How to Relock Bootloader on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

These days are there is a lot of scope of customization in Android. The increased demand and availability of custom ROMs, recoveries, APK mods have made this possible. If you want to modify your device with non-stock operating system then you need to unlock the bootloader of the device. However, in case you are not happy with your experimentations, then you may want to go back using stock ROM. Now, the issue is you have already got the bootloader lying unlocked. So, how to relock the bootloader once you revert back to stock ROM..? In this post, we will tell you how to relock bootloader on ASUS Zenfone Max pro M2.

Relock Bootloader

What is Bootloader and What’s the Need for Unlocking it

The bootloader is a piece of code that runs at the starting of the device or booting up of the device. Hence the name. It is provided by the manufacturer. Usually, if you want to install a custom ROM on your phone, then it’s necessary to unlock the bootloader to do so. Also, bootloader unlocking requires root access on your device.

When the bootloader is unlocked, you can flash any kind of modification on your device. It devoids the phone from the official warranty. That’s why we suggest unlocking the bootloader only when your device surpasses the warranty time period.

Why the Requirement for Bootloader Relock.?

Well, it assures that your phone back again running stock ROM and is untampered with an official signature. The need for relocking bootloader arises when you flash back the stock ROM on your phone. With bootloader locked, only authorized stock ROM from the vendor will run and nothing else.

How to Relock Bootloader on ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2

Before doing anything you need a few tools with you. We have listed that up in the section below.


When you are performing any modification to your device, do it at your own risk. GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any bricked devices.


Here is the link to the Relocker which will be used to relock bootloader on ASUS Zenfone Max pro M2.

Bootloader Relocker | Download

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 Stock Firmware | Download

Relocking Guide

Step-1 Download the latest firmware zip from the firmware repository we have linked above

Step-2 Then extract the firmware zip and go to META-INF > com > google > android.

Step-3 Now open the updater-script with any note editor of your choice

Step-4 Remove all the lines above the particular code mentioned below.

ui_print("Target: Android/sdm660_64/sdm660_64:X.X.X/XXXX/XX.20XX.XXXX.XXX-20XXXXXX:user/release-keys");

Step-5 Now save the edited Updater script and rezip the firmware.

Step-6 Copy the firmware zip into your SD card

Step-7 Now download the Bootloader Relock from the Downloads section.

Step-8 Copy stockrecovery.img to your sdcard

Step-9 Make sure you have installed the correct ADB and ASUS drivers.

Step-10 Now you have to boot into TWRP. Switch off phone > Press Power + Vol Up to enter recovery.

Step-11 Go to Install > Browse and Select for the firmware file > Swipe to confirm and install

Step-12 Now go to the Relock folder. Shift +Right Click > Open PowerShell window here.

Step-13 give the command to see the list of devices

fastboot devices

Step-14 Now execute the following command. This is for Windows PC.


Step-15 Now your phone will boot up without unlocked bootloader warning.

Step-16 Give the following command to check whether the bootloader is now relocked or not.

fastboot oem device-info

So, that’s it, guys. This is how you can relock the bootloader. You now know how to successfully Relock Bootloader on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2. We hope that this guide was useful to you.


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