someone is already out there in the wild waiting for them.

According to me, the best time for camping is the last zone or let’s say when the last 10 players are left. Again, you will be at a better advantage if you have a suppressor and a ghillie suit. Then simply lie down in the grass carefully observing movements. Anyone that is not your ally should he pass nearby your firing range, try to shoot him in that proning stance. In some cases, you can quickly crouch and shoot and then again prone back.

I’m saying about suppressor otherwise your position in the grass will be revealed on the map. If it’s a pro player he will either throw a grenade or Molotov to kill you. In case you get knocked out or make a move due to a compromised situation, he will push on you. So, having a suppressed assault rifle will guarantee confusion. Otherwise, throwing a grenade or anything will compromise his situation to your squad or any other enemy nearby.

Get Better at PUBG by knowing how to do camping

Even if you do not have a camouflage suit, you can still lie down and make use of AKM or such guns. Having a suppressed rifle would be a bonus. If not still you would deliver enough damage at a closer range.

Another pro tip for camping is to keep moving from grass to grass and rock. If you stay at one point for too long you will be noticed.  You can prone continuously and carefully. However, if the zone shrinks, depending upon where you are. you can do a crouching run to get to the safe zone. Then go back to prone again.

However, if you have the wish to camp from the beginning then you will end up killing one or two bots and it will affect your K/D ratio. Also, it will be boring without any action.  You may win or go to the top ten but your scorecards won’t make any improvement.

Using Your Ears

Though this may look not so important, having a good sound sense in PUBG will allow you to

  • Decipher from where the enemy is firing
  • hear footsteps of the enemy to know their location near you.
  • know which gun the enemy is firing
  • from which direction the Airdrop plane is approaching.

Again, to sharpen your ears in PUBG mobile will take some time. Within a few matches, if you are observant enough, then you can use the sounds to your advantage. I suggest you invest in a good headset preferably a wireless headset. Wireless helps when your device battery is low and you need to plug it in. So, with wireless headphones, in-ears you can easily continue playing by setting your phone on charging.

If your device has heating issues, then I suggest avoiding playing games or using it for any other purposes while it is set on the charging.

Practice and Have Patience

So, that was all about how to get better at PUBG or PUBG Mobile. Practice makes the gamer perfect. You may not master all these tips at once but still, you can improve your gameplay with gradual practice.

This guide is mostly for the players that are fairly new to PUBG or the ones that do not have an elaborate idea of getting better at the game. I hope you enjoyed the guide. Do try these out and let us know your progress in the game.

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