How To Remove The Dotted Lines In Excel

Sometimes while using Microsoft Excel you may come across cells showing as dotted lines. There are certain reasons why this happens. In this guide, I have explained the reason for seeing the dotted line and how to remove them. Mainly due to page breaks, setting borders with dots and guidelines can cause this.

There are a few tweaks you need to do to fix the issue. You can disable the page breaks. Also, make sure that the borderlines of the cell in the worksheet are not set to show as dotted lines. Another solution is to set no border for the excel sheet. Let’s get ahead with the guide and check out the steps in detail.

How to remove dotted lines in Microsoft Excel

Remove The Dotted Lines In Excel

First, let us check how to remove dotted lines from the border.

  • Select the cells in the worksheet from which you want to remove dotted lines
  • Click on Home from the menu bar
  • Next, click on the Border font drop-down button
    Set no border in Microsoft Excel to remove dotted lines
  • From the drop-down menu, click on No Border

If you wish to replace the dotted lines with other types of the border such as top/bottom/left/right then you can select that as well from the above drop-down menu.

Remove the Gridlines

Gridlines and dotted lines are not the same things. Gridlines may be set to the entire worksheet.

To disable that,

  • Click on View from the menu bar
    Remove gridlines from Microsoft Excel
  • Uncheck the option Gridlines under the Show tab

This will remove the gridlines throughout the worksheet. Later, if you wish to implement gridlines on your worksheet, then go to View > Show and simply check the option Gridlines.

Disable Page Break

Normally, page break helps in keeping the worksheet properly organized by breaking it into sections. You can simply close and re-open the workbook to automatically remove the page break.

  • Click on File > More > Options
    Microsoft Excel click File and then Options
  • Navigate to the Excel Options dialog box
  • In the left-hand panel click on Advanced
  • Scroll down to Display Options for This Worksheet
    uncheck show page breaks to remove dotted lines in Microsoft Excel
  • Uncheck the option Show Page breaks
  • Click OK

So, these are the various methods to easily remove the dotted lines showing up on the Microsoft Excel worksheet.

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