How to reboot into Fastboot mode on Oppo F5

Got an Oppo F5? then here we will guide on how to boot into fastboot mode on Oppo F5. Earlier we had also shared how to boot into safe mode on Oppo F5 which can help you in uninstalling apps and mods.

Although the Oppo F5 device, which was released late last year in October, may not be as popular as other smartphone brands in the mobile market, if you are ready to apply a few tweak procedures, you could even boost up the device by optimizing and customizing the operating system of your device, so as to improve the speeds, upgrade the lifespan of the battery as well as to enhance other general performances. These tweaks will help you get the best in the course of using your Oppo F5 device as it concerns the stability aspect as well as its performance aspects of your device. However, in order to obtain a fully optimized and a customized device, you will need to have the least basic understanding on how to gain access to the recovery mode via the fast boot mode as well as how to use the most basic sets of function this mode on Oppo F5 device.

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The Recovery mode, which is included on a partition different from the major operating system of the Android devices, is an independent, lightweight runtime interface on all Android phones. This Recovery mode, when instantly booted, can be used to delete the cache partition, apply Android software updates, or reset your device to factory setting. It can be entered through the device’s hardware key.

Through the Recovery mode menu, you can have access to the internal system of your Oppo F5 device and perform varieties of optimization, customization as well as restoration operations. Every Android phone comes with an already installed stock recovery software and you can only apply certain given operations by default, without restrictions (like clearing app data cache, making a hard reset, updating with OTAs and a couple of others) through this stock environment, although various factory restrictions are also implied.

How to switch into Fastboot Mode on Oppo F5

These following steps should be taken in order to switch into the fastboot mode on Oppo F5;

  1. Simply switch off your Oppo F5 device. This can be done when you press the Power key and tap on “power off” to shut the device down. Or you could press and hold the power key for few moments (about 6-10 seconds), then wait a few seconds while your device is completely turned off.
  2. Then, press and hold “Volume Up” key and “Power” keys at the same time for some seconds.
  3. Keep pressing and holding those keys simultaneously until “Fastboot mode” pops up, then wait for the recovery menu to be displayed on the screen. You are now in the fastboot mode.
  4. You can scroll up and down the Recovery menu by using the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” keys and you can also select a menu by pressing the “Power” key.
  5. While in the fastboot mode, you will find options such as Reboot system now, Apply update from ADB, Wipe data/ Factory reset, and Wipe cache partition.
  6. You can go back to your normal Android OS by using the “Power” key to select the “Reboot system now” option.

I hope this tutorial was able to help you switch to fastboot mode on Oppo F5. Feel free to hit the comment box below if you got any question.


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